Chapter 105 – The First Group of New Residents Arrived

The first group.

They are migrants who were gathered by Doraim.

They will be transported here via sky route with the help of Doraim, Hakuren, and Rasuti.

For that reason, a huge four-legged table was prepared.

Given the shape of a dragon, it will make it easier to transport things better if they have a table on their back.

As for the four legs, it is made for them to wear the table easier when they transform from human to dragon form.

It is also convenient to use it for carrying, loading, and unloading things compared to what we’ve been doing before so it is popular.

The four-legged table was also devised so that things on it will not easily fall.

The figure of the three dragons carrying tables coming towards the village reminded me of the wyvern attack which scares me a little.

A total of 72.

Every one of them is from the Minotaur race.

The Minotaur I know of are giants with head of a cow but the minotaurs in front of me now have normal human face.

Other than the two big, buffalo-like horns on their head.

Also, the Minotaur I know of is a male-only race… forget about male-only race, most of them are females.

Maa, this world is really different from the world I came from.

I shouldn’t trouble myself in every single detail.

I thought of giving Doraim something as thanks but he declined saying that I should just pass it to the minotaurs.

I’m the one who troubled him to gather villagers, why is he worried?

I’m the one who requested them so there is no need for him to worry….

On the other hand, Hakuren and Rasuti did not hesitate to take my gift of thanks for them.

I felt relieved when they took it.

As for Doraim, he looked at the minotaurs he brought for a while and said.

「Will I be deemed irresponsible if I say that I’m no longer responsible after taking them here? The other party might also be uneasy.」

「I’m the representative, Gordon. Please take care of us from now on.」

While greeting me, I observe them.

Minotaurs, around 28 males and 44 females.

Among them, there are 8 bull calves and 15 calves.

It looks like there are 49 of them that can be used as manpower(?) immediately….

But all of those laborable minotaurs are really thin.

It is obvious at first sight that they are not eating well.

The calves are not as bad as them but it is obvious that they gave their foods to the young ones.

With that, it is obvious that they are not very laborable.

「How about eating first? I’ll have them prepare some now.」

I had the minotaurs go to the place where the martial arts competition was held.

I had the oni maids prepare and give them foods.

I had them prepare foods that are gentle to the stomach….Is there a taboo food for their race?

It seems like there’s no problem when the oni maids gave them so I guess it’s alright.

After this, I’ll have Loo, Tier, and Flora heal them if they need any treatment.

Will that be enough?

No, I haven’t decided who’ll be their caretaker.

If they wait for my permission or judgment every single time, the progress will be slow and some things might be too late so I better have someone take that position.

They need a guide for their village life.

When the beastkins arrived, I asked the oni Ramurias to take care of them and she’s still working hard to this day.

The caretaker of the minotaurs will be…..who should I entrust them to?

I can’t think of anyone.

「Village chief, would you let me take care of them?」

One of the lizardmen spoke.

「Is it alright?」

「Yes. Though they are not them, I have had a contact with minotaurs before. Unless there’s someone else here besides me who has knowledge about minotaurs.」

I looked around and waited for 10 minutes to check if there will be another motivated individual.

「Lizardman Nuff.」

Though I can’t distinguish which is which from the beginning, we have been associated with each other for a long time now.

I somehow managed to distinguish who is he.

Though I still can’t distinguish hatchlings yet.

「I’ll leave the minotaurs to you.」

「Thank you.」

After leaving the minotaurs to Nuff, I gather everyone else at home to consult them.

「There is a problem with the new village.」


The high elves and I were troubled.

「I’m sorry. I haven’t been to the new village yet so what kind of problem did you notice?」

The mountain elf, who’s struggling to make the waterwheel in Big Tree village, raises her hand and asks that question. One of the high elves answers it.

「The new village was completed and it can accommodate up to 100 residents.」

Good, they doubled the fifty.

They did it but….

「What is the problem? Isn’t that more than enough?」

「Right but we based it on normal race’s size.」


A blind spot.

I completely have not thought about it.

Up to now, no extremely big race has come to this village.

However, though they are thin, the minotaurs are really big.

Not counting the calves, the adults are all over two meters in height.

Some are even almost three meters in height.

In addition to that problem, clothes.

Every one of them is wearing ragged clothes.

「Let’s ask Zabuton to make some in a hurry.」

I looked at one of the spiderlings on my side. It raises one of its legs to show its consent and heads for Zabuton.

「The first problem is that there are no beds for them.」

「Right. Let’s pray that it won’t rain so they can sleep outside for a while.」

「Even if you say that….」

It will soon be autumn harvest.

I’m already thinking of temporarily suspending the new village building.


Food security is essential if you think about winter.

It is not possible to not select harvesting over something else.

Harvesting is the top priority.

Their house making must be delayed.

Assuming that I have them help us with harvesting and house building, I don’t think that we’ll be able to complete it by winter.

「Ano, if the house is not enough, how about having them live in the northern dungeon during this winter? The titans are living there so there is definitely enough living space.」

Those who went to the dungeon in the north suggested so.

「Although it is not a bad idea, will the titans be okay with it?」

「They gave me this friendly atmosphere when we met them. I think it will be alright. However, it will be necessary to gift them with fuel and food for the winter as a reward.」

「Right. I want everything to be handled here as much as possible but we better prepare for the worst case scenario. Let’s have someone negotiate in advance.」

「I understand. Let’s choose the candidate.」

「Please. Also….」


「Using the village’s money, let’s buy food from Michael-san. And tools too.」

From what I saw, the minotaurs have no personal property.

Some of them even borrowed swords and spears.

「Should we prepare weapons for them too?」

I’m in doubt so I asked the people around me of their opinion.

「They are almost wearing nothing….. What in the world has happened to them?」

「Nuff, talk to them. I want to know more. Next issue, regarding the immediate need for food…」

There are many things to talk about.

In addition, a new problem came up.

「Village chief, the group gathered by Beezel-sama arrived.」

I feel a little dizzy.


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