Chapter 92 – Festival Preparation

The new village building is proceeding smoothly.

The one thing that’s not going well is the festival executive committee.

「For the time being, the best thing to do is to imitate festivals everyone knows of.」

「If we mix some strange things, I don’t think anyone will be pleased.」

The festival executive committee, after a long discussion, there is finally a conclusion.

We wrote down the names of every festival we know of and put it in a box. It will be decided by lottery.

I should have thought about it earlier.

We wasted a lot of time.

「Martial arts tournament?」

That’s what’s written on the paper I drew.

So the festival will be a martial arts tournament?

Who wrote it?

No, why the heck was this even here?

Can I draw something else?

Though I really want to do so, the paper we use in this lottery is really expensive.

We also agreed that this is a one-shot game and no one will complain no matter what the result is.

Therefore, the festival has been decided.

It is a martial arts tournament.

I feel like the atmosphere of the village has changed immediately after notifying the villagers about the martial arts tournament.

No, perhaps it really changed.

The number of people who practice martial arts outside has increased.

At the same time, the number of time Loo, Tier, and Flora have to use their healing magic has increased too.

Frau and the civil servant girls gather early in the morning to jog.

Some lizardmen enter the forest and are helping with hunting.

I feel like the angels flying speed is 20% faster than usual.

The dwarves have poured water in alcohol barrel and began training their body.


This is still acceptable.


「I’ll train a little at my parent’s house.」

When Hakuren said that, my brain stopped working.

You’re going to participate?

I don’t have the courage to hear her answer so I forced her to become the referee.

Though she’s dissatisfied, I persuaded her by saying that I’m not familiar with martial arts tournament so I need someone strong to be the referee.

The next problem ……

「I’ll train a little at my parent’s house.」

Rasuti said the same thing as Hakuren.

I guess they will have to participate.

I’ll have Hakuren be the referee.

As for Rasuti……..

I can not think of anything.


It is impossible to have two referees.

「I also want to fight.」


I have to think of something.



「Rasuti, have you ever fought Hakuren?」

「Of course, however, I never won.」

「I assume that both of you are in your dragon form during those battles.」

「You’re right.」

「Have you ever fought each other in your human form?」


「Is that so? Then, I would like you to fight against Hakuren for a model match. You don’t mind it, right Hakuren?」

「Model match?」

「Yes, a model match. Since it is a martial arts tournament, it is normal for masters to show them how it is done.」

I flatter them with the word “master”.

「Master….I’m fine with it. However, Rasuti-chan might not like it.」

「Master….I don’t mind. Since Hakuren-oneesama is my opponent, I’ll accept it.」

Both of you, thanks.

「Good. Then, I ask both Rasuti and Hakuren to show a good model match. Ah, since you’re the referee, I’ll also ask you about the rules. Ah, both of you, please be the referee.」


「Got it.」


While doing a guts pose in my mind, I’m currently immersed in the sense of accomplishment that one usually gets after clearing a really difficult challenge.


「I dare you. It has been a long time since you tasted the power of my arms.」

「I’m wondering if your arms are now rotten or it looks shorter than the last time you use it.」

Loo and Tier are already having match using their mouth.

I don’t mind you being in high spirit because of the martial arts tournament but I want you to stop it. Alfred and Tiselle are still on your arms.

I have to make sure that there’s no battle before the martial arts tournament.

The martial arts tournament will be divided into three divisions, common section, warrior section, and knight section.

The common section is open for everyone.

Those whose profession doesn’t have anything to do with fighting like Frau, the civil servant girls, and the beastgirls will be participating here.

The warrior section is for warriors.

Those who hunt in the forest can participate in this section.

The main participants are the high elves, onis, lizardmen, dwarves, and mountain elves.

The knight section is for high ranking warriors.

Only those who are recognized by the village chief are eligible to participate.

