Chapter 76 – Autumn Harvest, Mountain Elf, and Pottery

Autumn harvest has come.

Well, though we have already harvested the fields several times before autumn, the time to harvest is still autumn harvest after all.

TN: Autumn is the season of harvest. In normal farming, what you plant on spring will be harvested during autumn.

We’re working silently.

The main harvesters are the high elves, lizardmen, and beastkins.

I’m currently managing a harvesting work center.

The fruits are being harvested by the spiderlings.

Although the kuros are not helpful with harvesting crops, they are doing their best to hunt even though their hunting partners, the high elves, are all busy harvesting.

Frau’s subordinates, although they all have improved, making them help with harvesting will be a little troublesome. By the way, since we can’t call them demon girls due to most of the villagers are demons, after various consultations, we decided to call them civil servant girls.

The civil servant girls are helping with harvesting by measuring the yield of our harvest.

They measure all of the harvests before they are taken to the warehouse. With this, we finally got a grip of inventory control of our crops.

The person in charge of that is Frau.

Tier is going to give birth soon so I had her rest and make sure she doesn’t overdo things.

Loo, who already experienced giving birth, is staying beside her.

The angels are patrolling as usual.

The dwarves are brewing alcohol as usual….

「From this part up to this part of the warehouse will be for brewing alcohol.」

I participated in harvesting work in order to secure the raw materials for alcohol brewing.

Rasuti and Hakuren also tried to help with the harvesting work but unfortunately, they are inadequate.

It can’t even be considered as help.

Because of that, they are now assigned as the transporter of the harvested crops.

Given the volume of our harvest, I judged that it would be better if they are transported immediately.

Rasuti will transport goods to Michael-san of Shashaato City via Doraim’s nest.

Although we can always ask the lamias, their speed is incomparable to the speed of a flying dragon.

Hakuren will transport things to Dors and Raimeiren’s place.

The season’s greeting is included.

「The place of my mother and father are in the opposite direction.」

「Then, is it alright to only send things to one of them?」

「You just scared me with those words.」

「Then, will you transport them? Please.」

「I’ll do my best.」

Hakuren head to the southern continent where Raimeiren lives first then go back to the village and head to the northern continent where Dors is this time.

Though her flight speed is overwhelmingly faster compared to Rasuti, it still took her two weeks to transport goods on both continents.

Rasuti came back a week after she left because she only traveled in a short distance.

Both of them brought some things back.

Rasuti brought marine products from Shashaato City.

When Rasuti arrived in the city, a huge sea monster that looks like a whale approached the city.

Michael-san requested Rasuti to exterminate it with marine products as compensation.

The huge monster that looks like a whale is being dismantled by the people of the city.

After they secure its meat, it will be sent to us via Lamia transport.

Hakuren’s souvenir is a bit troublesome.

「Dark elf?」

20 brown skinned elves.

They are lined up and fully armed.

「Our race is called mountain elf.」

「Is that so? My apologies. You resemble the race I know so I nonchalantly said that.」

「No, perhaps our race is also called that….We don’t mind whatever you call us so please feel free to call us whatever you like.」

「Hahaha. I’ll think about it later. So, can I consider every one of you present as everyone?」

These 20 mountain elves are all females.

「Yes, we are already “everyone”.」

Is that so?

Every one already?

Originally they lived in a certain mountain but the food situation seems to have deteriorated.

They were forced to move to another place and met a guardian beast who is protecting the place where they moved. That guardian beast is Raimeiren’s subordinate.

It seems like their story passed through Raimeiren and she decided to have them go to this village for some reason.

Though she planned to have them move here after several years, since Hakuren came, she had her pick them up.

「Why did Raimeiren does that?」

「She recommended us to this place because this is pretty new and we can work hard here.」

Perhaps they don’t have veto rights.

Even I don’t have one.

「I understand. Because you are introduced by Raimeiren, I’ll accept you to this village. By the way, there are high elves in this village, you don’t have problems with that, right? You don’t have a conflict with them, right?」

「Yes. There’s no problem.」

Good reply but I still have to hear the representative of the high elves, Ria.

「Ria, are you high elves okay with them living in this village?」

「We’re fine with it. You can easily identify mountain elves with their ears. Though we are of similar race, our ability is different so we really don’t have a hierarchical relationship.」

「That’s good.」

What a relief.

「I want you to get used to the way of life in this village but I won’t be unreasonable and force you to work. If you notice anything unacceptable, let me know.」

「I understand.」

For the time being, I had the mountain elves stay at the inn.

I was worried about who’ll take care of them so I decided to have two high elves to take care of them.

Let’s build a house for them to settle in once the spring comes.

However, the race called mountain elf.

Perhaps it will be easier for them to live in Howling village than here.

Let’s discuss it with them later.

Tier’s delivery began.

Unlike Loo, her delivery is long.

Long but I can’t do anything about it.

The high elves and onis are doing their best.


Because I can’t do anything and I can’t calm my mind, I knead clay outside.

It is for pottery.

There are clay on a certain part of the lamia’s dungeon so I asked them to bring some here.

I’m kneading clay in order to make a container for alcohol because it has always been a problem of the dwarves.

They are usually stored in barrels but the content will be volatilized in wooden barrels.

Wine and distilled liquor are fine being stored in barrels since they taste better as they age but there are some alcoholic beverages that are not suitable to be stored in barrels.

Especially alcohols brewed from rice.

Though we can store them in glass bottles, glass bottles here are valuable.

I have gained a reasonable number of them from Howling Village but recently, all of them are now filled with alcohol.

I tried buying glass bottle from Michael-san but I gave up after hearing the price.

Therefore, thinking of a replacement for glass bottle, I recalled pottery.

I’m making a pot.

I made the clay into a string shape and make a pot-like shape by coiling that string but…

It is quite difficult.

Should I practice first by making a bowl?

While I was doing my best to shape it, my child was born without me noticing.

An energetic girl.

Tier is also safe.


When I immediately went to where they are to see them, the others saw my muddy body so they sent me to the bath.



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