Chapter 77 – The Return of the Survey Team and Arrival of Winter

My child was named by Tier, Tiselle.

She’s a girl.

I want her to grow healthy.

When Tier was finally okay, a banquet for her childbirth begins.

I drunk a little too much.

Alfred now has a little sister…but it seems like he doesn’t understand it yet.

The representative of the mountain elves is Ya.

She’s somewhat confused when she was shown of the life in this village but there were no major incidents.

She finally gets accustomed after 10 days.

At first, their group tried hunting. They are good at making traps and that’s how they usually hunt but it seems like they were unable to get any result since they are unfamiliar with the beasts in the forest.

They also tried mining work and other processing jobs. They are also seem to be capable fighters.

However, I never expected them to be good at pottery.

When they saw me fingering and groping clay, they somehow got interested but they are overwhelmingly more skillful than me.

TN: Lewd thoughts begone.

Though we’re still in the trial and error phase on firing earthenware, we’re doing great since the kiln was still fine.

TN: The kiln has a possibility to explode or to burn when mispracticing earthenware firing.

We decided to concentrate on pottery this winter.

When it is almost winter, the survey team who headed for the dungeon in the north came back.

They brought a large amount of materials taken from monsters they have faced and they are proud of their achievements.

「There are friendly titans living in the dungeon. They cooperated with our investigation. The dungeon spreads to the north but we weren’t able to check everything since it is considerably large.」

TN: Survey team meeting titans, sounds familiar.

「Is it dangerous inside the dungeon?」

「Yes, we confirmed the existence of several bloody vipers. Exterminating them will be extremely dangerous so we ran away but if we really want to capture the dungeon, we have to defeat them.」

Bloody viper….ah, the big snake.」

It is the one that acted violently together with a big bear before.

「Shall I go?」

When I proposed that, Rasuti and Hakuren stepped forward and talk.

「The village chief may not leave.」

「Right right. We will handle it.」


「If you’re going then it will be great however, I find it strange for you to suddenly move voluntarily.」

「Eh, y-you don’t have to think too much about it.」

「Yeah, it’s not that unusual.」

When I interrogated them, they confessed.

Eating bloody viper’s meat seems to have an energetic effect.

Ehto….energetic, you mean it has an aphrodisiac effect?

It seems like its meat is useful for those who wish to make a child.

When we obtained one before, I cooked it and ate it but….

When I looked around, everyone averted their gaze which means they knew. I shook my head since it seems like I’m the only one who doesn’t know.

「Because there are only a few opportunities to eat bloody viper.」

From what I remember, it seems really effective.

But it’s not like I’m anxious about it.

「Maa, I get it now and I don’t mind it at all…Let’s wait for the spring first.」

After saying that, everyone around dispersed.

The survey team sorted the things they brought and put them on the warehouse.



Energetic….when the spring comes….

Ah, let’s not think about the future.

At least it was not in winter where I have no place to escape.

It is now winter.

It’s cold.

「I want to talk about male shortage and introduction of money.」

I proposed a meeting and gathered every major personality of the village.

「I understand the shortage of male but what about the money?」

「I think it is necessary if we think about the future.」

「Is that so? I think everything is fine as it is.」

「I’m expecting things to be troublesome if we continue with our present style.」

「Was there something that inconvenience the village chief?」

Presently, all of the things in this village is the village chief’s, mine.

Even the prey they hunted are presented to me first and I’ll be the one responsible to distribute them.

When someone wants something, they have to ask for my permission first.

It was alright during our early days but there are a lot of people now.

「My work is delayed if I have to listen to every single little request. The village work is also delayed since I have to be contacted first.」

To be honest, they can decide on small things on their own as long as it will be reported to me eventually but I can’t imagine them doing that immediately.

As for me, I just want to focus on my farm work.

I’m already starting to think of throwing the village management to either Frau or Rasuti.

However, that won’t work so I’ll have to move it in a direction where everyone will feel at ease.

「Do you already have a plan for introducing money?」

「Ah, by attaching price to things, I thought that we can have everyone voluntarily make some small exchanges. However, I expect that not everyone will be familiar with money immediately and it will just violently swung the price of things.」

Economy is a monster.

It is not something an amateur like me can suddenly control.


「We’ll take small steps. This will be the first stage.」

I put out a stone carved to the shape slightly larger than a coin in front of everyone.

I carved a picture of a big tree on one side of the coin and carved the shrine of the god of agriculture on the other side.

「This is?」

「The first stage we’ll use before money…a reward medal.」

「What’s the use of this?」

「I’ll distribute some of it once a year.」

「Ah, I see. If we can exchange things for this reward medal, we can probably really do something.」


It is more of a voucher than money.

「I’ll give this to those who contributed to the village and also to the winners of competitions and games.」


First of all, I’ll have everyone get accustomed to this then we’ll gradually shift to money.

Maa, it’s a long-term plan.

「How are you planning to do it?」

「Let’s try this out for a year.」

And now it’s decided.

「By the way….if you’re really going to distribute this reward medal to the villagers, you need a certain amount but…」

I think that there is no bad person in this village but counterfeiting is troublesome.

That’s why I elaborate things to them.

Currently, only me can process stones since I have the AFT.

We’ll only use this at the beginning.

That’s right, only at the beginning.

I’m persuading myself while silently making reward medals in silence this winter.


If you really want to forge one yourself, you can always try.

I added another one on the side after putting some hidden symbols.

The troublesomeness in making one has improved.

「There was no discussion regarding the male shortage….」




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