Chapter 80 – Character Introduction and Memo

◆ Character Introduction and Memo(Introduction order has special meaning )

【Big Tree Village –  Human】

  • Machio Hiraku


Village chief of Big Tree Village

【AFT】【Healthy Body】【A place with not so many people】- His request which was granted by god. Working hard on farming.

Inferno Wolves

  • Kuro

(♂)Boss of the group.

Loves tomatoes

A large dog(head is as high as a human waist) with dagger-like horn on its head. He’s a wolf.


  • Yuki

(♀)Boss’ partner.

Loves tomatoes, strawberries, and sugarcane


  • Kuroichi(♂), Kuroni(♂), Kurosan(♀), Kuroyon(♂)

Kuro and Yuki’s pups


  • Alice

(♀)Kuroichi’s partner.



  • Iris

(♀)Kuroni’s partner.



  • Uno

(♂)Kurosan’s partner

Should be strong.


  • Eris

(♀)Kuroyon’s partner.

Loves onions.



  • Kurogo(♂), Kuroro(♂), Kuronana(♀), Kurohachi(♀)

Kuroichi’s younger siblings.


  • Fubuki

(♀)Eris and Kuroyon’s pup.

Cocytus wolf.


  • Masayuki

(♂)Iris and Kuroni’s pup.

Has a wolf harem.


  • Others, a lot of them

Their horns are molting during spring.

They look for partners at the end of spring.

They work hard in summer.

They give birth in autumn.

Pups born that year will have horn during autumn.(Their first horn will only exist for a short period of time)

Demon Spider

  • Zabuton

Illegal Demon Spider

Weaver of the village.

Body size is about four tatami mats.

Loves potatoes.

Has done various things in the past.


  • Spiderlings

Zabuton’s children.

There are plenty of them.

Born during winter hibernation(Non-deterministic Information) and leaves in the spring.

Some of them will remain with Zabuton.

Size Name
Fist Shadow spider, others
Magazine Car spider, drow spider, trap spider, others
Half tatami mat Death spider, neck hanging spider, others
Two tatami mat Ash spider, others
Over 10 meters Demon spider
Over 20 meters Great Demon Spider
4 tatami mat Illegal Demon Spider

Gnostic Bee

  • Bee

The village’s bees. Has a symbiotic relationship with the spiderlings?

They offer honey to the village.

Queen Bee Gnostic Bee Queen Bee
Worker Bee Gnostic Bee Farmer
Soldier Bee Gnostic Bee Warrior


  • Lulushi Loo

The famous “Blood Sucking Princess”. Good at magic. Can fly.

For her, neck is a prize?

Loves tomatoes.

Long silver hair.

Can freely change the size(age) of her body.


  • Flora Sakutou

Loo’s cousin.

Neck-long silver hair.

Knowledgeable in pharmacy.

Doing her best to research about miso and soy sauce.

She also can freely change the size(age) of her body.


  • Ann

An employed maid of Flora’s clan.

Representative of the onis. (head maid)

Keeps professional distance with others. (Only at day, aggressive at night.)


  • Ramurias

Person in charge of the beastkins


  • 18 other onis(all women)

In charge of housekeeping in the village.

Trained to cook and had improved considerably.

Began to cook their own original dishes.


  • Tier

Has a title called “Angel of Annihilation”

Loo’s rival, now her good friend?

Loves cucumbers.

Good at magic.

Can fly.

Golem user.


  • Gran Maria / Kuudel / Corone

Tier’s subordinates.

The three of them are called “Angels of Holocaust”

Gives the vibes of Valkyrie and Walkyrie.

TN: Not sure why. As far as I know, Valkyrie and Walkyrie are the same.

Sometimes moves with the village chief.


  • Daga

Serious. Has a wife.

Has a scarf on his right arm.

A strong person.


  • 14 other lizardmen(9 are females)

It is difficult to differentiate male and female.


  • Hatchlings

Born from eggs.

Hatches before winter.

【High Elf】

  • Ria

Representative of the high elves.

In charge of construction in the village?

Also knows how to smith, pretty versatile.

Like all elves, excellent at archery.


  • Risu / Riri / Rifu / Rikoto / Rize / Rita

Ria’s relatives.


  • Rafa / Raasa / Raru / Rami

Rafa’s family. Merged with Ria’s group.


