Chapter 97 – Martial Arts Tournament, Knight Section, Round Two

The first match of the second round.

A battle between Stifano and Tier.

It’s a battle between an angel and a devil.

Can this be considered as fate?

「Thank you for delivering medicinal herb before.」

「Don’t mention it. I will show you the result from that magical research today.」

They seem to have no special relationship.

Tier overwhelmed Gran Maria in the first round so, how about Stifano?

I don’t know how strong Stifano is but it will be a good match is she’s as strong as Bulga.

Hakuren is the referee.

It seems like she’s not affected by the model match.


At the same time as the match started, Stifano casted a spell.

Countless black spears sprouted on the ground targeting Tier.

Tier did not escape to the sky. She moved sideways by rotating gracefully to evade the jet black spears.

And counterattack with magic.

Stifano’s body suddenly flared up.

Seeing that scene, I was frightened.

This is too serious.

Defying my worry, the jet black spears jumped onto Stifano as it turned into a big cloak that wrapped the burning Stifano.

The flame was completely covered.

When the cloak is unraveled, no one is inside.

Magic trick?

Stifano suddenly appeared behind Tier.

While I was thinking how Stifano managed to get behind Tier, jet black spears jump out of Stifano’s whole body and pierce Tier.


I instinctively shout.

But Tier was safe.

「In terms of compatibility, I’m at an advantage.」

The jet black spears that pierced Tier deteriorate and disappear.

There’s not even a mark on the pierced part.

On the contrary, three pure white spears pierced Stifano’s body.

「Right. I give up.」

The match between Stifano and Tier ended with Tier’s victory.

「Stifano, are you alright?」

「Yes, thank you. I’ll be healed in no time.」

「Husband, are you not worried about your beloved wife?」

「My heart almost stopped when I saw Stifano’s black spear piercing you.」

「I’m alright. I managed to avoid being pierced on fatal places.」

When Tier said so, the pure white spears penetrating Stifano disappears.

There are penetration marks but there’s no blood.

And all the mark was healed and disappeared in a moment.


And I’m pleased with Tier’s victory.

「Next match is….Loo-san and Kuudel. Fufufu, I hope Loo-san’s arms have not become less capable.」

Loo’s battle during the first round was a mudslinging match.

The second match of the second round is a battle between Loo and Kuudel.

Loo just spoke with ancestor-san and she looks full of spirit.

On the other hand, Kuudel has a face full of resignation.

「Kuudel, don’t give up from the start!」

Gran Maria cheers from the audience seat, but Kuudel’s face still looks the same.

「No, Loo-san is that Lulushi. She’s as powerful as Tier-sama that the three of us can’t beat.」

「I just fought with Tier-sama! You’ll be alright. There’s still a one in a thousand chance.」

「O-one in a thousand….chance?」

The match began.

It ended with an overwhelming victory for Loo. Kuudel was right.

If she can do that, why did she fought a mudslinging match on the first round?

Is Ann strong?

Or is it a mismatch?

Second round, third match.

A battle between Bulga and Uno.

As for this match, I absolutely have no idea on what will happen.

Judging from the first round, can Bulga’s bunshin deceive Uno?

It seems like this match will be decided whether or not Uno can see through Bulga’s bunshin.

Is that bunshin just an afterimage?

Or is it the real one?

But what if…all of them are real?

Maa, let’s stop thinking about it since the match is about to start.

The match started.

Like the first round, Bulga made bunshin.

Uno is attacked.

I thought Uno will evade but he charges head-on.

He smashed Bulga’s bunshin one after another.

That look, the look of a hunter.

What will happen if he those are real?

Bulga created a number of bunshin again and fought back.

The match seemed to take a long time but in reality, the match ended in no time.

The bunshin’s saturated attack repressed Uno so the referee was forced to stop the match declaring Bulga’s victory.

「Uuhh, there are too many bunshin.」

Although Bulga was victorious, it seems like she’s considerably exhausted.

Uno, the loser, looks more energetic but he got off the ring with his tail down.

The kuros, including Kurosan, met up with him.

It seems like they cheer him up, Uno’s tail return to normal.

Yeah, Uno did his best.

Second round, fourth match.

A battle between Makura and Corone.

Thinking about what will happen, it ended soon.

Corone immediately tried to fly at the beginning of the match….but she was not able to.

A thread got her foot and she fell from the sky.

And got tied up.

「It’s too much of a mismatch! It’s her natural enemy!」

It ended with Makura’s victory.

With that, the second round ends.

There are four people remaining.

The semifinals will be as follows:

02 Tier(Angel)
4 Loo(vampire)

09 Bulga(devil)
13 Makura(spiderling)



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