Chapter 99 – A Certain Demon King’s Mutter Part One

I am the demon king.

Demon King of the Gullgald’s Demon King’s Kingdom.

I was surprised when I heard that my daughter will go out with Beezel so I forcibly follow them.

And there’s a dragon.

Even though it’s in human form, it cannot hide its magical power.

Moreover, its the dragon king Dors.

There are also other dragons around him and they are not weak at all.

I’ll say it honestly.

I almost peed my pants.

But I endured it.

Good job, my lower body.

Maa, that’s really surprising.

I’m already preparing to greet him.

「Dragon king Dors, I believe this is the first time we meet.」

「Are you the current demon king? Maa, we don’t have any dispute so let us not cause trouble.」

「Umu, I also certainly don’t want trouble.」

Goooood, good good.

I’m amazing.

Yuri, did you see it?

Papa’s brave figure!


When I looked around to check where Yuri is, I spouted in surprise.

There was another person who was not supposed to be here.

It seems like Dors, who’s near me, seem to know him too.

As expected of Dors.

But unlike me, he’s smiling wryly.

I’m depressed with the difference of our reaction….however, I can’t be depressed with such a great person approaching.

「Re-religion leader Valgreif!」

The founder of the top religion Korin which has the greatest power in areas where human lives!

The forever young like a true living god.

His identity as the true ancestor of the vampires is only known to few people.

It is one of the most confidential matters that will be handed down by a former demon king to a new demon king upon taking office.

「Yow demon king, are you well?」


「Ahahaha, don’t be too stiff. This is our first meeting, right? Sorry sorry.」

「Yeah, this is our first meeting….that, do you really know me?」

「You are famous, are you not? I saw your picture from an acquaintance. By the way, it is circulating in the market.」

「Is that so? I am honored.」

「Hahaha, what honor are you saying? I’m lucky to have met the demon king. Do you think so too, Dors-kun?」

「I agree.」

Did he call the dragon king Dors Dors-kun?

Do the two of them know each other?

No, it’s not surprising if they do.

Anyway, it’s the true ancestor of the vampires.


Is there any other demon king who met him personally?

No no, that’s not something unexpected.

I’m the demon king.

Someone that rules a country.

I only should ask what I need to ask.

「By the way, religion leader-dono, what do you think of the brutality that the hero committed in the Fullheart Kingdom?」

「Hahaha, you sure touch a painful spot. If I say I’m unrelated, I’m obviously related. Maa, let me tell you. I’m also troubled with his recklessness in Fullheart Kingdom. The Galbart Kingdom branch is even preparing subjugation troops. By the way, Fullheart Kingdom, Galbart Kingdom, and Gullgald Demon King’s Kingdom’s names are similar. They are more like a tongue twister.」

「So-sorry. It is derived from a name….subjugation troops? Is that true? Why are you sharing such an information to me?」

「It’s true it’s true. You ask me. And we found it troublesome too. Don’t you think that a miraculous bargain will certainly earn profit? Ah, even if you defeat the hero, you can rest assured that the headquarters will not move. Because of our position, we will issue protest but you can just ignore it.」

「……Thank you for the information.」

「Dors too. You don’t need to hold back if ever they come to you.」

「A group already came. They are rude so I sent them away.」

「You sent them away? Dors-kun is gentle. You should at least knock them if not crush them.」

「Nah, they’ll be annoying the moment they bear grudge.」

「Ahahaha, indeed. Maa, I’ll do something in the future.」

Do something?

I am saved.

The hero is really troublesome.

The damage they do is at the level that can’t be ignored.

Ah, please do something soon.


After this.

By the way, should I accompany Dors and religion leader-dono?


Beezel, help me!

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Along with Yuri, Beezel is talking happily with villagers.

Looking at it carefully, the villagers are demons.

Areh…..I feel like I’ve seen them before….Isn’t that one a daughter of a count and that one of a marquis?

Or is my memory wrong?

Aren’t they Sokuri-san?

TN: Sokuri-san is an anonymous name which means a person who looks similar to someone.


That one genuinely looks like a village girl.

Ah, I know that one.

Beezel’s daughter, Fraurem.

She’s the governor of this village.

It seems like she’s well.

….Or not?

Since Fraurem is dressed like a village girl, it means that the other village girls around her are daughters of demons too.

Pull yourself together, me.

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As expected, my seat was prepared near Dors and religion leader-dono.

My only salvation is that Beezel and Yuri are also nearby.

Though Yuri is comfortably talking to the dragon beside Dors. Does she know who she is?

Ah….my stomach hurts.

And Beezel.

Why are you looking at me with a pitying face?

It seems like the thing that I wanted to say was noticeable.

「I’m Raimeiren.」

「Ah, yes, I’m the demon king Gullgald.」

It’s the typhoon dragon of the south.

And Dors wife.

According to the information that recently came.

Is that so?



Isn’t she a dragon more ferocious than Dors!?


And Beezel.

Stop looking at me with that face.



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