Chapter 103 – Queen Bee’s Despair

Hello everyone.

It is I, the queen of the bees.

The neighborhood calls us gnostic bee.

I am the queen but…

I am in trouble now.

First of all, I don’t have guards.

Normally, I should be accompanied by several guards while making a new hive but my guards went missing after fighting a huge bear.

Maa, it can’t be helped since the other party is that bear.

We have no chance of winning.

Therefore, I hid while my guards charged at it.

Was it my mistake on what to prioritize?

Now, I’m alone.

And in big trouble.

Because I’m currently being glared at by a spider now.


My natural enemy.

My super natural enemy.

If it was a small spider, I can do something about it but not with one of that size.

Unlike my guards, I have intelligence so I can escape.

Under normal circumstances, I should have fled already.

But I won’t flee now.

Because we are looking at each other eye to eye.

The moment I let my eyes of it upon trying to escape is the moment I die.

Therefore, I cannot avert my gaze.

In other words, it is now impossible to escape.

What should I do now?

No, there’s still hope!

The spider is only looking at me and not moving.

By chance is this….the thing that happens where an opponent can’t move upon being glared at by the stronger one?

I’m the queen so I don’t have a needle but it seems like the other party is wary of that.

I can’t use needle like my guards but I can use magic.

I can understand the wariness of the spider.



I can do this.

I was fired up while looking at the other party.


Behind the other party are a bunch of spiders similar to it.

Am I seeing things?

No, there’s no mistake.

It’s the end.

Yes, my life ended.

From there.

I’ll just be waiting on how will I be eaten.

I wanted to lick more nectars from flower before dying.

I also wanted to have offsprings.


I am fully resolved.

I’ll run away with everything I got!

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But it was useless.

At this moment, a spider web is already wrapped around my neck.

I can fly but I’m already a captive.


If you want to eat me, can you do it in one go?

If possible, in a not painful method.


My only hope in this situation is for my guards to safely return and kick these spiders….

Such a convenient thing will not happen though.


That’s what I’m feeling.

But there’s still hope.

A human.

A human came!


I know you, human.

You want the honey we collected.

In other words, an ally!

I am usually surrounded by guards but I don’t have any guards now.

If you eliminate these spiders, I’ll give you what you want!


Good, good, goooooddd!

Now, human!

Do something with the spiders for me!



Why are you talking with the spider?

Humans usually have bad relationship with spiders.

Is that not the case?


How cruel!

I was deceived!

You gave me hope to sunk me in despair more!

I will never forgive you!

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After hearing the human, the spider will take me somewhere.

Where are you taking me?


This place smells good.

Flowers are blooming on the trees I have never seen before.

This place is full of them too.


I cannot let my guard down.

They have given me hope again so they’ll probably throw me in despair!

The human who came with the spider brought a tree from the forest and he’s walking towards us fast.


How can that human simply cut down that tree and bring it here like playing?

Even my guards will take a considerable amount of time just to dig a hole from a tree….

What is he making?

No way, is that my execution stand?

How can you be so cruel to me!


I was wrong.

Apparently, the human has prepared that place for me to make a hive in.

What is he trying to do?

What human wants is the honey we collected….

No way, you’re trying to have me build a hive here so you can continuously exploit us into making honey!


However, I have to survive!


Super hope!

Do-don’t expect me to be satisfied with the place you build without planning!


What a wonderful place.


My body is aching.

I want to build a hive in this place.

I wonder if I can really build a hive at this place.

I look at the spider who wrapped me with web.

After being troubled a little, it undid the web.


I will do my best to lay a lot of offsprings and collect honey!

Sorry, spider-san.

Can you please catch male?

Yeah, a vigorous one.

I think there will be some of them flying around nearby.

Yes, please take care of me from now on.

No no, it doesn’t have to be handsome.

It just have to be with good physical strength and with good personality.

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Thus, I obtain my paradise.

I can be considered as a winner.

I did it.

I reversed my fate!

Though we have to pay with some honey we collected, we don’t mind because the spiders will defeat foreign enemies for us.


Yes, this is symbiosis.


Though I say that this is paradise, it’s not like I’m entirely satisfied.

My only complaint is that there’s no flower that we love nearby….eh?

The human is raising flowers near our hive?

I’m sorry.

Thank you very much.

I’ll continue to work hard.



I have to change the way I view things….

They said that we can never be in a symbiotic relationship with humans or spiders but look at us!

Where are those who said that we can’t!?

You better shut up.



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