Chapter 93 – Martial Arts Tournament, Common Section

During the martial arts festival, the village will be completely closed.

Even so, there are still things that need to be done.

The kuros and spiderlings are doing their best to guard the whole village.

If the village is attacked by a monster in the middle of the festival, it will spoil the fun.

I’ll give them their favorite food to thank them later.

There is also the need for cooking. Someone has to cook for the participants and the guests.

Even I must take care of Alfred and Tiselle personally.

Though they will participate in the festival, the civil servant girls and the onis must work hard because the guests include personalities like Dors.

Of course, I’m working hard too.

I’m helping with the tournament, cooking, and welcoming the guests.

「Village chief, let me introduce to you my father.」

Yuri introduces me the unknown middle-aged ikemen.

Yuri’s father, then it means…..

「Demon king?」

「Umu. I’m the Demon King Gullgald of the Demon King’s Kingdom. Fuhahahahahaha」


The demon king.

「Father, you’re a little too frank.」

「Yuri’s papa, nice to meet you.」

「Ah, yes. Nice to meet you too.」

I was surprised by the demon king’s initial greeting so I subconsciously call her Yuri’s papa-san instead of demon king.

I feel like I’m talking to a normal papa-san.

「Ahh, village chief, I apologize for suddenly intruding.」

「No no」

「I love festival like this for a long time. I’ll fully enjoy it.」

Ancestor-san? I should have greeted him with Loo.

「Is Hakuren causing you trouble?」

「Hahaha, I think that’s normal for her.」

Hearing my reply, Dors smiled satisfactorily.

The guests all gave me something after our greetings and all of them are something that can be eaten. Michael-san, however, sent a letter indicating his regret for not being able to watch and delivered seafood products as a token of apology.

I wonder if food is the standard gift for a festival in this world.

I’ll make sure to remember it.

And while appreciating their gifts, I’m struggling after seeing some strange ingredients.

「Village chief, I know that cooking is important but if we don’t start soon, we’ll run out of time.」

「I understand.」

「Then, let’s start the first ever martial arts festival of Big Tree Village!」

After hearing my opening remarks, everyone responded with a loud roar.

It also seems like it caused a little tremor.

「Then, let’s start with the common section.」

The host of the common section is Gran Maria.

There was also a suggestion of me being the host but I refrained.

I have an important duty which is helping with cooking.

While I was thinking of that, they made me seat in a specially prepared seat near the ring.

When Dors and other distinguished guests came, the villagers remodeled a part of the venue thinking that noble guests should seat there.

And I’m on the village chief’s seat.

As the village chief, I have to stay here.

For some reason, ancestor-san and Doraim’s wife were the ones who helped with cooking.

They dexterously peeled potato and carrot skins.

My apologies.

I gave up on various things and decided to concentrate on the common section battle.

Matches in common section are decided by lottery.

One should fight successively.

According to the rule, one wins if the opponent was defeated.

TN: Who would have thought?

There are a number of conditions for defeat.

If the participant losses consciousness.

If the participant directly said that he gives up.

If the participant was knocked down and was unable to get up within ten counts.

If the participant landed on anything other than the ring.

If the referee judged that the participant can no longer continue.

Those five.

Because of that, I’m expecting that the main reason for winning are opponents losing consciousness and being pushed out of the ring.

At first, the rules the others thought about are too wild. You could only obtain victory if the opponent can no longer fight or give up so I added a few mild rules.

Moreover, as a major rule, you can only take up two weapons.

You have to show it to your opponent before the start of the match and you must make sure that there is a rolled cloth on your weapon to reduce damage.

You can wear the armor of your choice.

You can also use any magic you want.

Also, since this is a festival, no one should kill someone. If you kill your opponent, you will be automatically disqualified and will be heavily punished later.

I did not tell the details of the penalty.

If I convey the details of the penalty unskillfully, they wouldn’t be bothered with it. It might even result for a participant to think that it’s okay and that will be a problem.

I’m sure using their common sense, they will never think of killing their opponent….but if they get intoxicated by the battle….

They are not used to fight against each other so I just can’t relax.

I’ll just put all my trust in the referee’s judgment.

After the referee, Hakuren, goes up to the stage, the host, Gran Maria, announced the first battle.

The first match is between a beastgirl and a civil servant girl.

On ordinary days, both of them are wearing skirts but now both of them are wearing pants.

I’m the one who suggested it.

The beastgirl has short daggers on both hands while the civil servant girl is equipped with an ordinary sword and shield.


After Hakuren’s shout, the battle starts and the excitement of villagers and other spectators rise.

Support is free and I already told them that no trash talking on the opponent of the participant they support so there are only cheers of encouragement.

The match ended in no time.

It started when the beastgirl lowers her posture and charges. The civil servant girl tried to block her with the shield but the beastgirl rolled from the front to her right.

The civil servant girl is holding her sword using her right hand so it seems like she’s avoiding that.

However, even though she went away from the sword, the shield is in front of her.

After that, the beastgirl crawls below the shield to the legs of the civil servant girl and tried to take her down.

The civil servant girl’s posture broke but she was not knocked down.

She hit the leg of the beastgirl with her shield.

The beastgirl then rolls again from the right to the front.

Seeing that, the civil servant girl turn her body and swing her sword to the rolling beastgirl.

The beastgirl was not disheartened and tried to attack using the daggers on her hands too.

And she lost consciousness.

The sword of the civil servant girl hits the head of the beastgirl who failed to defend because she’s rolling.

Though both of her daggers hit the civil servant girl, she only hits her lower body and it is incomparable to a sword swinging down at her head.

「Stop! Match concluded!」

Hakuren stopped the match and announced the victory of the civil servant girl who knocked out her opponent.

Cheers rose from the venue.

「I was surprised with what happened. Never, even for a moment, show your back to your opponent.」

Gran Maria commented on the match. I’ll take a note of that for future reference.

As expected, it is impossible for me to be the host.

I’ll just do what I can.

The victorious civil servant girl came in front of me.

I praised her and gave her 1 reward medal for winning.

The civil servant girl received the reward medal with a full smile. She’s obviously in pain so Flora healed her with magic.

Though not visible, it seems like the daggers of the beastgirl damaged her.

If it’s painful, you don’t need to endure it.

You could have received treatment first.

The common section proceeds like that.

Fortunately, there’s no serious injury.



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