Chapter 78 – Spring and Reward Medal

The spring has come.

We received various messages on different places via the small-wyverns.

From Howling Village, their usual request for grains.

From Michal-san of Shashaato City, crops that can be bought.

From Beezel from the demon king’s castle, along with new year’s greetings, an order sheet from Princess Yuri.

After consulting Frau’s civil servant girls, we sell a certain amount of crops.

Though there are things that I wanted to ask Michael-san for, the money accumulated in the village has already been used up.

This time, I’ll consult everyone about the usage of money.

New fields were made.

Since there are many demands this year, expansion has been decided.

First of all is the soybean field for soy sauce and miso.

Next are fields for the rare trees and plants I got from Dors.

Another reason is for trading. We have to increase our crop production for Michael-san.

Although I have the AFT, there is a limit of what one man can do alone.

I expanded the field from the current 16 by 32 fields to the east so it is now 24 by 32 fields.

I also expanded the medicinal herb field from four by four to four by eight.

The fruit area has been expanded to the north, from the current eight by eight, it is now eight by 12 fields.

Compared to the time when I was starting building a farm, it is now quite big.

I want to raise more variety of crops.

I distributed reward medals to the villagers.

Three pieces per person.

I also gave the kuros 30 pieces but it is still impossible for me to give each one of them.

I also gave Zabuton 30 pieces since I can’t give each one of the spiders.

Since they are the representatives, I gave 10 each to the leaders of each race.

The representative of the inferno wolves, Kuro.

The representative of the demon spiders, Zabuton.

The representative of the vampires, Loo.

The representative of the angels, Tier.

The representative of the high elves, Ria.

The representative of the onis, Ann.

The representative of the lizardmen, Daga.

The representative of the beastkins, Senna.

The representative of the dwarves, Donovan.

TN: Yeah, it’s really written as dwarf and not elder dwarf.

The representative of the civil servant girls, Frau.

The representative of the dragons, Rasuti.

The representative of the mountain elves, Ya.

After that, there are still Rasuti’s servants, the devils, bees, and slimes. By the way, the bees already declined and their message was passed to me via Zabuton.

I failed to communicate with the slime.

Rasuti’s servants said that the three they received like every inhabitant of this village are already enough.

Finally, 100 for the village chief, me.

I won’t use this 100 pieces since I plan on giving them as a reward or prize.

Because I can make and give it out anytime I want, I don’t have a way of securing or maintaining its value so I did not make a lot.

For the time being, let’s see what will happen to this 100 pieces on me this year.

I don’t even know if the reward medal will work.

The villagers are free to trade reward medals with each other but if they lose it, they will not be compensated.

Theft, blackmail, exploitation using position will be severely punished.

Maa, even if it is not related to the reward medal, those who’ll commit those crimes will be severely punished.

「What is the severe punishment?」

「How about banishment from the village?」

「Th-that’s severe indeed. I don’t think anyone will do it but I will thoroughly inform them.」


We announced a list of things that can be traded with the reward medal.

The ratio will be one item, one medal.

One furniture of your choice

One gaming equipment of your choice

One tool of your choice

One available weapon in the warehouse

One available armor in the warehouse

One available jewelry in the warehouse

One equipment of your choice

Alcoholic beverage(medium barrel)

Honey(small bottle)

Increase of fields of the crop of your choice(will start after the medal was paid)

Residential area improvement of your choice(will start after the medal was paid)

Others(anything you desire)

TN: One night with village chief?

I wrote various things on the list but most of them wanted the alcoholic beverage.

「What kind of alcoholic beverage can be exchanged for the medal?」


「Is it any alcohol of your choice?」

「The amount is already guaranteed, one medium barrel, so it doesn’t matter what kind it is.」

As the result, the villagers are drinking the alcoholic beverage of their choice.

By the way, that barrel size is about four liters.

If they wanted to drink it during a meal, 8 people will probably be able to enjoy it.

I still don’t know it that is a lot or too few.

After all, when there is a banquet in the village, it is drink all you can.

The next most popular things are furnitures and gaming equipments.

Until now, since everyone is cohabitating with everyone, everyone is equal in both good and bad sense.

For example, even if they want to sleep on a straw futon bed, they can’t since we can only prepare hard bed for everyone.

However, by using the reward medal, it is now possible.

Never thought it will be this big.

Furnitures such as shelves, beds, tables, and chairs, and gaming equipments such as chess and reversi were requested.

Reward medal.

A problem brought by it came out immediately.

First is that most villagers exchanged the reward medals for alcohol.

They did not drink it immediately but hoard them on their own rooms.

I know that they love to drink but I never thought that they would exchange all three reward medals for alcohol immediately.

After learning about it, I thought that it would be much better to give away alcohol instead of medals.

But it my idea was rejected because they are troublesome to carry.

Anyway, it is probably because they don’t trust the value of the reward medal yet.

This will only be solved by seeing the result in the future.

Next problem is, betting has begun with chess, shogi, go, mini bowling, golf, mah-jong, etc.

I did not prohibit betting but I banned debts(lending and borrowing reward medal).

I don’t want the villagers to become degenerates because of debts.

Also, I would prefer them betting in smaller units.

With that, they would be able to enjoy playing for a long time.

There are also a lot of trade request for furnitures and gaming equipments than expected.

The problem with that is I’m involved in production.

For furnitures, I only need to process wood but for gaming equipments, I’m involved in every detail.

It will take too much time to make them if I leave it to others because they don’t have the AFT like me.

I will also have to let several villagers to help me full time on making gaming equipments.

We’ll do our best to make them but now I don’t think that the introductory reward medal price of the gaming equipments is correct.

I’ll prepare gaming equipments for reward medal trade next time.

Taking orders then making them is a bad idea.

There are also various other problems that came out.

What surprised me the most was that a beastgirl chose “Others(anything you desire)” and said that she wanted to have a child with me.

Immediately after, a lot of villagers followed her lead.

No no, I rejected them all.

I think it is a bad idea to trade a reward medal for a child.

First of all, I don’t want to lay my hands on the beastgirls other than Senna.

Please forgive me.

I somehow managed to persuade her to downgrade her request to one whole day date plus eating my personally cooked food.

TN: Escort service confirmed.

My busy time has increased.

An amusing way to use the reward medal.

It is still difficult.

It is not running in the way I expect it to be.

However, let’s continue this for a year.

For the time being, I’m planning an event with reward medals as prize.

The first one should be….an athletic meet?



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