Chapter 81 – Villager Gathering Plan and Sports Festival Planning

A demand for new gaming toy appeared and I suddenly remember the existence of tic-tac-toe.

I carved three vertical and horizontal lines into a 3 by 3 board and drill a hole in the middle of each space where you can stick the symbols I made.

I tried it and found out that it is overwhelmingly advantageous if one were to mark the central space so I made a four by four board.

It is quite profound.

Even if one already lined up a row, both parties sometimes don’t notice it.

By the way, it is a rule failure if both parties didn’t declare who won first.

It is unexpectedly overlooked most times which results to come-from-behind defeat.

TN: It’s like Nikola Tesla. He found it out first but someone claimed it for him so he became the loser in the end.

I also made a five by five board but it’s a failure.

It takes too much time and really hard to play.

「Reward medal? You started something strange.」

Doraim is having a conversation with Rasuti while enjoying the regular 3 by 3 tic tac toe board.

Doraim’s visit to the village has decreased. It is probably related to Hakuren.

Or is it the result of the lamia transport? He can obtain things he wanted even without going here.

Hakuren joined their conversation.

「Doraim-chan, by chance, do you not want to meet your oneechan?」

「Hahaha, you’re joking aneki.」

「Is that so? Then, are you going to my house to play too?」

「Eh? Ah, o, of course. However, I heard you’re doing a lot of things. It is a good thing that you came here since I can hear your voice now.」

「I’m only joking. You don’t have to panic that much.」

「Ah, ahahaha….」

「By the way Rasuti-chan, may I also use the reward medal you receive as our race’s representative in something?」

「Yeah, I can’t think of what to use it for. Do you have anything in mind?」

「Could it be possibly used to gather some humans and demons?」

「Aneki? If you’re thinking of a sacrificial ritual please stop.」

「Now Doraim-chan, do you really think your oneechan will do such a thing? I’ll get angry.」

「I’m sorry.」

「To tell you the truth, the village chief….」

「You want to gather humans and demons?」

It was proposed during a meeting with the race’s representatives.

It was proposed using the reward medal.

The intention was to solve the problem I had said before.

「Males in this village are too few.」

「If we don’t bring up people who can do farm work beside me, the village will collapse if something happens to me.」

The proposal to solve those two problems was to gather humans and demons.


I don’t think it is bad but….

「How many are you planning to gather?」

「I think the more, the better.」

「That might be so but if the population suddenly increase, will we be okay?」

Up to now, we can still adapt and support everyone even if the population increase.

However, we’re talking about gathering a number of people to formally form a village.

Rapid population growth will have many problems.

Honestly speaking, when the 10 civil servant girls came, we have expected problems to arise.

However, Frau flawlessly handles them well so there were no problems.

But I will be too naive if I think that the same will happen now.

I don’t know how they plan on bringing them here or what connection they plan to use but problems will definitely arise if a lot of new people migrates in this village.

「Therefore, it is proposed that we’ll make a new village in another place.」

「What do you mean?」

「It means as it sounds. We’ll make a new village in a different location and gather humans and demons to farm there.」

「….I see.」

There will be problems if they suddenly came here so you’ll separate them from the start.


Not bad.

No, I think it’s a good idea.

「I understand.」

This is a proposal meeting so no decision yet.

The one with the final say will be the village chief.

Of course, it means that it is my responsibility to decide.

I don’t want to escape from responsibility but I want to be more of a farmer than a village chief.

So when I proposed a majority decision, it was denied by the majority.

The majority agreed that only I have the right to decide.

Moreover, under a harsh environment, I have been persuaded to be a strong leader that can decide when necessary.

Frau was also on the side that persuading me so it is useless for me to hand over the power to decide to the governor.

Therefore, I decided.

「Let’s gather villagers and make a new village.」

After that, I returned the submitted reward medal.

It is not a personal appeal.

This is something that can be proposed directly without using it.

Though I decided to gather villagers and make a new village, I’m not doing anything.

There is nothing to do.

There is no need for me to do anything at this moment.

The high elves and the kuros are surveying several places to select for the new village.

I thought that it is good to select a place beside a river but if the river overflowed, it will be a big problem. They also have to keep in mind that the place should not irritate the monsters living in the forest.

I’ll leave it to them.

In regards to gathering villagers, Frau, Rasuti, and Hakuren are talking with Doraim, Beezel, and Michael-san.

Though they can gather them easily, there are various troublesome procedures they need to go through. They also need to talk to various people.

My apologies but I’ll leave it all to you.

Though I left it to them….I’m a little lonely since I’m not involved in anything.

It can’t be helped. I’ll just work hard for the sports festival with reward medals as prizes event that I have thought of.

The members of the sports festival executive committee are me and the civil servant girls.

Since Loo, Tier, and the onis are busy raising my children, they’ll take the role advisers.

There is also Flora but she’s already busy with the taste improvement of the miso and soy sauce so I don’t want to bother her.

The sports festival is important but soy sauce and miso are also important.

To decide the events of the sports festival, I investigated various things.

Though I said I investigated….the race’s differences are obvious.

For example, when running on a level ground, the onis are overwhelming fast while the dwarves are really slow that you’ll doubt if they are really running.

When it comes to obstacle race, the high elves are agile but the mountain elves and beastkins will not fall behind.

The dwarves will definitely be pulverized in the obstacles.

Though there are naturally individual differences, I judged that the race difference is too great to be able to compete fairly.

I originally intended to divide each team according to race but that would be pointless.

There are events where the kuros and spiders can’t participate and Rasuti and Hakuren are too OP.

The beastkins are also at a disadvantage because they are all young.


Should I divide them into two groups, red and white?

But how will I divide them?

Should we take half of each race and have them join each team?

There are no competitions called sports festival but there seem to be similar events.

To me who came from another world, sports festival is a common event.

Three-legged race, obstacle race, ball-throwing game, ball-rolling game, bo-taoishi, mock cavalry, I played them all.

When I told that to the civil servant girls, they told me similar events……

Martial arts competition, spell casting competition, hunting competition, ultra long-distance relay race, and war simulation are the games they told me.

Martial arts competition is true to its name.

「If it is an armed battle, the participants are free to choose their weapon. It is really popular.」

Spell casting competition, I feel like competing with magic is safer than martial arts.

「Simple magic is really effective against any target so it is always used in that event.」

Hunting competition is set in a suitable forest. The participants compete for the type and size of the hunted prey….

「It is not really a serious competition, it is more on socializing. Well, there are some people who don’t get it.」

Ultra long-distance relay is a competition where a team carries luggage from a city to a distant town.

You can use whatever transportation means you can.

The first team who carried the luggage to the designated place wins.

「It is done quite frequently in order to establish a means of transportation.」

「However, although obstructing other competitors is not allowed, you should never let your guard down since it is impossible to oversee the competition the whole time.」

War simulation is a war simulation.

「It is a practice for war. There are quite a number of people who are injured during that event.」

「Dying is not unusual either.」


After hearing them, I decided to temporarily freeze the sports festival and consider another plan.

The civil servant girls showed interest in the events that I proposed but the racial difference is too troublesome.

Even if some argue about individuality, the obvious superiority or inferiority can’t be overlooked.

The purpose of sports festival is recreation.

In other words …

I recalled an idol program I was watching in the hospital when I was in my previous world.

No, what I recalled is the show next to it.

It was a program that travels all over the world.

And in the corners of the world.

There are various festivals.

What I should conduct is not a school-wide sports festival but a world-class festival.



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