Chapter 53 – Disturbance in the Forest

Upon learning about the beastboys, I was overwhelmed by the fact that I’m the only one who can’t use magic.

「Eh? Seriously?」


To me, the beastboys are normal kindergartener.

TN: Yeah, like everyone else in the village.

They are at the learning age and still unable to cast magic.

The beastwomen are able to use magic so they will surely be able to use it too when they grow up.

I’m the only one who can’t use it huh.

「Are you going to study magic too?」


Loo already told me that I have no talent in magic.

She said before that to be able to cast a small fire, I have to strive for a decade…..

「Is is normal for someone to be able to use magic?」

「Sort of. All angels and vampires can use magic.」

Tier answers my question.

「Almost all high elves can cast magic too. If one can’t use it, living in the forest will be more troublesome.」

I nod after hearing Ria’s answer.

Certainly, without magic, it will surely be hard to live in the forest.

「Many of the onis are good with fire and water magic.」

「We lizardmen are good with water magic. On the contrary, we are envious with the onis who can master both fire and water magic.」

「No no, we are not your match in terms of water magic and I also think that specializing one art is better.」

Ann and Daga praise each other’s magical capability.


So it is normal for someone to be able to cast magic.

「A-ano, I heard that there are only a few among the beastkins that are good at magic.」

「But all of you who came here can use magic, right?」

「Because of the environment of the village, it will be troublesome if we can’t since it will mean a lot if we can or can’t use the forge.」

「I see. You are similar to the high elves.」

Are you forced to learn it?


Maa, I have the AFT.

This is similar to magic.

It’s not good to desire what you are not capable of.

Let’s just do our best in the things that we can do.

Later, I saw Kuro and Zabuton using magic.


The bees too.


Slimes….you too?

My allies are the cows and the chickens.

You won’t betray me, right?

I’m begging you.

I ask of you.

During my free time, I decided to study magic a little.

At a later date, I heard that among humans, only one out of one hundred can use magic. It made me feel relaxed a little.

I should have not look from above. It made me feel relieved looking from the bottom.

I’ll do my best to study magic.

Just before winter, a big disaster occurred in the forest.

A big roar rose from a place a bit far away from the village.

Is it some sort of gas explosion?

It seems like several continuous explosion occurs after.

The tremor can even be felt in our village.

I saw someone panicking like me so I felt a little relieved.

「What is this vibration?」

Grappler bear?」

Grappler bear?

So it’s a monster that looks like a bear.

The first time I came here, I already thought that there would be bears but I have forgotten about it since I never encountered one.

However, we can feel the tremor here even though it’s just moving around?

「It might be fighting against someone.」

「Fighting? With whom?」

「The only one that has the ability to fight a grappler bear head on is a bloody viper. It is almost winter so they are probably fighting for food before hibernating.」

「I see.」

Viper, a snake.

Both of them are seriously fighting.


「How big is a grappler bear and bloody viper?」

Grappler bear is about five to six meters while the bloody viper is about 1 meter in diameter and has an average length of 20 meters.」

When Ria is answering my questions, Gran Maria arrived.

「A grappler bear and a bloody viper are fighting in the north. What should we do?」

Even if you ask me that…

「The grappler bear and bloody viper, are they delicious?」

「Eh?….I haven’t tasted any of them yet.」

After Gran Maria answer my question, I looked at Ria.

「I haven’t tasted them either but….considering they are treating each other as food, I think they are edible.」

After hearing Ria, I nod.

「Indeed. They are probably edible. Then, let’s hunt them. It will be a problem if they come to this village and damage something.」

I took out the AFT and looked at the direction where the battle was happening.


「Gran Maria, can you carry me to the place where those two are?」

「I can but…are we going with just the two of us?」

「Yeah…is there a problem?」

「N-no. I understand. I will do my utmost for this endeavor.」

「Ria, can you call some to follow us on foot?」

「Affirmative. I will do it right away.」

「You don’t have to hurry. They will only carry the carcass.」

「Only to carry the carcass?」

「Yeah, it is pointless to hunt them if we can’t carry them back. I can carry one myself but it will be troublesome to carry two.」

「….is that so?」

「Jaa, Gran Maria, let’s go.」


Gran Maria grabbed me from behind and lifted me up in the sky. We headed in the direction where the commotion is.

Though it looks like a decisive battle of monsters, it immediately ended after I swung the AFT on their neck.

AFT is really useful.

「The forest here is destroyed.」


「It should remain a forest.」

Nature is important.

I plowed the ground until Ria’s group arrive.

I wonder if my plowing speed has increased.

I’m done even before Ria’s group arrive.

「Jaa, I’ll bring back the big bear first. Tell Ria and the rest to take the snake home.」

「Y-yes. I understand.」

I asked Gran Maria to guard the snake and decided to go ahead.

So, which is the way back…. good thing I saw the incoming kuros and Kuudel.

I had the kuros guide me and left Kuudel with Gran Maria.

「Kuudel, the grappler bear and bloody viper, are they weak monsters?」

「According to my memory, no.」


「Were they defeated easily?」

「In an instant.」

「….as expected of Tier-sama’s husband.」

「If he’s not like that, Lulushi probably won’t even look at him.」

I turn the AFT into its hook form so I didn’t get tired even though the distance is quite far. It took me two days to return to the village.

I might have asked Ria’s group something inexcusable.

After arriving at the village, I went back to help Ria’s group.

Thinking about it, wouldn’t it have been better if I cut them finely then have the angels transport them?

Bear meat.

I tried it.

It’s not bad.

It’s not bad….but smelly.

Though it is edible, it consumes a lot of spices.

Snake meat.

I need some courage first before tasting it but it is not bad.

It has a light taste.

If you don’t know that it’s a snake, you probably mistook it for chicken.

Because it tastes like chicken, I tried cooking it to a karaage.

The villagers fight over it.

「Next time, let’s take the snake alone.」

「Don’t say that, Zabuton-dono was pleased with the grappler bear’s fur.」

「The meat is also popular with the kuros.」

For some reason, I was urged to hunt bears.

Maa, I’ll hunt it if I meet it.

The lizardmen‘s egg hatched.

The newly hatched hatchlings are swimming energetically.


Do they really hatch before winter?

Does it mean that lizardmen don’t hibernate?


It seems like the reason why they hatch before winter is because the strong monsters are hibernating during that period.

Even if food is difficult to obtain during that time, are they a race that lived in a dangerous environment that they choose to run away from the enemy?

In any case, I want them to grow up energetically because they are born in this village.



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