Chapter 96 – Martial Arts Tournament, Knight Section, Round One Part Two and Model Match

Martial arts competition, knight section.

Next match is the lamia Sunea against Uno.

When Uno appeared, the kuros appeared at the outer periphery of the audience seat.

I can see Kurosan there, Uno’s partner.

It might be my imagination but Uno’s spirit seems to be overflowing.

On the other hand, Sunea is bearish.

「All right. This is different from last time. I will not be defeated since this is one on one.」

It seems like she’s fighting against her past trauma.

Sunea is holding a short spear on her hand.

Her spear has three spearhead, it looks like a weapon of the sea god.

I wonder what will happen.

When the referee Hakuren signals the start of the match, Uno’s horn shines. It spreads to all his fur and it looks like he has grown one size bigger.


This is a form I’ve never seen before.

Looks strong.

I was surprised but Sunea was not surprised at all.

It seems like she’s already familiar with it.

Sunea coils her tail like a spring.

It looks like she’s going to jump like what Junea did.


Sunea shouted as she jumps towards Uno while holding her spear.

Uno moves sideways to avoid her.

I don’t know how but Sunea’s jump route curved and chase the evading Uno.

Looking at it closely, she’s not really in the air. I can see the tip of her tail not far from the ground.

Could it be that she can stretch her tail when she jumps?

It is impossible for him to evade now so Uno showed his fang to intercept.

And they meet….Uno is now biting Sunea’s neck before anyone noticed it so the referee stopped the match.

「Stop! Winner, Uno!」

Hearing that, the spectating kuros began howling.

Uno, who’s on the ring, looks proud.

「Ugh, I wasn’t able to win….」

「Sunea, you did your best.」


「Let’s train together starting tomorrow.」


It seems like there’s no damage on Sunea’s neck.

Is it some sort of play bite?

Anyway, it’s good that she’s not injured.

Daga against Makura will be the first round’s last match.

Daga has an overwhelming physique.

Makura is about half tatami size.

However, Makura has eight legs.

And can use string shot.

Daga, on the other hand, is an orthodox swordsman that can use tail whip. He is also equipped with a sword and a shield.

To be honest, I concerned about Makura. What if Daga crushes it?

And the match begins.

Daga is constantly attacking Maruka suing his sword and tail but Makura dodges them all.

Makura is not attacking and seems to be concentrating on evading.

If this continues, Daga will hit Makura sooner or later and will win the match.

The amateur me thought so but it seems like the audience sees something else.

「Hurry up!」

「A little more!」

「That’s dangerous!」

They are cheering for Daga as if he’s on a disadvantage.

Something gleamed on the ring. I focused on it to check what it is.



Makura has already produced countless of threads and some of them are already entangling Daga’s body.

I’m not sure but it looks like those web entangling Daga’s body is hindering his movements.

And when Daga significantly slows down, Makura jumps and rides Daga’s head.

「Stop! Winner, Makura!」

The match ends.

Makura is strong.

Makura raises one of its legs and waves at me so I wave back.

The hostess Frau interviews Daga.

「If there are handicaps, would you have still preferred to fight using sword and tail, or grapple? 」


Daga calls Makura.

「However, with my speed, it will be difficult to catch you….」

Daga sat next to Makura who came near him. Daga lifted Makura using both of this hands.

「I can’t even win against you in terms of power so I think that you’ll only be the winner of our match.」

「Ahaha. Excuse my impoliteness.」

The first round is over.

The matches of the second round are as follows:

01 Stifano(devil)

02 Tier(Angel)


04 Loo(vampire)

07 Kuudel(angel)


09 Bulga(devil)

11 Uno(inferno wolf)


13 Makura(spiderling)

14 Corone(angel)

But there is a break.

It is in order to give those participants in the first round enough rest since there are two seeded contestants.

The model match will be held during that break.

It is a match between Hakuren and Rasuti in their human forms.

They stood on the ring.

They are not wearing their usual skirts. They are wearing trousers in order to move easily.

Rasuti alters the buttocks part for her tail.

They are not wearing armors and they also don’t have weapons.

They also tie their hair back and it looks like they’ll start running.

「Let’s do our best.」

「I will not lose.」

They are already fired up….

Ah….remembering the times when they first came to this village, I’m worried about them overdoing it.

Rasuti looks sharp.

Hakuren looks sharp too and they are both calm. However, I’m still worried about something.

Ah, they wouldn’t be planning on rampaging as a playful joke, right?

Ah, I’m uneasy.

Even though it’s a model match, a referee is necessary.

Hakuren and Rasuti were alternately acting as referees on this festival and I have no other referee.

I already asked several people in advance but nobody was confident enough, they all declined.

I thought of doing it myself but since Doraim came to watch, I asked him.

But I never thought that Dors will take the role of referee.

「I promise to be a fair referee.」

Since he already said it like that, there’s no way I can refuse.

No, I’m even relieved.

Thank you very much.

The model match started.

I thought about the certain manga that I read a long time ago.

The movement of the two is so fast that they cannot be caught by naked eyes.

I understand the position of their body like arms and legs but they sometimes disappear then hits the other party and appear again.

I’m looking at them at a distance and I don’t know when or how they moved……just how fast are they?

A gust of wind arises on the ring.

At that moment, Dors conjures a thin film to surround the ring.

It is in order to protect the spectators.

Thank you.

Dors is a good referee.

As the one who suggested the two to have a model match, I have to reflect.

I’m praying for the least possible damage.

The model match lasted for about five minutes.

At first, they are fully using and moving around the ring but they finally stop and fought at the center of the stage.

Now they are visible.

The match is dominated by Hakuren.

However, she did not one-sidedly trample Rasuti. She was hit by some good counters a number of times.

Rasuti’s attacks that hit are short upper.

Is Hakuren weak against attacks that are coming from below?

Indeed, with a chest like that, how can she see something below her?

…..that’s probably it.

While thinking about that, Hakuren was hit again by Rasuti’s short upper.

It seems like that shot really connects. Hakuren’s face turns upward.

This is a chance for Rasuti.

Rasuti probably thinks the same.

She puts all her might to a body blow for Hakuren.

Seeing the blow that hits Hakuren’s face earlier, I thought of Hakuren’s body breaking into pieces.

I wonder if I should have given them gloves to wear.


Rasuti repeatedly hits Hakuren.

She’s hitting her several times but there’s only one heavy sound.

Is this a come from behind victory for Rasuti?

That’s not it.

Despite being beaten, Hakuren managed to step one foot forward.


And swing a straight right on Rasuti’s face.

Hakuren’s fist dug Rasuti’s face as she hits the ground.

A loud noise was heard and a big crack appeared on the ring.

Rasuti is not moving.

「Stop! Model match ends!」

Is she safe?

She’s not dead, right?

My uneasiness was immediately canceled.

Rasuti moves and stands up as if nothing happened.

「Uuh, I couldn’t win….」

「I will not hand over it to you yet.」

The two of them are cheerful.

After fighting like that, it looks like there’s no damage.

Their faces and other places that were hit….there’s not even a bruise.

So this is a dragon.

To my surprise, Dors, the referee, said a few words.

「Both of you, your holding back control in human form improved.」


「Ahaha, thank you, grandfather.」


You call that holding back?

Then, if they fought against each other on their dragon form….. let’s not think about it. I’ll just show my appreciation on the two of them.

Now, next is the second round.

Ah, I still have to repair the ring crack before that.

Got it.

Let’s hurry.



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