Chapter 94 – Martial Arts Tournament, Warrior Section

The best bout of the common section is the battle between Frau and the beastkin Senna.

Although most of the battles were finished within a minute, the battle between those two lasted for five minutes.

Frau conjures a one-handed sword while Senna fights with her bare hands.

The matched develops to the point where Senna grabs Frau then tries to toss her but Frau managed to grab her too.

In the end, both of them were defeated since they were entangled and fell from the ring.

Because both lost, they were not able to receive reward medals for the winner but they were praised for showing a good match.

However, Senna…

I never thought that you were the throwing type….. That was unexpected.

By the way, Beezel, Yuri, and the demon king showed their fiery support from their seat all the way.

「That was regrettable.」

「It was a close match.」

「Beezel’s daughter is a tough one. However, I never thought that that young beastgirl can really fight that good….umu.」

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Since the common section ends, it is now time for the warrior section.

This time, it’s a last man standing tournament.

The person who won the match will remain on the stage and fight against the next opponent.

The one who’ll win the most will be the champion.

At first, I intended to do it in a normal elimination method but I gave up because there are so many participants.

Even thinking that it will only last a minute and the contestants will be replaced smoothly, it will still take a while.

It would have been good if I had prepared several rings….let’s add that to my future task.

Does that mean that we’ll also have a martial arts festival next year?

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The warrior section participants: high elves, onis, lizardmen, dwarves, mountain elves, beastkins from Howling village, and lamias from the southern dungeon.

It might have been correct to use knockout tournament for this but it seems like luck will play the biggest part.

Now that it’s the warrior section, ancestor-san and Doraim’s wife are now on their seat to spectate.

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The rule of the battle is almost the same as the common section.

However, both of their arms and legs are covered with cloth and they are also wearing hachimaki.

About the lamias, instead of legs, their tails are covered with cloth. The lizardmen’s tails are covered with cloth too.

In addition, if two cloth cover, including the hachimaki, were taken, it will also mean defeat.

The major difference from the common section is they can challenge again even after being defeated.

It is permitted to have Flora heal the contestant then line up for a match again.

At the very least, after all participants have taken their turn, the tournament will continue until the scheduled time.

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The referee changed from Hakuren To Rasuti.

The hostess changed from Gran Maria to Frau.

Gran Maria will appear in the knight section after this.

It was good that Frau was not injured.

No, it is thanks to Flora’s healing magic.

Ah, Beezel, Yuri, and demon king, I would appreciate it if you don’t cheer at the host that much.

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Matches were held one after another.

It is because the next challenger appears as soon as the loser left the ring.

Because there are almost no intervals between matches, only a few people can win consecutively.

After winning once, most of them lose at the next battle.

The ones who endured the most were the dwarf Donovan, the mountain elf Ya, and Gulf of the Howling Village.

Ah, the lamia from the southern dungeon.

There are four lamias participating in the warrior section and all of them is strong.

They use sword in a short distance battle and magic at long range.

During melee, their tail wrap attack is super effective.

Once they are wrapped, most people can’t do anything anymore.

At that time, referee Rasuti will stop the match.

I think her judgment is pretty good.

Presently, only the dwarf Donovan was able to endure the lamia’s tail wrap attack.

He was able to endure the pressure of being wrapped and managed to remove the cloth from the hand and tail of the lamia. He won that way.

As for the others, they are seriously evading the tail wrap attack.

Looking at that, it can be said that the lamias are the keyman of the warrior section.

Match after match, the number of victories of Gulf from the Howling village and the mountain elf Ya are among the top four.

The mountain elf Ya maintains mid-distance from her opponent and wins using a one-handed sword and magic.

Her winning streak was stopped after one of the high elves engaged her with a high-speed melee and throw her out of the ring.

Gulf of the Howling village was really lucky being unable to fight against any of the lamias but one of the oni maids beside me told me that he is strong.

He fights against his opponents by aiming at the weak points and tossing the opponent out of the ring using speed and power.

It seems like the rule of taking two cloths has worked advantageously for him.

It was a lizardman who defeated Gulf.

It seems like Gulf is not accustomed in fighting against races with tails.

He loses against other lizardmen a couple more times.

The warrior section’s time is running out.

With things going this way, the champion will be either of the two.

When I thought so, the other participants seemed to have guessed it too.

Several participants surrendered against Ya and Gulf.

There is only one way to settle this.

「I will be your opponent.」

「I came to win. Don’t bear a grudge.」

Hearing those, Rasuti signal the start of the match.

Ya, who’s wearing her everyday clothes, took her stance while holding her one-handed sword.

She can use magic so she’s planning to take some distance.

Gulf is a warrior. He came to this village with his leather armor and one-handed sword.

Though Gulf can also use magic, it seems like it won’t be effective against Ya.

He rushes forward to go for a close combat match.

Perhaps this match will be decided to the one who can control the distance between them.

I feel like I’m watching a sword dance match.

I don’t even know who has the upper hand.

While thinking about that, I suddenly heard a loud noise. Ya’s sword is whirling in the air.

Ya lost?

The moment I thought of that, Ya grab the hilt of Gulf’s sword and his arm then threw him.

Gulf’s body rotated three times in the air but immediately regains his balance and lands with his feet.

No damage.

However, the place where Gulf landed was outside the ring.

「Match ends! Winner, Ya!」

With Rasuti’s declaration, the champion of the warrior section was decided.

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Unlike the common section, I handed seven reward medals to the champion of the warrior section.

「Thank you very much.」

In addition, I also gave three reward medals to Donovan and the four lamias.

I also have to reward Gulf but I can’t give him reward medal so I tried to reward him with a good amount of alcohol.

「I will take one as a memento. The remaining two will be traded for alcohol.」

I acknowledge it.

In the end, I also handed one reward medal to other excellent participants of the warrior section.

This is the end of the warrior section tournament.

It is good that no one was seriously injured.

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After the break, it will be the knight section.

But before that, the full-scale food match first.

Since the start of the common section, food was being prepared.

I prepared several places where they can get food in viking style…..or should I say like a festival stall?

TN: Viking style in Japan means an eat all you can buffet. The first one who brought that up in Japan called it Viking since he saw it in Denmark.

This is basically free eat all you can.

We prepared an eating and drinking space in a place far away from the stage but it was not popular. Most brought their food the and audience seat and eat there.

Although alcoholic beverages are also available, it is forbidden for the participants to drink.

Because there are those who can’t drink, it was noted that others should be modest until the night.

Because Dors group don’t seem to go to get some food, I asked the oni maids and the civil servant girls who didn’t participate in the tournament to take care of them.

As for me, I have to go get my own food.

It seems like we prepared too much variety of foods.

No, this is a festival.

It is better to be lively.

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I also enjoy eating.

Since Loo and Tier will participate in the knight section, they left and warmed up after eating.

Do your best.

Alfred and Tiselle are being taken care of by the oni maids and they look like they are enjoying the festive atmosphere.



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