Chapter 79 – A Certain High Elf

Reward medal.

It was carved by the village chief.

It was made so it can be traded for various things but this should be kept without trading it.

To trade it for something is blasphemy!

I’ll display it in my room!

No, I should pray at it!

In any case, the village chief has given us a place where we can live in peace!

He’s a human but he’s not really human!

He is a god!

Only a god will be served by the inferno wolves, demon spiders, vampires, and angels!

Ah, forgive me for my sin of not knowing how to worship you.

The least I can do is giving my body.

I would like to give birth to his child if possible.

Ah, I can’t I can’t I can’t.

Haughty thoughts, begone!

I should already be satisfied with god’s mercy!

….kuh, I have a lot of rivals today.

Though I won’t hit someone with the same faith, I can intimidate them.



I was intimidated so I left.


However, I will not give up.

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The next day, I was called by Ria.

She said that the reward medal must be used for trade and I should not keep it for myself.

What is she saying?

What is she thinking?

Someone who has similar way of thinking as me asked Ria.

According to Ria, it seems like it is what they talked about in a meeting before with the village chief.

A meeting before.

It is probably a strictly confidential meeting.

It seems like the meeting was called upon by the village chief with the attendees doing their ugly arguments in front of him.

I would like to participate but in order to do that, I have to defeat Ria.

It will be tough with my current ability.


I will not give it up.

I will use my very effort.

Ah, the story wandered.

Ria says that the village chief will feel bad if we don’t utilize the reward medal.

Was that really the case?

However, I really want to keep it so I decided to keep one and use the two.

It can’t be helped.

Let’s trade these two pieces.

I don’t really have something in mind to trade for so I’m having a hard time thinking of what to trade for it.

What about a futon?

Yeah, I want the same as the village chief is using.

However, if I suddenly cheerfully trade, it might look like I don’t really value the reward medal. Let’s check the situation first.


The dwarves traded all three pieces for alcohol at once.

I was surprised.

My mouth is even wide open.

I have some kind of respect for the dwarves because of their passion for alcohol.

However, to suddenly trade them all for it….

I’m probably making a really weird face.

One of the dwarves secretly told me.

The representative of the dwarves, Donovan, will hand one reward medal to each dwarf so he told them to use the three they have in hand to their liking.

The village chief also knows the thirsty souls of the dwarves so he only took two of their reward medals in consideration.

I see.


Ria, to give each of us one….is impossible.

Each representative was given 10 each and with the numbers of high elves, it is impossible for her to distribute it.

It’s frustrating but I gave up since there’s no point in thinking about it.

I refresh my feeling and trade the two pieces I have.

Thanks to the dwarves, I now feel that they are easy to replace.

Then, this is my chance!

I looked at the list and examined it closely….

「Now then, I’ll have a futon….」

I tried to say those words but somehow, I swallowed them.

It is because of the words that I heard.

「What do you want the village chief to make for you, chess or go?」

「What furniture would you like to request the village chief?」


Yes, change of plan.

Though I’m regretful of not getting a futon, exchanging the reward medals for handcrafted items made by the village chief is not a bad trade at all.

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There are now three treasures in my room.

One reward medal.

One chess board.

One big shelf.

Though the last one is an ordinary shelf, it is something the village chief and I made together.

The reward medal will only be used this year and it is undecided if it will continue next year but I would like it to circulate next year too.

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There is an awesome beastgirl.

She asked the village chief for a child using the reward medal…..I never thought of using it that way.

Unfortunately, she did not succeed.

Let’s take a note of this for future reference.

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By the way, today is my turn to go to the village chief’s house.


I’ll do my best.



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