Chapter 86 – New Village Building and the Return of the Survey Team

The new village’s facilities, well, toilet, and shrine, were completed.

Next one would be a big building that can be used as an assembly house.

Being protected from rain is enough.

I thought of helping them build it but there is another thing that needs to be built.


Though there is a well, waterway is essential if you think about the field.

The waterway and its drain should be built parallel to the road.

I guess I’ll make the drain waterway first.

After a few days, I reached the river.

Compared to the past, I realized that I’m faster now.

「Is this a good place for the reservoir?」

「Yes, please dig it there.」

Though the order seems to be reversed, I dug a reservoir at the end of the drain waterway.

Of course, I didn’t forget to make a slime pool for drainage purification.

After that, I now have to build the drawing water waterway but I thought that I shouldn’t build it anymore.

I think the new villagers should build it on their own.

If I prepare everything for them, who knows if they’ll take it for granted.



Yes, they shouldn’t monopolize all the benefits for all the things we made here.

Thinking about it, it seems like my work here is done.

「Anything else?」

「No, thank you very much. We can take care of everything else.」

The eight high elves and five lizardmen were already replaced several times during the building process.

Ten kuros are guarding them and there’s also the dozens of spiderlings that unexpectedly came.

They’re going to be okay, right?

「I understand. Continue your hard work.」

I was held by Kuudel, the Riaison officer, and she carried me back to the Big Tree Village.

Maa, when I was working over there, she always carries me back before sunset so I’m used to it.

I have the AFT so I can work all night non-stop but according to the villagers, I need to return and get back on my bed to take a good rest.

If they really think so, please let me sleep more at night.

When we got back to the village, everything is the same as usual.

Crops that can be harvested are harvested. After that, the field will be plowed again.

For the new village, they’ll need to prepare seeds and seedlings so it will be harder than usual.

The survey team who headed north returned.

Rasuti and Hakuren are both in their dragon form. They are carrying their bloody vipers prey.

「How many are those?」

They brought 17 bloody vipers to the village.

They take up too much space.

「Did they not rot?」

Considering that time has already passed when they subjugated them, they should be dead for several days already.

However, their meat looks fresh.

Bloody viper’s meat is famous for its long preservation time.」

「Their vitality is so strong that they don’t rot easily. Even if you cut their head, their body will grow if you don’t kill them properly.」

Even if they said so, I was surprised that I can only reply “haa”.

「Did you annihilate them?」

「We did not annihilate them, we left the small ones. Because of that, every year….no, that’s not possible, how many years will it take before we can hunt them again?」

「Ehto….that aside, are the friendly titans alright?」

「We left some for them or else, the titans will not have anything to eat. 」

「….You mean, they eat bloody vipers? 」

「To be specific, they eat bloody viper’s snakelets. 」

「…. 」

So, it’s like their leftover food grew big and now acting violently?

Let’s not think about it deeply.

「At any rate… the investigation of the dungeon in the north complete?」

I ask one of the high elves of the survey team.

「Yes, we also got a detailed inside map of the dungeon from the friendly titans. All dangerous creatures inside are suppressed. That includes all the grown bloody vipers…..」

I see.

「Is that it? Don’t you have anything else to report?」

After hearing my question, the high elf’s face cramped.

She’s the high elf that I gave secret order to before leaving.

「Rasuti and Hakuren, did they caused trouble?」

「A, a part of the dungeon collapsed……they are the cause…..the titans said that it’s alright. They even said it in polite manner. 」

「Do you think they mean it? 」

「Even though they said that there’s no problem, I think it has a huge impact on the titans. 」

「….Let’s send some crops to the titans later. 」

「Thank you very much. 」

Rasuti and Hakuren can’t really hold back.

Let’s leave it as it is for now….

I gave each villager member of the survey team a reward medal.

I hope they’ll use it well.

I thought of giving the lamia members crops but it seems like they are interested with the reward medal for some reason. I explained to them how to use it and pass them five reward medal.

Please take note that it has no value outside the village.

The return of the survey team is celebrated with a banquet.

A large amount of bloody viper meat was cooked and served. That night was pretty intense.

On the next day, Rasuti brought bloody viper’s meat to Doraim’s nest while Hakuren brought some to Suiren and Sekiren’s nests.

Looking at dragons carrying big snakes….they look pretty mighty.

Thought it already decreased a lot, why is it that there are still a huge amount of bloody vipers here?

I’ll give one to the kuros….though they’ve already eaten at the banquet, it seems like they still want to eat it.

Will you be alright?

Ah, should I roast it?

Yes, let’s roast it first.

One for Zabuton and the spiderlings….are you fine eating it raw?

Zabuton and the spiderlings clustered to the bloody viper.

Their number is a whole lot more than I imagined.


It became bone in no time.

There is a large, beautiful gem in its skull.

It seems to be the magic stone that monsters and demon beasts have.

Speaking of that, the big wild boar also has magic core but the kuros has been eating it.

Is it edible?

While I was thinking about it, Zabuton ate the magic stone.

It seems edible.

But it looks painful to eat so I guess I won’t eat it anytime soon.

In any case, all the bloody vipers were eaten after a few days.

As for their bones…..I intended to plow them but they were kept in the warehouse.



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