Chapter 90 – A Certain Oni’s Day, Early Morning

I wake up every morning before the sun rises.

It is already my habit.

No matter what time I sleep, I wake up at the same time, is it normal?

I’m not being yelled at because of waking up late so I think it’s a good thing.

After washing my face and wearing proper clothes, I check today’s duty schedule.

That duty schedule was only introduced to us when we arrived at this village. It is very useful especially to someone like me who has a bad memory.

There are eight things written on it.

House, cleaning, cooking, village, village chief, Alfred-sama, Tiselle-sama, and rest day.

During this turn, you’ll be the person in charge of everything on the village chief’s house besides cleaning and cooking.
Anything that needs to be done will be taken care of by the person on duty.
The busiest and the hardest part of this is when visitors came.
In addition, the person on duty must nominate two individuals to do night watch.

You’ll be in charge in cleaning the village chief’s house.
This means you’re scheduled to just clean.
Since laundry is included, it is not popular during winter.

You’ll be in charge of cooking in the village chief’s house.
Though there is already a suggestion to have those good in cooking to permanently take this post, it is still under review.
When I’m on cooking duty, even I don’t want to hear that my dish loses to others.

You’ll be in charge of teaching cooking and cleaning to houses in the village other than the village chief’s.
It is easy to teach the high elves and lizardmen but it is hard to teach the dwarves.
It can even be said that they don’t even bother to remember it.
They even don’t bother cleaning the workshop for alcohol brewing.
If I’m allowed, I would like to beat the dwarves at least once.

“Village Chief”
You’ll be in charge of taking care of the village chief.
It is both the easiest and the harshest job.
The village chief will do anything by himself in order to advance technology and things sometimes get out of hand.
The person on duty must work hard in order to not let the village chief do unnecessary things.

It’s your turn to take care of Alfred-sama.
It is a very taxing but very important duty.
However, because there is a chance that Alfred-sama will remember the name of the person on duty, it is really popular job.

It’s your turn to take care of Tiselle-sama.
This is also a very taxing but very important duty.
The person on duty will have her physical condition checked first and if there is a trace of uneasiness, she will be replaced.

“Rest Day”
A normal rest day.
It is a duty that the village chief suggested but since we’re unable to calm down unless we are doing something, it can be called a torture time.
People on rest day are always seen helping someone else quietly.

There the two individuals whose names were not included in the schedule.

They are Ann-sama, who’s our representative and maid chief, and Ramurias, who’s taking care of the beastkins.

Ramurias, who has a full-time job, is a bit enviable.

My duty for today, village chief.

I must not get discouraged.

I’m currently alone with the village chief duty.

Originally, this is a job for two people but Alfred-sama and Tiselle-sama took some manpower.

That is something that can’t be helped.

I even looked at it from Ann-sama’s point of view.

Of course, that does not mean that we should disregard the village chief.

But this also means that there’s only the two of us.


I will do my best to meet your every need.

I’m enthusiastic but….there is a problem now that there is only one person on village chief’s duty.

It’s toilet.

Since I cannot take my eyes off the village chief, I can’t go to the toilet.

No, it is possible for me to go if I go to the toilet the same time the village chief goes into it.

Thinking about the worst case scenario, I even seriously consider using diaper.


Pride surpasses diapers.

Because of that, I prepared several bamboo containers.

Don’t even think about how I use it.

After checking the schedule, I looked at the message board.

If there is an urgent message, it will be written there.

There seems to be nothing today.

I want to go straight to work but there is no need to hurry.

We need to gather in the entrance hall first.

It is a morning assembly.

We lined up before the maid chief Ann-sama appears.

If we don’t line up, we’ll be disciplined later.

Plus, it’s not like it will take too much time.

Ann-sama arrives and greets us lightly.

「Good morning」

On the other hand, we bow as greetings.

We did not say anything.

We might wake up the residents who are still sleeping if we do.

Although we are all females, if all of us oni will return her greeting, we’ll surely be loud.

In the past, each room is completely soundproof with magic ever since the musical instrument crisis but now, soundproofing has become loose.

Because of that, they might hear our voices.

We don’t dare to greet back ever since.

It has become a rule.

「It seems like the wine slime had invaded the food warehouse last night. Person in cooking duty, though it was caught up by the dividing in small amount trap, the cooking wine still took some damage so you better asses it.」

「Person on house duty, I have said it many times but staying up all night is prohibited. Please make sure to decide who can stand vigil on night in turn beforehand so everyone can properly sleep. If you can’t do it, I will personally be the one who’ll find those who can guard at night.」

Apparently, the person in vigil last night fell asleep that caused the wine slime to invade.

I understand how she feels but only those in rest days can be allowed to be on night vigil.

It is some sort of guard job.

But it is still a job and if you miss to sleep because you’re doing that too, you won’t be able to perform your work properly in the morning.

Perhaps it might be a good time to establish a night vigil duty.

「Alfred-sama doesn’t seem to have any problem. Tiselle-sama caught a fever last night. The one in Tiselle-sama’s duty today, take a note of it.」

Hearing Ann-sama’s words, the person on Tiselle-sama’s duty tensed up.

Though I also have a job that I had to pay attention to, I’m a bit jealous that her job needs her to seriously pay attention to.

TN: For her, watching Hiraku doing something is inferior to taking care of the sick Tiselle though both jobs need full attention.

Really enviable.

Ann-sama’s report ends there and lowers her head without saying anything.

We responded by lowering our heads too and the morning assembly was over.

I stand in fixed position as the person in village chief duty.

I’m standing next to the door of the village chief’s room.

The five people on cleaning duty were standing behind me.

There is a sign of the village chief moving in his room.

And he has approached.

The door opened and we bowed as we saw his face.

「Good morning」

It is the privilege of the person in village chief duty to be the first one to greet him.

「Good morning」

The village chief greets me and the people in cleaning duty behind me.

An excellent lord.

The village chief left the room and looked around the house.

He is acting as expected of a family head and I’m chasing after him.

At the same time, the people in cleaning duty entered the room of the village chief altogether and started cleaning it.

We cannot let our lord see how we clean it.

It is a maid’s pride to make everything looks naturally clean and beautiful.

Therefore, the room cleaning must be finished by the end of the village chief’s breakfast.

After eating his breakfast, who knows if the village chief decided to return to his room.

While cheering at them in my mind, I’m carefully following the village chief so I won’t lose him.

Today is the beginning of an unexpected day.



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