Chapter 91 – A Certain Oni’s Day, Morning to Noon to Night

The village chief walks around the house and those he meets along the way greet him and gives his their report.

Even though I don’t need to do anything until breakfast, I did not relax.

I cannot let my guard down.

I also look around the house as the village chief inspects it.

I have to report about it to Ann-sama later.

I might not remember or overlook something but Ann-sama will probably understand.

It is tough for me who have a bad memory so I have to work hard to compensate for it.

When the village chief enters the dining room, his breakfast should be arranged immediately.

It is the result of constantly reminding him of how a village chief should act.

As I’m satisfied with the result, I entered the kitchen next to the dining room and immediately sat on a small table.

The village chief will be taken care of by the one on cooking duty and during that time, I must eat my breakfast.

When there are still two people on village chief duty, we were able to eat by turns so it is a little disappointing that I couldn’t take care of him during his meals.

Thought it is disappointing, if I don’t eat, I won’t last and collapse.

Un, today’s breakfast is delicious too.

After the village chief finishes eating breakfast, he’ll go around to check the field.

After seeing the village chive leave the house, I tracked him in a hurry.

We tried accompanying him before but we were told by the village chief not to so we are stalking him while making sure he doesn’t notice us.

He’s safe because Kuro-san and Yuki-san are beside him but I want to stand by his side too.

Since I’m stalking the village chief while hiding, it is hard to keep him at a certain distance.

It is not because I would be noticed by the village chief but because of others.

There are two, no three other kuros.

Spiderlings…a good number of them.

And one high elf.

They are hiding around the village chief.

They have the same purpose as me.

Village chief’s guards.

There are only this number now, there were a lot of us before.

It seems like the number was reduced after a secret meeting about the village chief.

It is good that Kuro-san and Zabuto-san cooperated.

In any case, all of us thinks that the village chief is really important.

We are watching the village chief in order to make sure that he doesn’t wear out.

One of the kuros sent a signal to us.

Looking at it, one of the spiderlings is pointing its leg in a certain direction.

It seems like a big monster or demon beast is coming from that direction.

As a precaution, I move near the village chief.

「Village chief, how’s the field?」

This goes without saying but, during emergency, I have to risk my life for him.

Maa, but even before the village chief sees that thing, the kuros or the high elves would have taken care of it.

However, that doesn’t mean that I should let my guard down.

「There are few insects. It’s not that bad but will you help me?」

「Yes, please leave it to me.」

I worked in the field together with the village chief until lunch.

The big monster or demon beast approaching the village was a big wild boar called great boar.

Kuro-san’s pup in law, Uno-san, beat it.

Lunch, I eat together with the village chief.

A maid should avoid eating with her lord but if you were invited by the village chief, you should not refuse.

It can’t be helped because he invite me.

No, I don’t think that this is one of the privilege of being the person in village chief duty.

I’m evidently only doing what I’m supposed to do.

「I heard some say that they want to clear the forest at the southwest part of the village. It is near the residential area and it will be good if we think about the future expansion. I want to inquire your opinion.」

Even if my memory is bad, I’m sure that there is no mistake with the content of what I’ve said.

It is something I heard from the one in village duty. It seems like a lot of insects are coming from the nearby forest.

Though the spiderlings have captured insects and reduced the damage, they have to reduce the number of webs especially when a beastgirl was caught on it.

I saw it myself, I’m sure it was traumatic.


I want to do something about it as soon as possible.

The spiderlings are doing a great job but their webs are useless against some insects.

Today’s lunch was delicious too.

After lunch is the village chief’s battle training.

When it comes to manufacturing, we can only help him a little so I’m thankful that he participated in this training.

An oni like me can really fight.

My weapon of choice is a sword.

I also have a shield.

A common swordsman attire.

Now, village chief.

Train with me!

Though that was what I’m thinking, there are a lot of obstructive people.

Battle training is one of the few chances to get in touch with the village chief.

He’s really popular.

