Chapter 85 – Building a New Village

The place where the new village will be built has been decided.

The place is a little south across the river in the west of Big Tree Village.

If we talk about its straight line distance from here…..about 10 kilometers?

The river flows from north to south-southwest and the new village location is a little closer to the river.

「Why is that location selected?」

「First of all, considering its hierarchical relationship with this village, it is necessary to be located downstream.」


I’m a little perplexed with Ria’s answer.

「Hierarchical relationship?」


「Ehto….is that necessary?」

「It is necessary.」

She told me that with eyes that have no trace of impurity.

Really? So it’s necessary.

Ma-maa, okay.

「So that’s why it’s downstream….but why on the other side of the river?」

「If the new village ever tries to revolt, they will be stopped by the river.」



「Yes, it is necessary to think that possibility.」

「Isn’t it a useless thinking?」


I-is that so?

It’s not useless.


Let’s not think about it deeply.

「Another reason for that place being chosen is that there are no big monsters or demon beasts nearby. The spiderlings and the kuros are enough to defend it.」

「I-I understand.」

That reminds me, the kuros, who have coordinated and voluntarily control their birth, are working hard this year.

Perhaps they are thinking of the security needs of the new village so they are trying to increase their number again.

Or, are they anticipating the increase in harvest because of the establishment of the new village?

Perhaps both.

Looking at them, Masayuki, that one who has a lot of partners, has tired eyes.

My sympathy.

I really know how you feel.



Let’s return to new village building.

「I now know about the location of the new village. Then, I have to go there and clear up the forest first.」

「Right but there is something we’d like to work in before that.」



「Bridge? Ah, ahhh, a bridge to cross the river.」

「Yes, thinking about the transport of materials, it would really help if there’s a bridge.」

「Correct…, have you been avoiding the river until now?」

「No, there’s a place where one can cross. The kuros are jumping over that place to cross the river.」

「I see.」

「The waterway was being used similar to a road so I think that we should build a bridge near the waterway.」

「I understand. Please do so.」

「Yes, thank you.」



The first construction team of the new village.

Representative: Me.

Construction workers: Eight high elves including Ria.

Heavy laborer: Five lizardmen.

Guards: ten kuros.

Liaison Officer: Kuudel.



The river’s width is about 5 meters.

The depth of water is around 1 to 3 meters depending on the location.

The riverside is not sandy but a rocky place.

It is about 1 meter above river level.

North of where we are is a place similar to a waterfall which is about 7 meters in height.

The waterway is getting water from this high waterfall.

We’ll build a bridge a little downstream from where we are.




I thought we’re going to make a suspension bridge but the elves seem to have a different idea.

We’ll make a bridge made from one fat tree.

We just need to make sure that both ends are fixed so it won’t move.

I plane the top surface of the bridge so it can be walked on easily.

The distance between the ground and the surface of the bridge is about 1 meter.

With the help of the AFT, we completed it in no time.

「Is this all right?」

「Yes, let’s build some more please.」


We built five bridges.

They were built with the distance where you can see all of them in one look.

「Won’t it be better to build one wide bridge?」

「If we build a wide bridge, big monsters and demon beasts will cross it.」

「Ah, so that’s why.」

I guess I should pay attention to the state of the surrounding too.

「Can you clear up the places both sides of each bridge? That will make any approaching monsters or demon beasts easier to be spotted.」


Using the AFT, I cut the trees and plow the ground.

It will be visually better if I turn it into a lawn than plain soil.

With that, our bridge building ended.



I thought that we’re going to the location of the new village immediately but I guess I’m wrong.

「Then, village chief, the place is in this direction.」

I started making a road on our way to the new village construction site.

Yes, a road is certainly necessary.

I cut down the trees and plow the stumps using the AFT.

The road is about 5 meters wide.

「We’ll hunt around this place.」

「Sure, just let me know if I got off course.」


I quietly made the road until the sun sets.

It seems like I’m already accustomed on the proper use of the AFT. Compared before, my road making did not take several days.



「This is the planned construction site?」


I’m not sure if this place is good or bad.

Though I’m not sure, it probably is. I trust Ria’s judgment.

「Village chief, this tree.」


Ria guided me to one big tree.

It is like the tree in the middle of Big Tree village.

「I would like to make this tree the center of a new village.」

「I see. I get it now.」

I plow the area around the tree.

I prepared the place as Ria suggested and clear everything around it.

This time, I took it in my heart that I should not think of unnecessary things.

Because crops will sprout if I think about them.

It has become a field and it is heartbreaking to destroy budding crops.

I have no excuse for Ria and the others who are already planning various things.

I’m innocent. It can’t be helped since I have the AFT.

After working for a few days, the vast land around the big tree was cleared.



Next, digging a well.

Until now, we’re drinking water from the flask we carried. We’ll have it easier now.



Next is toilet.

Yes, toilet is important.

We secured the grass for wiping purposes and installed a hand washing tub.

Next time, let’s bring a slime.



Big tree, well, and toilet.

We secured a large amount of timber when we cleared up the forest.

It seems like the construction has not started yet so I build a shrine beside the big tree.

I want to enshrine the god who sent me to this world and the god who bestowed me the AFT in this place too.

The high elves help me so we finished it in a very short time.

I carved the statue of the two.

Yup, they are both ikemen.

Just like in Big Tree village, I also carved Kuro and Yuki’s statues and arrange them like guardian dogs.

I added some playfulness and also carved a life-size Zabuton statue….

I find it troublesome where to put it.

I feel like it will be disrespectful to the gods if I put her statue with them so I decided to put it on the tree.

I had the spiderlings came here and carry the statue on the big tree.

How are they going to put it there?

「I don’t mind if you fixed it in place in order for it not to drop.」

Ah, I just noticed now but there are dozens of spiderlings on the big tree.



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