Chapter 89 – The Village Chief’s Day, Noon till Night

After lunch, there are mainly 3 things on my “to do list”.

First one is inspecting around the fields like what I’ve done in the morning.

I’m not checking the state of the crops like what I did during the morning. It is more on checking the village.

….No, it’s more like a stroll.

I’m checking the inside and outside of the village along with the kuros.

While at it, I’m doing some road maintenance, weed extermination, plowing rough ground into a lawn, and trimming tree branches that are getting in the way.

Miscellaneous job?

I should act more like a manager?

Maa, I’m not dissatisfied with what I’m doing.

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Second one is making something that the villagers requested.

It is mainly making building materials and creating small articles.

Sometimes, cooking research too.

And even if no one requested it, I’m making new things to play with.

Thanks to the AFT, the amateur me….no, I’ve been doing this for several years already so can I still be considered as an amateur?

I express my gratitude towards god again.

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The last one.

Battle training.

Is battle training necessary for farming?

I put my reluctance aside and do it as recommended by the villagers.

Of course, I’m not doing it alone.

Gran Maria, the lizarmen, the onis, the high elves, and the civil servant girls are also participating.

However, it is not like all the member of their races are participating. The only ones who participate are those villagers with free time but there are still a number of them.

Is it only my imagination that everyone lives anxiously?

Or do they like fighting?

Or perhaps they are concerned about their weight?

Oh, I thought of some unnecessary things.

At first, I learned to properly hold a weapon, the right posture, and how to use it.

Next, how to properly put on an armor, the defensive stances, and how to properly use armors.

By the way, I’m learning all those things I’ve said alone.

Next is sparring with someone.

Finally, group battle.

To avoid injury, weapons are covered with cloth but getting hit by it still hurts.

I have experienced pain many times.

Though I can do anything I want using the AFT, during times like this, it is better to use regular weapons.

However, as the village chief, I think I should do something first on whatever the situation will be before taking up weapons.

Weapons are not for me after all.

By the way, the AFT can transform into a spear, an ax, and a sickle but it can’t transform into a sword.

Though it can transform into a knife, it can’t transform into an ordinary sword.

But how come that it can transform into a spear?

I transformed the AFT into a spear again and check it out.

No matter how I look at it, it’s an ordinary spear.

There is no single trace of decoration.

It looks like an ordinary spearhead fixed at the end of a long wood.

It looks like something a poor warrior would use.


It doesn’t look like it can exterminate a wyvern.

But it really exterminated a wyvern.

….I hope I don’t need to use this anymore.

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When the sun begins to set, it means that my work is done and I need to return home.

There are no street lamps in the village so when the sun sets, it is completely dark.

Though the starry sky with two moons is beautiful, the ground only has lights from some buildings.

When one needs to go out at night, he needs to carry something that can light things around but, would it be better to make street lamps?

Street lamp…. a torch fixed at one place?

The problem is the fuel.

Even if the consumption per day is small, it will pile up when used every day.

Unless we depend on magic, it is not feasible.

This is something I need to thoroughly consider.

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I eat supper at the dining room in my house.

There are more members during this time compared to breakfast and lunch.

Flora and Hakuren will surely be present. Frau and Rasuti join us too.

Moreover, there are times where Ria, Daga, and Ya eat with us.

Before eating, we are already sitting on the dining table while Frau and Rasuti will say their daily report.

It is the time where the governor of the village and the diplomat of the village report to the village chief.

Well, putting Frau aside, Rasuti rarely reports something so she’s normally coming here to eat dinner.

It seems like Ria, Daga, and Ya have something to report too.

I would love to hear good reports but if it is something bad, I don’t want to hear it since I’ll lose my appetite.

Maa, but if they are here and decided to report things to be after meal, it means there’s an impending crisis.

Let’s think that they’re here for good news.

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There are several dishes lined up at the table for dinner.

It is something normal to me but it seems like it is luxurious and a lot compared to the usual meal of a village chief from other village.

What kind of dietary life do the village chiefs from other villages enjoy?

It’s a little scary so I should not think about it.

Regarding food, we divide them fairly as much as possible so other houses in the village can enjoy food as much as we do.

This is all thanks to the AFT.

I never forget to appreciate it everytime I eat.

There is a dish I’ve never seen before.

「Ann, what is this dish?」

「It is the latest work of the one in cooking duty today.」


「About 20 percent.」

「And you still served it to me. Is it possible for you to only let me try when you’re at least 50 percent confident?」

「Foods should never be wasted.」

「….of course.」

I persevere to enjoy my supper.

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After eating, it is now my leisure time.

It’s time for me to see Alfred and Tiselle.

This is something I truly enjoy.

Alfred is still smattering but he can now speak a few words.

「Everyday, effort.」

「Eveweedhay, ecort?」

My son is a genius.

Ah, my daughter.

You will surely grow into a beautiful woman too.

This doting parent time is truly relaxing.

After being with them for a while, I leave Alfred and Tiselle to the oni maids and head for the bath.

My exclusive bath is outside the house.

At first, I planned to build a bath in my house but I refrained to do so for the time being since I have my own exclusive bath.

Because I usually take a bath after eating, the others matched my schedule.

I would like them to enter a bath without minding it but it seems like there are a lot of people during this time.


My private bath is not that wide….

And it is quite lively in it now.

This is one of the reasons why others are against me building a bath at my house.

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Bathing time is a time to relax.

All the tension of the day starts to drift apart during this time.

To put it simply, it is like washing all the bad things away.

I’m the one who started all the things in this place.

And because I’m the one who started it all, I’ll take responsibility until the end.

But it’s not bad at all, I’m enjoying it actually.


I’m free for a brief period of time from the bath until I return home.

I’m trying to not think what’s up ahead.

This is my way of protecting my mind.

I don’t need to prepare my body since god bestow me “healthy body”.

Thank you.

I’m glad I have it.

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I wake up in the morning.

TN: Yeah, no sexy time.

After I got home, I don’t remember going to bed and sleeping.

I slept unnoticed.


I checked the time using the height of the sun and recognized that I should not get up yet.

Though I know that’s what should I do, I get out of bed.

And perhaps the oni maids noticed something, they have prepared and left hot water and towel here.

The water is still warm and seemed to have just been placed.

I thank them while washing my body.

I put on the clothes they prepared for me and do some light radio exercise.

I noticed that it is now a good time to get out of my room.

And so, another day of mine begins.

「Let’s do our best today too.」



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