Chapter 83 – Dwarves’ Mode of Life and New Visitor

Dwarves, upon hearing that race name, you’ll probably think that they are always drunk but they are not.

They are hard workers, but only on things related to alcohol.

If alcohol is involved, they even farm without complaining.

On the contrary, they are noisier than anyone, especially during harvest time.

That’s a good thing.

When brewing alcoholic beverages, one might think that they will be drinking what they brew as taste test habitually but they have never done anything like that.

When I asked them, they said.

「If we got drunk, how are we going to make good alcohol?」


There are times when they are using fire when brewing liquor, they take turns all day and all night to make sure that the liquor is being constantly heated in the right temperature.

「A fire watchman who drinks is damnable.」

I think that’s true.

Fire is scary after all.

They drink alcohol as they eat.

「Umu, today’s liquor is a failure.」

「Ah, the scent is all over. It is only a liquor for burning throat.」

「Speaking of scent, I found a tree that smells good. Why don’t we make barrels using that?」

「Instead on barrels, why don’t we use the method that the village chief said?」

「Is it about using dried crops to add scent?」

「We’ll only need to smoke the liquor before drinking it. It won’t be difficult.」

「Right. However, I feel a bit regretful that we have not thought of such a method before.」


Although they drink alcohol during every meal, the products they made have good reviews and their research results are good.

Because of that, I have to regulate the heavy drinking culture of the village.

Now, villagers can only drink alcohols during banquet.

I know that it is bad to ban it for a long time so after they learn to drink in moderation, I’ll lift the ban….I hope this continues as I visioned.

Well, they can always drink if they exchange reward medals for alcohol so I don’t think they’ll rebel.

In any case, unlike their image, dwarves are not drunkards.

They are enthusiastic.

In regards to brewing alcohol.



「Ah, Donovan」

「What is it, village chief?」

「Did your number increase again?」

「Umu. Someone arrived this morning. I thought of letting village chief know as soon as possible but I want to prioritize brewing alcohol.」

Currently, there are now 15 dwarves.

「Do you have troubles in sleeping space? Do you want another one to be constructed?」

「I would like for a dry cabin to be constructed first. After that, we want a new distiller. We’ll set that up in the new cabin.」

「I could have that build if necessary but how about your sleeping space?」

「No, please make the cabin first. The floor is enough for all of us to sleep in.」

They are enthusiastic.

In regards to brewing alcohol.

A visitor came.

It is a strange person.

Strange point number one.

He managed to enter the village without being detected by Zabuton, the angels, and the kuros.

Well, that happened with the new dwarves too….

Strange point number two.

Zabuton and the kuros did not attack him.

He gives the vibes that even if you start a fight with him, you won’t be able to touch him.

Strange point number three.

He was discovered when he was prostrating in front of the statues of gods at the shrine I made under the big tree.

And when we discovered and surrounds him, he did not stand up and kept all five on the ground.

Why is he on all five?

That is the highest form of prostrating.

Given that he’s showing his utmost respect, we only watch him until he’s satisfied.

And the visitor’s identity was uncovered in an instant.


Loo’s grandfather.

「I heard that Lulushi gave birth to a child. I thought it was some kind of mistake but….it is true.」

「Yes, I also never thought that I can bear a child.」

「Right, however, having a child is a rare occurrence so he’s a treasure. Cherish him.」

「Yes, thank you very much.」

Although he’s her ancestor-san, he looks like her oniichan.

He’s wearing a cliche like high noble clothes with torn part.

Although there is a torn part, it doesn’t look sluggish. On the contrary, it looks fashionable.

He’s not giving off an aristocratic air but it’s opposite, he seems friendly.

Maa, it is probably because his clothes are dirty as he prostrated on all five.

According to Lulushi’s introduction, ancestor-san has been living since 4,000 years ago.

4,000 years.

I cannot detect a single trace of it in this everyday neighborhood oniisan.

「Hahaha. The trick to living long is occasionally resetting one’s memory.」

Seeing that I’m doubtful, ancestor-san explains it to me.

「Don’t forget about important things like names and blood relationship, all others are to be forgotten. You’ll be uneasy at first but you’ll get accustomed to it after doing it a few more times. The last time I reset was about 200 years ago so I feel young again.」

「So, vampires have that ability?」

「It is not a vampire’s ability, it’s magic. I think some dragons are doing it too. Living long is also tough. Ah, haven’t you heard anything from Dors?」

「You know Dors?」

「I heard about you from Dors. Ah, right right, I’m sorry for entering the village without greeting you. I was planning on going home silently after I verify the situation but the smell of interest caught me.」


「This. This statue. The god of creation.」

「God of creation? Which one?」

I caved two gods under the big tree.

One is the god I met when I came to this world.

The other one is the god of agriculture who bestowed me the AFT.

Ancestor-san did not hesitate and pointed the god I met when I came to this world.

「That one. It’s amazing. It is the exact embodiment of the god of creation. I instinctively prostrated.」

「….you met him?」

「Once, when I was born. My constitution is a bit different but he told me to persevere.」

「Your unusual constitution is being a vampire? 」

「Looks like it. Because of my constitution, I had a lot of hardship and was saved various times. However, even though I seem to have done a lot, I have no memories of them. hahaha 」

Ancestor-san laughs but looking at his face, I can see that he’s serious.

「No matter what I happens, I will never forget the god of creation. However, I don’t really remember how he truly looks like. Is he a young person? Or an old one? What is the color of his eyes? What is the color of his hair? What about the length? Though I also tried making an image of him, I couldn’t make something that can embody him like this one. 」

Seeing the eyes of ancestor-san, I feel warm.

「As expected, it is impossible to make things that embody him. 」

「It is regrettable but you are right. Therefore, I want you to carve a new one for me. I will pay you properly. I wonder if you can do it for me. 」

「Ah…. 」

I was a little worried so I looked around.

Few villagers have gathered….

Loo and Flora are looking at me as if willing to worship me just to accept the request.

Tier and the angels are looking at me helplessly.

Rasuti and Hakuren look like they are waiting for me to answer.

Frau and the civil servant girls seem to have decided not to look at ancestor-san.

They are escaping reality.

The others are on their all fours.

Most of them have helpless faces.

「I’ll carve it….however, I don’t know if you’ll like it. I’m not a sculptor. 」

Actually, even though I’m the one carving, all the credits should be on the AFT.

「Ah, I don’t mind it at all. Thank you very much.」

「All right. Please give me some time and I’ll give it to you. Ah…..what size do you want? Do you want life size?」

「I would love that.」

「Affirmative. I’ll carve it right away.」

I went to the forest and chose a good tree and cut it down.

I transformed the AFT into a chisel and carved while giving off my feelings of gratitude.

Carve carve carve

I transformed the AFT into a graver for fine-tuning.


Though I feel that it became 20% more handsome than the statue under the big tree…..I think the atmosphere it gives off matches it.

「How’s this?」

I didn’t hear ancestor-san’s answer since he’s already on all five before the newly carved statue.

After that, we held a welcome banquet for ancestor-san.

In the midst of it, ancestor-san embraced Alfred with a fully smiling face.

This person is probably doing what a grandfather is expected to do but looking at his young face, they look like father and son.

Though I thought that they are picturesque, I’m a little jealous because it is my son.

Loo came to me and soothed me.

Un, this is a family.

During the banquet, Loo talked a lot about ancestor-san and only then I understood how awesome he is.



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