Chapter 104 – Summer Has Come and so Does Trouble

Time quietly passed by and the kuros began giving birth to new pups so it became busy.

We probably don’t have to do anything since we are already used for puppies being born but….I would feel awful if a pup dies.

Together with the citizens of the village, we helped them with their deliveries.

Presently, there’s no report about stillbirths.

There’s none….

Good. I also think that they’ll voluntarily restrict their reproduction again next year. Thinking about it makes me delighted.

Maa, I’ll permit you for now because the wolf pups are cute.

I probably won’t need to expand the field next year.

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The new village building is doing well and all the things that we could do on our end here are complete.

I think it will be fine to leave the rest to the new upcoming residents….

But where are the new residents?

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The reason why there are no new residents is obvious.

We’re depending on Beezel, Doraim, and Michael-san to gather villagers for us.

They were able to gather at least 30 villagers each.

We predicted that there will be 50 people at most so we prepared buildings for 50….

To be honest, I never expect them to gather that much people.

I heard that the forest of death has the worst reputation.

Only with a lot of confidence,  tons of courage, and good understanding about what is waiting for you here will make you decide to migrate.

I will never expect anyone to migrate just because of hearing about us.

However, the three of them, despite being in the forest of death, managed to gather more than 200 applicants in total.

That’s too many.

Furthermore, though I only meant to consult them regarding that, the three of them took care of the immigration itself.

「Was your explanation not clear?」

「There is a plan of making a new village. Is there anyone who wishes to migrate? Ah, it is located in the worst place so don’t expect too much….it’s like that.」

「I said something similar.」

「Me too….I also did not talk about taxes. I never thought that there will be people who’ll aggressively migrate. I’m sorry.」

Those were said by Beezel, Doraim, and Michael-san, the root of all of this. I’m also at fault since I was too late to stop them.

The three of them are busy so the frequency of our communication is not that high.

I should have utilized Hō-Ren-Sō (Hōkokuto, Renraku, and Sōdan) in order to reduce trouble. Even if we are using the small wyvern messaging, there is still a time lag of several days.

TN: HoRenSo = Report, Communicate, Inform.

The root of all trouble is the three of them only talking to me and them not communicating with each other.

I thought that they would only gather 10 each.

I have to reflect.

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After that, Beezel, Doraim, and Michael-san struggled to adjust but it did not go well.

「Although I reminded them that it is located in the forest of death, they are not willing to give up.」

「They are even presenting their village treasure in order to migrate.」

「They even caused a riot when I tried threatening them.」

There seems to be some reason for those groups to live in this place.

That said, even if we tell them to wait obediently, it doesn’t seem like they’ll withdraw.

But we can’t accept them all.

Even though I want to but……

What should I do?

「Let’s make new rooms for them immediately.」

Let’s try to accept everyone.

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Presently, I’m checking all the arrangements we made.

I already asked them to stretch the migration date as much as possible but it’s not going well.

There is even one group that’s already started moving towards here.

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What should I do now?

First of all, I gather all the race’s representatives for a meeting.

「I’d like to expand the new village to accept one group and create new villages to accept the other two groups.」

I explained the situation and my thoughts about it.

「Won’t it be possible to expand the new village and let everyone migrate there?」

「From what I heard, the three groups are three different races. I thought that it would be more efficient to divide them that put them together in one place….」

「Certainly. Though Big Tree Village is home for several races and is doing well….it is a rare case.」

「If we think about how the newcomers will feel if they settle down somewhere with other races, they’ll probably be restless.」

「In addition to that….」

Thus, it has been decided to make new villages.

「Where should we build them?」

「There are several proposed site prepared before but there is a problem.」

「What is it?」

「Water. Those places are nowhere near the waterfall….」

「The waterway would be too long.」

「Right. Though I think there will still be water if we dig wells but…. How are they going to farm with that? How are they going to water the fields?」

Fields made from AFT will be fine though.

However, I can’t do that…..

「This is hard.」

It doesn’t rain that much in this forest.

Though that is the case, why is it that the river flowing from the mountain in the north is abundant?

Well, because of that, there is no problem with the volume of water flowing in the river.

The problem is the position of the waterfall.

In other words, the height of the river is the problem.

「Is there a device that can draw the water up from the river?」

「Like a magical tool?」

「No, not like that….I mean, like the water wheel used in the bath. Is there a tool like that?」

「No, there’s no device like…..that’s it, village chief!」


「What don’t we use a water wheel like that to draw the water up from the river?」

I blush a little.

That’s exactly right.

Ah, wait wait.

