Chapter 106 – The Second Group of New Residents Arrived

The second group.

Their lower body is of a horse, centaurs.

There are a total of 104 of them.

30 males and 74 females.

There are obviously 30 colts and 34 fillies.

That means there are 40 adults who can be labor force….but all of them are mares.

Though I say they can be labor force, all of them are equipped with leather and iron armors and are also equipped with weapons as if they are about to invade.

They are also wary of the surroundings.

The young ones don’t have weapons but they are wearing armors.


I got a feeling that they are a group of individuals who had just escaped from a war sieged castle.

「Beezel, they are?」

It was Beezel who brought them here.

Beezel brought a large number of people near this village via teleportation magic so he still can’t stand up straight yet.

I would like him to take a rest at Frau’s house after this but I want to ask you about them before anything else.

「As you can see, they are a group of individuals who had just escaped from a war sieged castle.」

「You offered them to migrate in the middle of a war?」

「Of course not. The front lines of the war already moved to a dangerous area where it is impossible to take refuge in that region therefore, you can consider their migration as some sort of evacuation.」

「The war has advanced that much?」

「Yeah, I can’t abandon them so I took them here.」

「….who’s the enemy?」

「The Kingdom of Full Heart.」

The human country who’s at war against the Demon King’s kingdom huh.

「I’ll cooperate as much as I can, thanks for your hard work.」


Beezel has already reached his limit so I asked a lizardman to take him to Frau’s house.


I look at the centaurs.

I should do something about their attack mode.

It will be troublesome if they continue to act like that.

「I’m Hiraku, the representative of the village. Who is your representative?」

「That’s me. I’m Gluewald.」

TN: Not sure about how to spell her name. The illustration is blurry.

A mare stepped forward.

She looks like a female knight with her iron equipments.

Her lower body is of a horse though.

Ah, it looks like the centaurs don’t wear anything on their horse part.

From the front, they look like a normal human.

「I’m a relative of a retainer of Viscount Bigu. What are you staring at?」


Who’s Viscount Bigu?

Presently, Frau…..took Beezel at her house.

Then, how about the civil servant girls!

「Welcome to Big Tree Village. This place is somewhat related to Count Chrome who guided you here so please be relieved.」

Count Chrome?

….Ah, is that Beezel?

「We heard that we’re supposed to emigrate here. Were you also informed about it?」

「We do. We were notified but there are several problems.」

「Umu. Then do something.」

「Gluewald-san, why did you come to this village? If you think that this will be your new territory please think again.」

「YOU! How can a village girl talk to me like that?」

「Excuse me. I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m the second daughter of Count Drowa of the Demon King’s Kingdom, I am Rasshashi Drowa.」

One of the civil servant girls, Rasshashi picked up her skirt and bowed beautifully at Gluewald.

She’s wearing a village girl outfit but she’s overflowing with elegance.

I can’t believe that someone with intolerable grace is working as an attendant.

「Viscount Bigu of the western faction that you are serving is under the jurisdiction of our house. Can you please introduce yourself properly now?」

「A-apologies for my rudeness. I am Gluewald Rabi Cole. I’m a relative of Viscount Bigu’s retainer.」

Rasshashi is on top of the food chain.

「I just said that you may be relieved. How long do you plan on holding those weapons?」

「M-my apologies.」

With Gluewald’s instruction, the centaurs fix their stance.

Peace of mind at last.

All hail Rasshashi.

「Thank you very much. Village chief, they seem to be a little confused. In order to calm them down, I wonder if it’s alright to feed them like we did with the minotaurs?」

「That should be fine. Let’s do that.」

「Great. Also, since they seem to be related to my house, should I be the one to be in charge of them?」

「Ah, it would be great if you do so. Please do.」

「Leave it to me.」


「Is there a problem?」

「They are from the area under your house’s jurisdiction, even if your parents are officials, will they be alright?」

「According to the information we received from Beezel-sama, there are no problems yet.」

「Is that so?」

「However, if something happened, I’ll need to ask a favor.」

「Ah, I understand.」

I left the centaurs to the civil servant girl Rasshashi and returned to the receiving meeting.

「Now, Gluewald-san.」


「Good reply. It would have been good if you did so from the beginning….」

「My apologies for my rudeness.」

「No, sorry. I do not intend to bully you. I understand that you’re only doing so to protect the young ones. Before coming here, I’m probably worse than you.」


「The Big Tree Village will accept you according to the previous proposal. However, you are not to settle here but in a newly made village. And that village is not even completed yet.」

「I’ve heard about that. At the very least, can you let the children live in this village?」

「The village chief is the only one who can decide that. Ah, that’s right. I forgot to mention something important.」

「What is it?」

「The village chief is the pinnacle of power in this village.」

「The village chief…that man from before?」

「Yes. And unfortunately, my position in this village is regrettably low. No, it can be said that I’m at the very bottom.」

「No way, for Count Drowa’s daughter to be….」

「Even Count Chrome brought you here himself, use your head to understand things here. In this village, I’m in the lowest class. This is that kind of village.」


「Maa, you probably can’t believe my words. Let’s have you eat dinner first. This is from the village chief’s goodwill. Don’t forget to show your gratitude. After eating, I’ll show you and some of your companions around the village to show see and feel what it is to be here.」

I returned to the meeting.

「They are rude, are we really going to accept them?」

「I don’t think they’re really rude…. Maa, they are in an unknown territory. They are only vigilant.」

「Maybe but….」

「Let’s hope that Rasshashi can take care of them. Now, our problem deepens.」

Yup, more problems.

The second group, the centaurs, has a lower body of a horse.

The size is about the same as a true horse.

In other words, big.

They are roughly at the minotaur’s level.

And, their lower body is of a horse.

Their lives will be difficult with the facilities we made that are designed for humans.

They probably can’t even enter a door.

The toilet’s size will be a problem too.


Are the minotaurs same as them?

「Village chief, where are you going?」

「For the time being, let’s make a proper toilet for the minotaurs and centaurs.」

「Can you please postpone it? It’s okay. I know that the village chief loves cleanliness. We will tell them to take care of their poops properly so please be relieved.」


「By the way, village chief」

「What is it? 」

「Is there a reason for the kuros and the spiders not showing up before the minotaurs and centaurs? 」

「It was requested by both Doraim and Beezel. They are frightening by nature so the newcomers will be restless if they suddenly met them. Because of that, most of the kuros are in the forest and the spiders are either on the trees or on the top of the buildings. Some of them are acting as Riaison officers though.」

When I said that, one of the spiderlings bungee jumps, raises one of its legs and waves, and climbs up again.

「A wise judgment. 」

「Maa, let’s prepare and keep our face up this night. 」

「Why? 」

「The first group and the second group arrived earlier than planned. I will not be surprised if the next one will come.」

「That can’t be.」

「Hahaha….hnnn? It seems like someone has arrived.」

「Hahaha. Good joke.」

「I want it to be a joke but….」

「Village chief, a report came from Gran Maria. She encountered the group gathered by Michael-san in the forest and they will arrive here soon.」




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