At that time, Ann-sama ordered the onis at the immediate vicinity of the village chief to withdraw.

It is a useful technique in order to be able to live freely in this village.

TN: If they monopolize Hiraku, they will be hated for sure.

I understand that this is a technique but I feel really regretful.

Uuu, I also wanted to join the village chief in a war simulation.

It can’t be helped.

I will keep one of the civil servant girl company.

I feel like I dislike the other party or is it just my imagination?

Now, let’s fight.

「Please take care of me」

「You can’t win against an oni! You caaaannnnnn’ttttt!」

At least she did her best.

The sun has started to set so we’re going home.

It is a long, short day.

No no, I still have to do something.


Just like breakfast, I ate at the small table in the kitchen.


An indescribable taste hit my tongue.

I want to praise myself for not throwing up.

「What’s this?」

「Ah, that’s a new dish….that didn’t work out well.」

「In short, it is a failure.」

「If no one admits it, it’s not a failure.」

「Is that so? Then, are you saying that no one will complain about this food?」

「My stomach is even full because of tasting it while cooking.」


I let my guard down. I didn’t know that the one on cooking duty is a poor cook.

Was it only an accident that the food this morning and noon are okay?

Or perhaps, Ann-sama is watching her this morning and noon.

「Please rest assured that everything other than that dish is okay.」

「If you can do that, please make everything okay.」

The village chief is in the dining room, is he okay?

If it’s the village chief, he’ll surely eat it all.


But for me, it’s impossible.

Everything was delicious except for this dish.

After dinner is nonbiri time.

The village chief is enjoying the company of Alfred-sama and Tiselle-sama.

It’s a good scene.

By chance, if I’ll have a child….

My delusion rose but I shook it off.

I am still working.

I must not be distracted.

I left the village chief’s house and went to the village chief’s bath to prepare it for his use and toiletries too.

Of course, I prepared my toiletries too.

Though my spirit is already overflowing, I did my best to suppress it.



The village chief was satisfied with his little get together with his children and head for the bath. I immediately give his toiletries.

Originally, the maid is the one who’s supposed to carry it but the village chief stubbornly said that he has to be the one to carry it.

Maa, this is still within an acceptable level.

I already can see the bath as I walk behind the village chief.

I’m not looking at the female bath but the village chief’s exclusive bath.

I have to wash the village chief’s back.

It is one of the privileges of the person on village chief duty.

There are many rivals in the bathroom but every one of them recognizes that privilege.

I scrub the village chief’s back and washes it with hot water.

However, he did not let me scrub his front as expected.

In the old days, we are even prohibited to wash his back but we can now as a result of the petition of us oni maids.

Our every day of hard work has bore fruit.

The village chief’s back.

It is normal.

An ordinary male’s body.

If you compare it to an oni male, it can be said to be poor.

However, there is a heavy responsibility hanging on that back.

I wish I could help him with that.

Once he goes up from the bath, you can feel the tension rising.

The information that the village chief has gone out of the bath is quickly spreading.

According to the secret meeting, the order has already been decided but there are still some who recklessly do things on their own.

Recently, a beastgirl was caught and she has been taken care of.

With an impregnable wall guard, I have to accompany the village chief to his room safely.

That is my mission.

That is the main objective of village chief duty.

And my work is only until there.

I’m free after taking the village chief into his room.


From the bath to the house, it feels really far.

The next morning.

I wake up before sunrise as usual.

I hastily cleanse my body and wear my clothes.

I prepare some hot water and a towel then greet the village chief and move to the message board.

I already know the schedule without looking at it.

After my village chief duty turn, it will be my rest day.

However, I check it for confirmation.

I confirm that there is no message written on the message board and wait for the morning assembly.

Today is a rest day.

In other words, a day where I can do whatever I want.

In other words, I can also work.

I haven’t decided what to do but for the time being, I’d like to help cleaning the village chief’s room.

It will be embarrassing if something was left behind.

I’ll do my best today too.



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