「That waterwheel is a failure.」

「Failure? But it can draw water, is it not?」

「Yes, but manually. It should have been automatic. A waterwheel should be able to use the water flow of the river to draw the water up to a higher place.」

Hearing my explanation, the mountain elf Ya raises her hands.

「I have been interested in that water wheel for some time. I will do my best to complete it as you describe.」

I am thankful for Ya’s proposal.

「With the assumption of a complete waterwheel…..there are several places that I can recommend if the waterway problem is no more.」

It will be autumn harvest soon.

And winter will come next.

It seems like we lack time.

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We build the new villages in a hurry.

First of all, the expansion of the new village is almost complete.

Currently, it can only accommodate 50 people the most but it should be able to accommodate twice now.

I used the AFT to clear the forest in order to expand the village.

It took me five days to do it.

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Three high elves and several kuros checked the new proposed village site.

The place is ten kilometers south of the new village.

It is fairly far from Big Tree Village.

「Can you make it a little closer?」

「If the village is too close, it will coincide with the first village once it becomes bigger. I personally think that this distance is too close.」

「Is that so….」

Thinking about it, since they are 10 kilometers away from each other, if they mutually expand 5 kilometers, they’ll coincide.

But, will that actually happen?

That might be so because of the river. Given the location of the river, Big Tree Village is expanding southeast. Did they choose to build the new village in the west because of that?


Let’s just think that they really chose those places because of it.

「I understand. Let’s build the next new village in that place.」

「Yes, and also, village chief, can you temporarily name the new villages?」

「….I don’t have a naming sense.」

「It is only temporary.」

「Is that so? Then….the new village will be Kawakami Village, the one you went to will be Kawashimo Village, and at the other one will be Kawanaka Village.」

TN: Kawakami – Upper part of the river, Kawashimo –  Lower part of the river, Kawanaka – Middle part of the river.

「Kawakami Village, Kawashimo Village, Kawanaka Village. Affirmative. I’ll notify the others.」


Kawakami Village, Kawashimo Village, Kawanaka Village………

Yeah, it is easy to make mistake so I have to fix it right now.

「How about One Village, Two Village, and Three Village?」

「It is only temporary so I think those are good temporary names.」

In addition, I think that the new inhabitants should be the one to decide the name of the village rather than having poor names attached to their new village.

「Yes. When the new residents want to name it on their own, let them be.」

「We’re going to ask the new residents?」

Anyway, those were only temporary names.

One Village is under construction due to expansion.

Next will be Two Village’s turn and last will be Three Village’s.


One Village, Two Village, Three Village…..

Bell Village, Hill Village, and Valley Village sounds better.

Whatever. It is only temporary.

I shouldn’t think of pointless things.

We should make Two Village quick….let’s make a road.

「Straight north of here is One Village.」

「Affirmative. Thanks for your hard work.」

It took me 5 days to make a road that connects One Village and Two Village.

And 15 days in making construction materials for Two Village.

I also made toilets and wells. We are also behind schedule since we were attacked by monsters and demon beasts frequently.

Is it because this is the first time some people stayed in this neighborhood for a long time?

Thinking about it, weren’t the monsters and demon beasts around the Big Tree Village decreased?

No no, the rabbits with fangs are on the rise.

We often capture them.


By chance, is the reason why the rabbit with fangs is on the rise because we’re killing monsters and demon beasts?

A-as expected of the power of balance of nature.

I have to keep in mind the ecosystem of the forest and the preservation of species from now on.

Humans should not trouble the other residents of his surroundings.

He should not waste preys.

He should not hunt wastefully.

That’s for the best.

I left one big tree in the center of the two villages.

I decided it to be the standard style.

I also made shrines below those trees.

Because we don’t have enough time, I only made statues of the two gods.

I postponed making statues of Kuro and Zabuton.

However, I will definitely make it later.

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Now, Three Village.

Three Village is south of Two Village.

About 15 kilometers along the river.

After receiving an explanation about the planned construction site and judging that there is no problem, I made a road that connects Two Village and Three Village.

It took me 10 days.

There are still a lot of monsters and demon beasts after all.

The kuros drives away majority of them. I’m wondering why this side is attacked frequently.

In this survival of the fittest place, I made delicious foods using the monsters and demon beasts.

When I was about to start working on Three Village, the high elves completed the construction on One Village and started working on Two Village.

That time, a message arrived.

「Village Chief, with Doraim-san’s guidance, the migrant applicant has arrived. Please return to Big Tree Village.」

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AN: One Village, Two Village, Three Village. Should it be better if I name them Village of One, Village of Two, and Village of Three?

TN: (ಠ_ಠ)



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