Chapter 95 – Martial Arts Tournament, Knight Section, Round One Part One

Main event.

Martial Arts Tournament, Knight Section.

First of all, let’s introduce all the contestants.




Gran Maria(angel)



Ria(high elf)





Uno(inferno wolf)





They are assembled on the stage.

Junea and Sunea are the dungeon master and head warrior of the southern dungeon.

They were the ones who brought here by the spiderlings and the pups after conquering their dungeon.

The last one who came with them is dungeon sitting.

The knight section is a single elimination tournament.

You’ll obtain victory if the opponent was incapacitated or declared his defeat.

This will be a considerably serious tournament since the ring out rule and the previous light rules were ruled out.

There are contestants who can fly so the ring out rule is too advantageous for them.

On the contrary, if you leave the ring too far, the referee can disqualify you.

Contestants are free to choose their weapons and there were no damage decreasing methods used for them.

If both contestants were knocked out simultaneously, the match will be judged for the winner.

I disagreed with these rules but they told me that putting something on their weapons will lose much of their control and will have an opposite effect.


One match is scheduled to go for 10 minutes.

If they run out of time, the winner of the match will be decided by me.

I hope that no match will reach that point.

And, if possible, I pray that no participants will be hurt.

Hakuren will be the referee.

The hostess will continue to be Frau.

The matchup will be decided by a lottery.

Because there are 14 of them, it is not balanced.

Now, what will be the arrangement?


01 Stifano(devil)

02 Tier(Angel)
03 Gran Maria(angel)

04 Loo(vampire)
05 Ann(oni)

06 Junea(lamia)
07 Kuudel(angel)

08 Ria(high elf)
09 Bulga(devil)

10 Sunea(lamia)
11 Uno(inferno wolf)

12 Daga(lizardman)
13 Makura(spiderling)

14 Corone(angel)


01 Stifano(devil) and 14 Corone(angel) are seeded.

With that, the first match of the knight section is the battle between Tier and Gran Maria.

A sudden confrontation between angels.

Gran Maria has a face filled with despair so hang in there.

It was an instant kill.

Tier immediately overwhelmed Gran Maria and the match ends.

The second match is a battle between Loo and Ann.

Before coming to this village, Ann is working as a maid for Loo and Flora. This will be complicated in various ways.

Will it be hard for her?

「This is a one in a thousand chance.」

Let’s pretend not hearing it.

The best way to describe their match is mudslinging.

Ann tries to make the match into a melee while Loo tries to take distance.

Because both of them don’t have weapons, dull bangs and shock can be felt on the ring but none of them falls.

But looking at it, Ann is clearly the one that receives more damage….

「Can’t you make the room cleaner!」

Ann’s attack is clearly becoming weaker.

「Why don’t you try to return the things you use to where they originally are!」


It seems like each of them accumulated a lot of things inside.

Can’t you be a little gentler with each other?

At least, reflect a little.

Yes, that’s what you should do.

And so, the time limit was reached and I will need to judge the match.

It was obvious that Loo is the winner but before I said my judgment, Ann fainted.

「Lulushi, come over here. If you want to talk about something, tell me about it.」

The winner, Loo, was called by ancestor-san and they had a long talk.

Hang in there.

The third match is between Junea and Kuudel.

Since Kuudel can fly, is she in an advantageous position?

Personally, I would like to support Kuudel … how will this match turn out?

As soon as the match starts, Kuudel flies in the air as expected.

I thought that the lamia Junea will be on a defensive stance but she uses her tail like a spring and jumps!

Kuudel who did not expect that surprise attack was wrapped.

And fell.

I thought that Kuudel was done for but she did not give up.

She managed to get off Junea’s tail wrap by using brute strength.

So this is how a power character battles, I’m a little scared.

After that, Junea counter attacked but Kuudel receives it with a double exchange. She won with that.

This is the first time I saw something like this so I think it is good.

Fourth match.

Ria against the devil Bulga.

Though Ria hesitated to enter the knight section….she probably at least has some confidence.

Thinking about it, I don’t know how strong Ria is.

She always hunts in the forest so will she fight with a bow?

Then, will this match a long range battle?

If possible, I don’t want her to get hurt.

Since Bulga is Rasuti’s servant, I had a chance to talk with her.

I managed to but….I don’t know how she fights.

According to Rasuti and Hakuren, it is impossible to be a personal steward of a dragon if you’re weak…

Like usual, she’s wearing a butler’s clothes.

When she came here, she was wearing a maid’s clothes that makes her looks like a village girl but it seems like she personally wants to wear butler’s clothes.

It doesn’t look like she’s the only one who wants to wear butlers clothes, even Stifano is wearing the same butler’s clothes.

At any rate, the match began.

As expected, Ria took some distance and attacks with a bow.

The next moment, I was surprised that there was already another arrow following the first arrow.

Those attack Bulga’s…bunshin?

Moreover, they all acted in different ways.

One attacks with magic, another one throws knife, one uses dagger, and one seems to be a barehanded fighter.

It looks like they are covering each other’s attack.

It is an overwhelming method but Ria shots them all with arrows.

An arrow hits the magic, the knife, the dagger, and the fist blow.

After hitting all of the attacks, she still has the room to attack Bulga’s bodies.

Every time Bulga’s body was hit by an arrow, the body disappears.

And one arrow pierces Bulga’s chest, the body did not disappear.

I got impatient seeing Bulga’s real body with an arrow on her chest.

That looks bad!

However, when I looked at the referee, Hakuren, she doesn’t seem to be bothered in any way.

Are you kidding me?

I almost shouted to stop the match but Bulga’s body with an arrow on her chest disappeared.

「Ahaha, fool yah.」

Before I knew it, Bulga is already standing at the edge of the ring.


「It would have been better if you relaxed your guard down.」

Ria did not hesitate to shoot an arrow to the talking Bulga.

But Bulga managed to evade that arrow.

The arrow suddenly stops and falls to the ground.

It a magical barrier.

Since Ria uses a bow, Hakuren surrounds the spectator’s area with a barrier before the match.

「Thanks to Hakuren-sama, no one will be hurt even if I evade those arrows.」

Bulga bows to Hakuren.

She evaded another arrow by bowing.

Ria’s arrow is not your normal arrow that goes straight after releasing it.

The arrows she shoots are curving left and right.

But it was all avoided by the laughing Bulga.

A devil’s laugh.

Bulga’s body disappeared and suddenly appeared behind Ria.

That moment, Ria discarded her bow and arrows and pulled out the dagger on her waist and attack.

Bulga bends her upper body to evade the dagger eight bunshin suddenly surrounded Ria.

The eight Bulgas only surrounded her but none of them attack.

Ria did not move either.

And Ria gave up.

「I can’t fight against this number. Please reduce it.」

「Ahaha, will you give up if it was seven?」

「No, I think I still have a chance with seven.」

「I see. So eight is beyond your limit.」

「It might be weird to say that I glad but…. this is my complete defeat.」

The match ends with Bulga’s victory.

「So, Bulga is strong. 」

Upon saying that, the oni maid beside me seems to be shocked that I don’t know.

I did not know but Bulga seems to be famous for being strong.

Well, there are a lot of things that I don’t know.



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