The participants are Loo, Tier, Gran Maria, Kuudel, Corone, High Elf Ria, Oni Ann, Lizardman Daga, Devil Bulga, and Devil Stifano.

I don’t know how powerful the two devils are but since they are servants of dragons, they surely won’t be weak. It has become a division where only those I recommend can participate.

There are two other individuals who’ll participate in the knight’s section.

The kuros held a preliminary competition and the winner was Uno.

Many females are pregnant so the males are the only ones who participated.

So, does that means that Uno is the strongest male?

Did Kuro lose? Or did he not participate?

The other one is selected by the spiderlings. It is a spider that is as large as half a tatami mat.

Though it has become large, it seems like it was one of the spiderlings that participated in the Lamia dungeon capture.

It has no name and it will be troublesome during the time of the tournament.

「Your roundness is comparable to Zabuton…. you’re now Makura.」

TN: Makura = pillow.

I have no naming sense.

It looks pleased so I guess its good.

The referees are Hakuren and Rasuti.

Flora won’t participate. She probably doesn’t want to stand out.

「You don’t want to?」

「Don’t you think you must, at least, have one person to be in charge of healing?」


「Don’t worry, I’ll have another chance. Besides, doesn’t the village chief not participating too?」

「Everyone will be anxious if I participate.」

「Ahaha, for sure.」

As the village chief, I’ll do my best to manage the martial arts festival.

Everyone’s energetic.

I’m currently shaving the forest at the south of the residential area.

I’m going to make the venue for the martial arts tournament.

At first, I thought of building it in the residential area but I’m a little frightened with everyone’s spirit so I had to build it here.

The ring is a 20 meters square.

It is also 50cm above the ground. I adjusted the ring’s surface for it to be not too hard or not too soft by hammering and plowing it.

I want to prevent injury as much as possible.

Thinking about the possibility of participants being thrown out of the ring, I softened the ground around the ring to the maximum.

I’ll dedicate one side for the participants and all other three sides as audience seats.

I thought of making an auditorium type seating arrangement so that they can sit to directly to the ground but it will be difficult for those who are far away to see what’s happening.

In addition, because the martial arts festival is scheduled to run the whole day, food will also be served.

I think it is necessary for the audience to have a chair to sit on in order to eat easily.

Though that is the plan, it takes too much time and effort to make a monopod chair so I drop it.

I cut down a big tree, cut it again vertically and plane the upper side to make a long bench.

A larger diameter tree will also be similar to a stair up bench.

Of course, I left space for the aisle.

Yup, this is now the venue.

After that, in a slightly far place is the cooking space.

Do I have to build an eating and drinking space too?


Forgive me for making easy to make table and chairs made of round logs.

Ah, toilet is also necessary.

I’ll make more water closet than usual.

I also must not forget to put a slime on it.

I guess the venue can be considered complete.

Now, let the festival begins.


Doraim, Doraim’s wife, Dors, and Raimeiren came to watch.

They look like parents looking forward to their daughter’s presentation.

Beezel and Yuri also came to watch and they are with an unknown middle-aged ikemen.

I wonder if they are here to cheer for Frau and the civil servant girls.

Loo’s grandfather, ancestor-san, is also sitting at an audience seat before anyone noticed.

Dors, ancestor-san, and the middle-aged ikemen are talking peacefully.

Are they acquainted?

However, looking at them, the unknown middle-aged ikemen is definitely the weakest.

Six lamias from the southern dungeon also came to participate.

I accepted them and let them participate to warrior and knight section.

From the Howling village, after consulting Doraim, Gulf and three others came to participate.

I heard that they panicked when they first saw a dragon but it seems like they are used to it now.

…..Maa, of course they would, they always see dragon carrying crops from here.

We accepted them because all of them wished to enter the warrior’s section.

I did not order anything about keeping the martial arts festival a secret so it probably leaked out somewhere.

Should I have kept it confidential?

No, a lively festival is a good festival.

Though there were unexpected things, let the festival begins.



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