Chapter 100 – A Certain Demon King’s Mutter Part Two

Ah…..what is a demon king?

I have thought about it many times.

Yes, I am the demon king Gullgald of the demon king’s kingdom.

Yeah, a king of a country.

With important responsibilities.

I should have not brought my common sense when I decided to follow my daughter.

Daughter of mine.

You must not go to such a place.


「Father, are you alright?」

「Eh? Ah, of course I am. Sorry. I must be tired from working every day.」

My daughter is worried about me.

I can’t be happier.

「Demon king-sama, I took some food and drinks, let’s eat.」

Beezel is a nice guy.

The foods he recommended are easy to eat and good for the stomach.

Ah, delicious.

「Umu, this alcohol is good too but….it tastes strange.」

「I agree, this might be a new product. I will put out a purchase request.」

「Umu. It is easy to drink so I want two barrels.」

「I do my best for your request.」

Dors and religion leader-dono, who are nearby, are also enjoying the drinks and seem to be planning on purchasing too.

These, can these kinds of foods really be prepared in the forest of death…?

Furthermore, there are also seafoods which can only be taken from the port town in the south.


There are different kinds of dishes that I have never seen nor tasted before.

Everything looks delicious.

「The chef here, can we hire him?」

「Do you think we can?」

「How about borrowing him?」

「That will be difficult.」

「Father, I also tried but failed.」

「No, this is the demon king’s desire….」

I must not be unreasonable.


「Let’s just think about how we can buy seasonings. I especially like this one.」

「Ah, the miso? I already have a lot back at home.」

「At home?….Why didn’t you gave me any?」

「We consumed everything ourselves for poison testing. Or probably because it has a unique smell. Hahahaha. Let’s just check if we can purchase some again. Oh, it will start soon.」

The referee has appeared on the ring.

Yeah, the referee is a dragon.

Let’s not think about it.

With religion leader-dono and one of the dragons helping with cooking, I am thankful since it lightens the pressure a bit.

The common section will start soon. Beezel’s daughter, Fraurem, seems to be a contestant so let’s cheer for her.

「Father, Fraurem is not the only one who’ll participate. There are others too so please support them.」


A demon king shouldn’t think things like this deeply.

I will do my utmost to cheer for them.

Fraurem regrettably had lost with a draw but their match is not bad.

It might be better to say that the opponent was good.

It is said that those who live near the forest of death are naturally strong but….

I never thought that a beastgirl can move that much.

And the tournament continues.

Warrior section, knight section.

I know of the participants even without being introduced.

Bloodsucking princess, angel of annihilation, angels of holocaust, revelry Bulga, black spear Stifano, crazy dragon Rasutisumoon, and the elder sister of the gatekeeper dragon.

That oni called Ann is probably nominated because of her ability too.

In addition, there are lizardmen, high elves, mountain elves, elder dwarves, and lamias.

There is also a mountain like inferno wolf and an offspring of the demon spider.

Compare to the demon king’s castle….no, their war potential exceeds the whole demon king army.

If it’s one on one I can probably manage somehow…can I?

I’m not sure if I can even take Rasutisumoon much more the elder sister of the gatekeeper dragon.

Ah, Dors, even if you invite me for a match, I won’t fight.

Though I hate it to admit it.

I absolutely must not.


「What is it?」

「I plan on conferring the village chief with a peerage, what do you think?」

「That would be a foolish move.」



I would be able to grasp him if I gave him a peerage but Beezel opposed my proposal.

He probably thought that it will not end well.

Indeed, even the dragon king Dors and the religion leader-dono can’t hold this village and even personally came here.

If I do extra things, I might invite hostility. It is probably the best to maintain our present relationship.

The human which is the top of this village….surely, the top can’t be a normal human.

When I first met him, I thought it was a joke but looking at the surrounding, no one is joking around.

According to Beezel’s report, he is the powerful person who exterminated the wyvern of the iron forest….

He looks like an ordinary young man.

However, an ordinary young man can’t make a village in the middle of the forest of death, will not gather this much war potential, and will never be acquainted with dragon king Dors and religion leader-dono.


Fortunately, we’re saved since he doesn’t have any bad impression about the demon king’s kingdom.

Furthermore, it is possible to casually talk to him and he is really gentle.

As long as he’s the top here, there will never be a problem.

I should give him a secret medicine for long life.

He must live long.

If possible, I want him to stay alive as long as I’m the demon king.

Even for a human, if I give him the best, it would be possible for him to live for 400 to 500 years.

Don’t die on your 50’s.

Please don’t.

I ask of you.

Thinking about the worst case scenario, I thought of marrying him with my daughter.

Because the position of demon king is not something that can pass with blood relative succession, there is no marriage policy.

When I retire, Yuri will become a daughter of an ordinary noble….

Leaving the security aside and thinking only about my daughter’s well-being, should I really let her marry?

If possible, I don’t want her to fall on someone with bad hand….

The only problem is that he’s already married to the blood-sucking princess and angel of annihilation.

If things go bad, she might not even be a third wife but a fourth….

No, it’s useless.

Yuri is still a child.

It’s still too early for her to get married.


Let’s leave him as a candidate in the corner of my mind.

「Demon king-sama, are you alright?」

「Ah, yes. I’m alright. Beezel, I want to ask you something.」


「You sent your daughter Fraurem here…」

「Though my loyalty for the demon king’s kingdom is unshakable, I still care for my daughter.」

「I understand what you feel about your daughter so I will not blame you. Though I don’t blame you….if the worst case happens, I would like to rely on your connection for Yuri.」

「Well, though she can’t be promised for marriage, it is okay for her to live in this village.」


「Have you forgotten? I’m still one of your four heavenly kings.」

「As expected of Beezel, you are really reliable.」

「I’m also planning to live here when I retire.」

「… W-wait, retire? Hold on, if you’re gone, the demon king’s kingdom will be in danger.」

「Come on, demon king-sama. It’s the night of the festival. Let’s enjoy delicious food and alcohol.」

「It’s still something I’ll do in the future. Probably for about 1000 or 2000 years later.」

「Hahahaha, cheers!」


Also, Dragon king Dors.

I will not fight you.

I will never fight you so don’t look at me.

The night of the festival passed lively.


Demon king’s castle, future.


「I’ll retire in about 100 to 200 years so be relieved….What’s this?」

「A written oath.」

「…Are you doubting my loyalty?」

「It is for my peace of mind.」

「Demon king-sama….Okay, I’ll sign….areh? I think there are mistakes here. It is written that I’ll need to be here for a thousand more years.」

「That’s not a mistake.」

「….is that so? Ehto, it will either be according to the time of this oath, OR until demon king-sama dies, right?」

「Wait, you! Guards, rebellion! A rebel appeared!」

「What scandalous thing are you saying? I’m just confirming it. We’re talking about something serious so don’t approach the room.」

After a rough fist fight, it was decided that he’ll be in service for another 300 years.

「Kuh, I won’t sign an oath.」

「Even if there’s no oath, I can’t let you retire. I’ll even give you another territory.」



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