Chapter 82 – Festival Executive Committee and Musical Instrument

The sports festival executive committee was dissolved and a festival executive committee was established.

The members are still me and the civil servant girls.

「Lifting decorations while walking around? What about the destination?」

「Throwing tomatoes? That’s wasting food….don’t you think so too, village chief?」

「Running after a cow? What’s the point….」

TN: Last two are from Spain, right?

「Chasing after a rolling food down the slope? Ehto….」

TN: Cheese rolling fest in UK?

Even if I explain those festivals using words, it seems like they don’t get it.

Maa, that’s right.

Maa, that’s right?

Those festivals are native to each country so if a person from another place saw them, they’ll think that they are doing some strange things.

But if they’re not like that, I don’t think they’ll be televised.

First, I explained to them what a festival is.

They must see it like a normal type of celebration.

Like the usual Bon Festival Dance in my previous world.


Well, that’s according to my common sense but how should I explain it to these civil servant girls who don’t have any idea about it.

「Festival….there are festivals to celebrate New Year and harvest.」

「Is something needs to be done during festivals?」


Right, I made a mistake.

Even if I explain about festival using words, they won’t be able to understand it.

They understand the part of eating and drinking but they don’t understand the actions that need to be done during the celebration.

That is the standard of this world. I thought I can completely entrust it to the civil service girls but apparently, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

TN: Starting from this point is the origin story of a countryside festival.

「In my place, Pyoppyo goes to the heart of the city and attacks a rich man’s house.」

「Pyoppyo dug a hole then attack Mumu.」

「Eh, isn’t Mumu some sort of food? How did Pyoppyo attack?」

「Ambush in the dark.」

It seems like festival in the countryside here is really different.

How did it originate from assassination?

No, more than that, the problem is….

「Can you integrate it with my plan?」

「That will be difficult.」

The future of the festival executive committee is dark.

Let’s stop at once.

There are a lot of people who can sing in the village.

They are quite lively whether they are eating, working, or between work.

Moreover, they are good.

Pretty good.

Since I don’t have a single fragment of confidence in my singing ability, I’m a bit jealous.

However, even though there are singers in the village, there are only a few instruments.

It is because musical instruments are owned only by those who can afford.

Therefore, there are only a few instruments in the village. And they are practically bells.

There is no way you can enjoy music using that.

I’ve already known about it when I thought about the BGM of the sports festival.

Therefore, I started making musical instruments.

First, a flute.


It didn’t produce a sound.

So it is useless if I just put a hole.

By the way, how many holes should I bore?



How many strings should it have?



It made a hitting-a-wood sound.

I imagined it to at least to make a “pon” sound.

Should I adjust the length of each bar and the type of wood?

I boldly made a guitar!

…..however, it is impossible to make an instrument that I have never touched before.

I asked the civil servant girls about it by describing the shape and one of them said that it was a lute.

Thinking about it, a lute is a musical instrument that is similar to a guitar that usually appears in fantasy story, to think that it will appear here too.

Either way, the sound it produced was not that appealing.


For the time being, I thought of an instrument that I can possibly reproduce with the right sound, a drum.


I cut down a log and hollowed it.

Then, put cloth on both end….no, cloth is not good enough so I put leather.

The leather was given by Zabuton. It came from her collection that she saved up on the tree.

With that, it produced a good sound.


Finally, I was able to make a musical instrument that can produce a decent sound.

Good good

I will continue in this direction.


I gripped the AFT and looked at the wood next to me intensely.

For some reason, I made a mokugyo.

I was mortified but it made the best sound I heard up to now.


The limit of one’s ability.

Let’s request the villager’s cooperation.

A person who knows something about musical instrument…..I have never heard of such a villager.

When I was making musical instruments, the high elves, mountain elves, and civil servant girls are wandering around from time to time.

I strive for making musical instruments while listening to their opinions.

I followed their instructions to be exact.

Various flutes, big and small.

The flute was preferred over transverse flute.

Harp, lute, guitar like instrument, shamisen like instrument, guqin like instrument.

I don’t remember their name but I know that the name changes as the number of strings of the musical instrument changes.

Maracas, xylophone, musical chimes, drum.

I don’t know about the details but I made each part as instructed.

The others assemble and tune them.

Indeed, you can make a drum with different sound just by simply placing leather on one side.

I never thought of it.

Though I thought of xylophone, I forgot about musical chimes….


Since I was a bit annoyed by it, I made similar instruments like tambourine, castanets, and triangle.

Unfortunately, they already assembled musical instruments similar to them but no one complained about the things I made.

Although it seems like there is a piano-like thing here, we did not make one because it is too difficult to make.

Should I consult Michael-san in order to obtain one?

Though I cannot play, someone else can play it.

Well, that’s another story. For now, we were able to make several musical instruments.

Since there are musical instruments, the next thing to do is about the performance.

The one who cooperated in making the instruments, the high elves, mountain elves, and civil servant girls, can play well.

High elves are good with wind instruments.

Mountain elves are good with percussion instruments.

The civil servant girls are good with string instruments. It is good that they are properly divided.

They even taught those who never touched musical instruments before to be able to play them without problems.

I thought about distributing musical instrument to the villagers but it became something like a village-owned objects where they can be lent to anyone.

Though they are lent out, they properly return it and there is no need to collect them so there was no problem.

The villagers were touched by the musical instruments and given that they can be guided on how to play them. Music was continued to be heard nonstop at the village.

That’s great.


Until the third day.

「How about stop playing music at night?」

Only that time that it was decided to have a fixed time to play musical instruments.

It is now prohibited to play music after sunset.

Of course, it is not prohibited to play at dinner and during banquet.

I want them to enjoy everything moderately.

By the way, Alfred and Tiselle’s room is soundproofed by magic so it is quiet there.

That is also the reason for my late action.



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