Chapter 84 – Church and Piano

A certain country, central temple.

「Ohh, Founder-sama, welcome back.」

「Long time no see.」

「Yes, last time we’ve met was 50 years ago.」

「Is that so? Are you the temple head now?」

「Yes, I was elected 30 years ago.」

「You are a faithful one. It is proper for you to be chosen.」

「Thank you very much.」

「Did anything happen?」

「There’s none. Things are as usual.」

「Really? But I brought a joyous change today.」

「What kind of change?」

「I want you to enshrine the statue I brought in the main temple.」

「…a new statue?」

「Yes, I want you to enshrine it in the best place.」

「The best place? You mean we’ll have to put it where the statue of the creation god is enshrined?」

「Yes, there….fufufu. Why do you look dissatisfied?」

「My apologies.」

「I understand your dissatisfaction but one you see the statue I brought, you’ll change your mind.」

「….Is that so?」

「Otherwise, do you think I’ll even come here?」

「Certainly, I will arrange the installation.」

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A few days later, a grand festival was held in the oldest authoritative temple on the continent.

The reason for the festival is unknown.

However, it is the largest festival in the temple’s history.

It is also rumored that all those who had entered the main temple are overflowing with tears.

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「Let’s entitle the sculptor as a saint.」

「Don’t, that’s something that can’t be done. The person in question dislikes standing out. He might even hate us if we designate him as a saint.」

「Mou, such a pity.」

「However, there will be no problem if we assist him secretly.」

「Truly. As expected of founder-sama.」

「Yeah, tell all branches, never be hostile against him.」


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「Village chief, what a grandous sneeze, are you alright?」

「Ah yeah, I’m even surprised myself.」

After being bestowed by god with “healthy body”, this is the first time I sneeze.

Since I have a healthy body, does it means that it is not because of a physiological phenomenon?

「By the way village chief, are we going to install the piano now?」


The piano was sent by ancestor-san after he left.

He tried to pay me for the sculpture when I gave it to him but I declined since I feel like I’m selling god.

He wants to pay but I don’t want to receive anything. We talk and talk until the topic reaches Tiselle’s birthday celebration.

The piano was his birthday present for her.

I was really pleased but Frau and the civil servant girls mouths were wide open.

I heard that a piano is a really high-end item, is that the reason?

In any case, since I already received it, I’ll use it without reservation.

By the way, after various debates on where should it be installed, it was decided that it will be placed in the dining room.

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「That piano, it is a Grazuole piano. It is said that there are only three of them in the world….」

「Yes, I confirmed the emblem. It is genuine.」

「I heard that the only ones who have them are the biggest church and temple.」

「Yeah, and they only use it during big ceremonies.」

「…..I-I shouldn’t have checked the emblem. Are we even qualified to play it?」

「T-that’s right but this is a rare chance…, normally, we’ll never have an opportunity to touch it in our entire life.」

「Then, what should we do?」

「Fraurem-san will have the final say. After that….do you think Loo-san, Tier-san and the others know about it? It looks like they don’t care. How about Rasuti-san and Hakuren-san? By chance, do you think the mountain elves or the elder dwarves know about it?」

「There’s a possibility.」

「Right. Then….」

「Allow me to play it while it’s still possible.」

The newly arrived piano was popular.

Various people wanted to play it.

Well, some of them are good but most of them just want to play with it…..

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「Another one?」

「I really want to practice. It doesn’t matter even if it is a ragged one.」

「It is for the stability of our spirit, so please. Practicing using that piano is kind of….」

There were some people who volunteered to offer their reward medal but I returned them since it is unnecessary.

It is not easy to get reward medal and I don’t think that what they want actually needs reward medals.

Because of that, I asked Michael-san to purchase another piano.

Though it is already a used item, it is still expensive.

Entertainment items sure are expensive.

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By the way, the one who transported the piano that ancestor-san sent was Maxbergak, Suiren’s husband.

It seems like he was indebted to ancestor-san in various things ever since he was born so he cannot refuse his request.

I gave him crops as souvenir.

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Rasuti and Hakuren headed for the dungeon in the north.

Their objectives are exterminating the big snakes, bloody viper, living in the dungeon and obtaining their meat.

Accompanying them are the same survey team.

It will be safe if Rasuti and Hakuren are on their own but upon considering the titans who’ll cooperate with them, I felt a little anxious.

I wish there will be no internal disputes.

What if, for some reason, Rasuti and Hakuren went berserk?


I wanted to send someone who can stop the two but gave up because there’s no villager that can stop them.

I gave the high elves that accompany them a secret order of reporting to me if those two cause trouble.

“There was no problem.” that’s the report I want to hear.



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