  • Rarasha

Rafa’s relative.

Good at making barrel.


  • Other high elves(more than 40)

Their ages range from 200 – 400 years. Every one of them is a female.

【Demon King Gullgald’s Kingdom】

  • Demon King Gullgald

Demon king. Should be super strong.


  • Beezel Climb Chrome

Four heavenly kings /  in charge of diplomacy


  • Fraurem Chrome

Nickname, Frau.

Daughter of Beezel.

Schoolmate of the princess.

Migrated to the village.

She gives the vibes of an ace of a sports club.


  • Yuri

Demon king’s daughter.

Ignorant in some aspects.

Stayed in the village for several months.


  • Civil Servant Girls

Yuri and Frau’s classmates of acquaintances. Have excellent academic ability.

Noble ladies.

Playing an active part in the village as Frau’s subordinates.


  • Doraim

Dragon that built a nest in the mountain in the south.

Loves apples.

Can transform.

Called as the “Gatekeeper Dragon”


  • Grafaroon

Doraim’s wife.

Beautiful blonde woman.

Acquaintance of Zabuton?

Called as the “White Dragon Princess”.


  • Rasutisumoon

Nickname, Rasuti.

Doraim and Grafaroon’s daughter.

Loves dried persimmon.

Called “Crazy Dragon” or “Dragon of Misfortune”

In her human form, she has horns on her head and tail on her butt.

Gives the vibes of a serious student council president and disciplinary committee chairman.


  • Dors

Doraim’s father.

Dandy middle-aged man.

Called as the “Dragon King”.


  • Raimeiren

Doraim’s mother.

Gentle looking middle-aged woman.

Called as the “Typhoon Dragon”.


  • Hakuren

Doraim’s older sister. (eldest)


TN: True Dragon.


  • Suiren

Doraim’s older sister. (Second eldest)


A woman with determined eyes.

Called as the “Magic Dragon”.


  • Maxbergak

Suiren’s husband.

Strong looking macho that looks similar to a certain general.

Called as the “Evil Dragon”.


  • Herzenark

Suiren and Maxbergak’s daughter.

A girl smaller than Rasuti.

Called as the “Violent Dragon”.


  • Sekiren

Doraim’s younger sister. (Third daughter)


Gorgeous curly haired woman

TN: Flame Dragon.


  • Domaim

Doraim’s younger brother.


Ikemen young-man.


  • Gucci

Male. Doraim’s attendant.

Doraim’s adviser?


  • Bulga


Devil, Rasuti’s servant.


  • Stiffano


Devil, Rasuti’s servant.


  • Gulf

Messenger from the east mountain(Howling Village).

Dog beastkin.

Should be a fairly strong warrior.


  • Senna

Migrant from the east mountain(Howling Village).

Dog beastkin.

Daughter of the village chief.

Beastkin representative of Big Tree village.


  • Twenty-one other beastkin migrants. (females) Oldest is about the age of a middle schooler.


  • Three other beastkin migrants. (Male) age is similar to kindergarten.

【Elder Dwarf】

  • Donovan

First dwarf to came to the village.

Expert in alcoholic beverage making.

As the number of dwarves has increased, he became the representative of the dwarves.


  • Wilcox / Cross

Dwarves who came to the village after Donovan.

Experts in alcoholic beverage making.


  • Other dwarves

Lured by the wine here and migrated without me knowing.

【Shashaato City】

  • Michael Goroun

Human. Merchant.

President of the Goroun Company.

Person with common sense.


  • Alfred

Child between Hiraku and the vampire Loo. Son.

Will be a great man in the future.

The village chief and Loo wants to raise him but he’s always with the oni maids.


  • Tiselle

Child between Hiraku and the angel Tier. Daughter.

Like Alfred, she is being raised by the oni maids.


  • Slime

Number increases on their own.

There are now various types of them.

Confirmed the newly discovered type called wine slime.


  • Cow

Produce milk.

However, it is unsure if this is similar to the cow in the previous world.


  • Chicken

Lay eggs.

However, the way it lays eggs is different from the chicken in the previous world.


  • Goat

Naughty at first but quiet now.

Gives goat milk.


  • Horse

Purchased to be the mount of the village chief.

Has not been tamed by the village chief yet.



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