Chapter 75 – Yuri Returns

「It is similar to a tradition that happens every year.」

「Tradition? Ah? You mean demon king-sama’s greetings?」

「Not really but it is some sort of event that always happens every now and then.」

「Ah, like how a low-status girl tries to gain the favor of a person from the upper echelon to establish her position.」

「Yes, that’s it. That’s how others see it.」

「You mean, I need to know my place?」

「That’s right. So, I will say it once more. I have the lowest status here and you are a subordinate of that someone on the bottom. The village chief is the top of this village. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?」

「Sort of, are you talking about last night’s incident? When I sneaked into the village chief’s room?」

「Yes! What you’ve done is similar to a commoner barging into the king’s bed. It won’t be strange if you were decapitated on the spot.」

「That’s an exaggeration.」

「You think I’m exaggerating? Do you really think so?」

「Eh-ehto….I-I’m sorry.」

「It’s a good thing that you said that you mistakenly entered his room….however, the only one who believed that was the village chief.」

「Isn’t it good as long as the village chief was deceived?」

「….Regarding the stories about the tradition, did you ever heard a man of the upper echelon got angry to a woman of low status?」

「I don’t get what you’re trying to say.」

「The upper echelon man will not get angry. It would have been good if that’s all there is but, the upper echelon woman will definitely be angered with what the low-status woman did.」

「You mean….」

「I don’t care if you die but at least testify that I’m not involved.」

「Wai, Fraurem-san! I’m just joking around. Please, help me!」

I saw how the girls Frau work and understood their specialties.

They are civil servants.

If we are a company, they would be the office workers, secretaries, and receptionists.

They got nothing to do with the business but they are the ones supporting the organization.

And there are 10 of them.


I think their number is too much for this village…..

Should I let them handle business?

Their etiquette is solid and they can also negotiate.

Anyway, I’ll have them do their best helping Frau for now.

However, even though they’re reliable, they can also be absent-minded.

To mistakenly took my room as the toilet.

That was dangerous.

I’m glad that the others took her out.

But, why is she stark-naked if she’s just going to the toilet?

Probably a practice in this world.

Toilet as a makeup space….no, I think it is better to say that it is a change room space.

Let’s ask them next time.

Though I’m practicing horseback riding, I’m not getting any better.

I don’t fall because there’s a saddle but rather than riding, my problem is turning.

The horse never does what I tell it to and I’m already halfway on giving up.

Then, I came up with a solution.

「Go straight ahead.」

I had the kuros follow me and have them guide the horse according to my instruction.


It’s finally running according to my order!



This is different from the horse-riding I imagined.

I feel sorry for scaring this poor horse.

Maybe I should build a mutual trust relationship with this horse….

Let’s patiently bait it with friendship.

A survey team was organized and left for the dungeon in the north.

I called them survey team instead of capture team because they might overdo it.

The members are 10 high elves.

Three lizardmen.

Two onis.

Thirty inferno wolves.

One to three spiderlings riding on each inferno wolves’ back.

From the south dungeon, three lamias.

About 20 lamia follower big snake monsters.

I want you to return safely.

I talked about standard in the village.

Especially about the amount of liquor.

I heard that outside the village, there seems to be no unified standard.

Because of that, I decided for this village to make its own standard.

I have the AFT.

If I transform the AFT into a ruler, I can measure my previous worlds’ millimeter, centimeter, and even meter.

I thought of the chance of measurement deviating so I tried transforming it several times but it gave the same length measurement.

Likewise, I can also transform the AFT to a measuring cup to measure liter.

In regards to weight, what should I do…well, the weight of one liter of water should be one kilogram.

Though I remember that it changes with respect to water temperature, I don’t remember how much it will be affected.

I think there is a noticeable change in about 4 degrees but how can I measure temperature?

Maa, there’s no need for me to match the standard of my former world.

I only require a standard.

With that, the standard unit for length, volume, and weight were established.


「Amazing. Each of village chief’s field is always 50 meters.」

I really did it. I’m really amazing.

「From Big Tree to the river, we measured 52 times of 100 meters.」

Even if we remove the 200 meters, it is safe to say that it is “about” 5 kilometers.

….It should be fine.

Yes, I felt like its fine since I’m amazing.

When the autumn harvest was about to begin, Yuri, Frau’s guest, will go home.

She’s here for about 3 months.

She already got accustomed to the life in this village. She sometimes helps the beastkins in squeezing sugar and extracting oil so the beastkins said that they will miss her.

The girls who came with Yuri also said that they’ll miss her but none of them said anything about wanting to go home with her.

「I’m sorry. The blunder I made in the capital, I’m going to compensate for it by working and starting all over here.」

「I cannot repay the kindness this village showed to me by training the immature me. I will train my resolve until then!」

「I still can’t return since there’s still a field I need to take care of…I have no excuse.」

All of the girls who came together with her decided to stay in this village.

「You girls….can you please put down the plate full of food and cup full of wine on your hands first and say that again?」

It is what everyone and also their independent desire so I guess there’s no problem.

I recently learned that Yuri is the demon king’s daughter.

I always thought that she’s a lady with high status but I never thought that she’s a princess.

Is it alright for her to stay in this village?

Beezel has come here several times already, why is he not picking her up?

I don’t really get why.

In any case, I don’t have a bad impression on her.

After the banquet in the pretext of farewell party, she returned with Beezel together with some souvenirs.

At a later date, Yuri demanded Beezel to increase the number of messages we are sending on each other via the small wyvern.

Demon King’s castle.

「Beezel, when my daughter returned from the village, she became strangely dignified…I feel like she has become more reliable.」

「I agree but I don’t know the reason….why are you telling me this?」

「Recently, you and my daughter are getting along well, right?」

「I am just mediating with the message your daughter wants to send.」

「Is that so?…. By the way, has my daughter said anything about me in those messages?」

「What do you mean?」

「Recently, my daughter has been cold to me.」

「….can you think of a reason?」

「No, I’m not sure. Yesterday, she only greeted me in the morning and at night.」

「Is it not because demon king-sama is busy?」

「No, that can’t be. Even if I appeal to her during my free time several times, she’s still like that.」

「Ah….I also have a daughter so I might know the reason….I think because she’s at her pubescence age.」

「The case of my daughter is different.」

「….demon king-sama. It might be cruel of me to say but there is a possibility that a daughter has become an adult without her parents knowing.」

「Adult? A man! Indeed, if it is a man! Who! I’ll kill him!」

「Demon king-sama, demon king-sama. You’ll just hurt your stomach if you continue acting that way.」


「We’re still not sure. Please calm down. Also, it is almost time for the meeting. Did you look at the data from the west battlefield?」

「This is not the time to have a meeting!」

「If you don’t prioritize the meeting, you’ll be disliked by the princess.」

「That’s not the probleemmmmmmm!」

「Yes yes. I will tell the princess what demon king-sama wants to convey so please do your best at the meeting.」

「Really? Are you telling the truth? Please. 」

「Please leave it to me. Then, let’s head towards the conference room. 」

「Y-yes! Oh, wait a second. I will just transform for a bit….okay. Fuhahahahaha! Let’s decide the fate of the fools who dare to attack the demon king’s kingdom!」


Beezel is good with his words.



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