Arc 1 Chapter 1.3 – Invoke

Next morning.

I tried to help to prepare breakfast but I was stopped by Mitsuki. I only watched the two of them cooking our food on the sideline.

Even though I say they are cooking, since there are neither cooking utensils nor seasonings, they are simply grilling the meat from the animal they chopped down.

I would like to arrive in a town immediately in order to improve our food. Everyone has the same opinion so it is our priority.

While watching the two of them cook, I noticed some strange noise with my eyes.

TN: Noise here refers to the no signal image of an old TV, not the sound.

(….?….No no, wait a minute, what is this noise…’s like a screen from an old TV. What!? Something’s happening to my eyes?)

I tried rubbing my eyes but nothing happened.

If my right eye is the only one open, nothing seems to be wrong but if my left eye is open, there is this strange noise.

I tried to leave only my left eye open and I suddenly gazed at Kouhi by chance.

The noise in my left eye is still there but the next moment, the noise turns into characters I recognize. A lot of characters flow at once as if a large amount of data is poured into a computer.

A flood of information flowed through my head and it turned out that I can’t resist it. I feel like I’ll lose consciousness at any moment.


Kouhi seems to have noticed it. She called my name but I wasn’t able to reply because I can’t even control my body.

「….why, am I here?」

Before I noticed it, I’m already standing there.

Just a moment ago, Kouhi is still in front of me but now I’m standing here.

I looked around and I noticed that I’m standing at that place again, the “garden of eternal spring”.

「Not even 1 whole day has passed.」


When I turned around to look at the one who replied, I saw Asura.

She has a very interesting expression.

「Since I’m back at the “garden of eternal spring”, did I die again?」

「No no, that’s not what happened this time. By the way, just now your body overloaded so I have to take your soul in order for it not to get damaged. How do you feel?」

「….What!? Something like that happened?」

「Calm down as I will explain properly….Do you remember that I gave you a present before you leave here?」

I tried searching my memory.

And recall it without thinking that much.

「In my left eye….left eye? No way!?」

After completely remembering it, I tried asking Asura.

Asura nodded.

「Right. That is part of my power. Unfortunately, I never thought that you’ll use it immediately as soon as you arrived at that world. Furthermore, in a reckless manner.」


I was surprised with what Asura said.

Did I just do something really dangerous?

「Ah, what’s with that reaction? It is true that you were reckless. To think that you’ll use my power so irresponsibly.」

It seems like Asura got a little angry because of my attitude.

(Ano, I’m sorry. When a beautiful woman like you is angry, it is really scary.)


I completely forgot that Asura can completely read me.

I decided to apologize obediently.

「I’m really sorry….Can you explain to me what you mean?」

「All right… do you really want to hear it!」

It seems like Asura didn’t like it if I’m trying to harm myself.

「…that was unintentional…」

「If it is unintentional then let’s leave it like that…..Haa, okay. I’ll explain it to you so listen properly…got it?」


「When you used the power of your left eye, you also used the power that was taught to you here. Do you remember?」

「No, are you saying…that one? Even though….did I really used it?」

To tell the truth, I still don’t remember it.

「You really did. Moreover, at that moment, you used it to the fullest.」


「Really….I already told you to be careful in handling divine power…things could have been worse.」

「What do you mean?」

「To put it simply, your body is still not accustomed in handling divine power. Don’t forget that you used it here with only your soul.」

「I see.」

Asura looked me in the eyes.

「…Do you really understand?」

「I do. I understand.」

Honestly, that was really dangerous. It’s a good thing that she saved me…

「…Haa, then that’s good. For now, I think it is safe to use a little divine power because of this incident.」

「….hnn? Will I be safe?」

「To put it simply, because of that foolish thing you did, your limiter was raised in a dash. To raise the upper limit of your limiter, you should practice and master your divine power by using the power of your eye.」

「Haha, that would be great.」

「Don’t say it like it’s other people’s problem.」

「Yes. I’m sorry.」

She’s glaring at me so I apologized obediently.

I am really deeply indebted to Asura.

I’m unsure if I can even repay her in the future.

「In short, there is a limiter of how much divine power I can use when using my left eye and it okay to break my limiter by using my left eye(?).」

「That’s right. It is good that you understand.」

She replied in a subtle manner. I might not be completely correct but not wrong either.

I have no choice but to explore by using it for the time being.

I can’t depend on Asura forever.

「Ara. You can depend on me though.」

I would like you to stop replying after reading my heart.

(Mou, I’m used to it already.)

「I will send you back to the other side. You can’t stay here forever.」

「….is that so?」

「Yes. It can’t be good for the body and soul to be separated for a long time.」

「I understand. Please send me back…wait, will it take time before you send me there again?」

「No. Previously, I still need to prepare various things like your physical body, its connection with your soul, etc.」

「I see. Then, please send me back.」

As I said so, Asura raised her right hand and points her palm to me.

「See you.」

At that moment, Asura disappeared before me.

「My lord!!」


As soon as I regained consciousness, I heard the call of these two.

When I opened my eyes, I realized that I’m on Mitsuki’s lap pillow.

I tried to raise my body immediately but she held my shoulder down.

「Are you all right?」

I looked at Mitsuki’s expression and I can see that she’s scared.

I can also see two excellent mountains in my line of sight. I tried adjusting but I can’t since she held my shoulders down.

I can’t do anything so I gave up on resisting.

「….ehto, I’m alright now…」

「Good. Your soul has been away for a while so please stay like this for some time.」

I looked towards Kouhi to seek help but it was pointless.

「How long?」

「For about 1 hour.」

「Eh!? That long?」

But my time in the “garden of eternal spring” didn’t feel that long.

「Yes. Can you please explain what happened?」

「I would like to get up if possible…」


「If you feel uncomfortable on Mitsuki’s lap, should I take her place?」

「You’re picking a fight in a time like this!?」

No, I don’t think that’s what Kouhi-san means.

And Mitsuki-san, your eyes are scary. Please don’t stare Kouhi with those eyes.

When beautiful women make such expression, they are really scary.

I gave up on getting up and decided to explain what happened while lying on a lap pillow.

I was released from the lap pillow after an hour.



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