Chapter 88 – The Village Chief’s Day, Morning till Noon

My morning is late.

I only get up after the sun has completely risen.

After light exercising which is similar to radio gymnastics, I first look around the house.

This is the job of the head of the family. I always do it every morning and evening.

If it is impossible for me to do it, the one ranked next to me will do it.

By the way, the hierarchical ranking of this house is Loo, Tier, Flora, Ann, and Hakuren.

Alfred and Tiselle are still young so they are not included but I don’t really care about ranks.

I never knew about it and they only informed me regarding that matter recently.

I think of the reason.

Patrolling the house in the morning is more on greetings those who work in this house.

The oni maids are already doing the things they should do. They are already cleaning up and preparing breakfast.

They are also preparing food for the kuros. They are working hard without complaining even though that is considerably hard.

Thank you.

And, because they should get up and work earlier than me, I should not get up too early.

At first, I told them that I don’t mind so they shouldn’t worry about it but they still try to get up earlier than me. As the result, I gave up getting up early.

They said that as maids, they should never wake up later than their master. I think it is called maid spirit but I don’t really get it.

Therefore, even if I wake up early, I will not get out of the bed.

I must not go out.

I wake up late because of them and not because I’m lazy.

Let’s get back to the topic.

They talk with others first in case something happened and report it to me.

「Last night, the wine slime invaded the food warehouse. One barrel of wine for cooking was torn down.」

「Did you manage to divide the amount of wine in that barrel first as anti-wine slime measures?」

「Yes. It went according to plan however, I’m worried whether we should permit it to intrude like that.」

「I’ve already half given up with the intrusion prevention measures. Let’s just go with this plan. Anything else?」

「Nothing in particular. The main dish for today’s breakfast is roasted killer rabbit in radish, spinach, and cabbage soup.」

「Alright. Bring it here now.」

After my eating my breakfast, I looked around the house.

Looking around excludes checking private rooms and warehouses.

In short, there are not many places to check.

Greeting the oni maids is the main point and after talking to them, it’s over.


There are three breakfast times at my house.

The first is for me, Loo, Tier, Flora, and Hakuren.

Alfred and Tiselle are not included since their meal and time of their meal are different.

Anyway, if we don’t eat, others can’t eat so I finish eating in a hurry.

Loo and Tier are having meals with Alfred and Tiselle.

The second serving is for the oni maids.

I told them that they can eat together but they have to divide into several groups because of the size of the dining room, the amount of food that can be served at once, and there are those who still have to take care of Alfred and Tiselle.

They have to look for them when Loo and Tier are eating.

The third serving will be for those who did not make it during the first and second or for visitors who came to my house early in the morning.

Flora and Hakuren usually wake up later than me so they are often late for the first breakfast serving.

There are also Gran Maria, Kuudel, and Corone.

Originally, they are living with the lizardmen when they first came here but they are living in a different house now due to difference of daily life schedule.

And, the angels don’t have any housekeeping ability.

Cleaning and washing can be taken care of by the lizardmen but the problem is the food. Their eating schedule and what they eat.

They also came here in the pretext of giving yesterday’s patrol report.

「Was there a problem?」

「Yes. Three killer rabbits tried to approach the village last night but the kuros took care of them. 」

「I see. However, the killer rabbits population doesn’t seem to decrease. 」

「I agree. Well, their delicious so I don’t have any complaint. 」

「Right. 」

Instead of decreasing, it seems like they are increasing.

After finishing breakfast, I’m now outside the house.

Kuro, Yuki, and Zabuton will come with me as I visit the shrine.

After that, I’ll go around to check the fields.

I’m usually accompanied by Kuro and Yuki or the spiderlings.

I’ll plow the field that needs to be plowed and water fields that need water.

I also check the condition of the crops while exterminating harmful insects.

Regarding harmful insects, the spiderlings eat them and there’s no significant damage because the kuros tell them if they found any.

When I found harmful insects, I remove them using the watering can form of the AFT.

With regards to the condition of the crops….so far, no problem has occurred.

Is it because they are planted using the AFT?

It’s always on my mind when I think about farming in the new village.

I wonder if there are some magics that can be used for that.

Let’s talk about it with Loo and Tier.

Ah, I should also ask Frau, Rasuti, and Hakuren.

The field has widened so much that it is hard to see everything in one glance.

However, seeing that the crops are growing fine, I feel relieved.


I ate well.

Lunch is not the usual get together type. After the oni maids cook, I’m free to eat when I want.

The place where I eat is also not fixed.

Though it is not fixed, I usually eat in the dining room in my house or on the courtyard.

By the way, about lunch, according to my memory from the previous world, eating lunch is normal but it is different in this world.

Loo and Tier were surprised about the existence of lunch but they got used to it.

The kuros also don’t eat lunch.

Even if I try feeding the kuros, they don’t eat anything. Well, there were times that they don’t eat for 10 days but it seems to be normal for them.

10 days is the limit of my worry but it looks like they can still go on longer than that.

Aside from lunch, the high elves were puzzled with breakfast too.

It seems like they only eat once a day so they are doubtful about it when they first came to this village.

Remembering those times, tears suddenly came out of my eyes.

Eat as much as you want, ladies.

I wonder why the dwarves didn’t get confused with lunch.

Maa, they are probably too focused on brewing alcohol to think about anything else.

Doraim and Beezel are frequent visitors of this village. They were also confused at the beginning but they are used to it now.

Ah, Yuri stayed here for a while, is she alright when she returned home?

Ah, I shouldn’t bother with everything that’s happening elsewhere…..

Well, she’s the princess.

She’s in the position where she’s definitely alright, is she not?

At any rate, lunch was accepted and is now a custom in this village.

By the way, my lunch has become a consultation and report time for the villagers.

That is the reason why I’m having lunch near or at my house.

「Village chief, we have completed majority of the buildings to be built in the new village. It only lacks interior details but I think we should leave those to the new residents. 」

「The stomach of the female goats has swollen. I think they are pregnant. I would like to give them better food, is it alright?」

「I heard some say that they want to clear the forest at the southwest part of the village. It is near the residential area and it will be good if we think about the future expansion. I want to inquire your opinion.」

「From what we expect from the autumn harvest, constructing a new warehouse is necessary. Or do you plan to immediately sell them to Mr. Michael?」

I’m having lunch together with a high elf, a lizardman, an oni maid, and civil servant girl.

I already heard the issues each of them wanted to report but I still haven’t replied.

By introducing the reward medal, I think that this place has become easier to manage.

Until a little while ago, Loo and Tier were with us but they have to take care of Alfred and Tiselle so they left.

I might be a little distracted with things regarding Alfred and Tiselle.

I have to reflect.

「Village chief, like the goats, the pregnant inferno wolves are also grumpy. Please don’t let Alfred-sama and Tiselle-sama approach them.」

「I understand, I’ll take a note of it. Well, I think they’ll be alright since Loo and Tier are with them.」

「Ah….Though I think mother’s care is the best for raising children, won’t you leave them to the onis who are accustomed on taking care of someone?」

「Is there a problem with Loo and Tier?」

「No, that’s not it… it’s just that, I saw something dangerous…..」

「Don’t say that. It is probably your first time seeing something like that. When Alfred was born, I was even scared to hold him.」

「I’m sorry. To be honest, I saw her flying while holding him.」

TN: Don’t speculate, it is not clear if she only saw Loo or Tier or both of them. The baby’s gender is also unclear.

「….Flying while holding him?」

「Yes, flying. They are also pretty high. I’m worried after seeing them because she might drop him.」

「I understand. I’ll take a note of that.」

「Please do.」

Lunch today was somewhat lively.



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