Chapter 118 – What Can You Raise?

Village Two, the village of the minotaurs.

The first thing I did there was to set up the statues of Kuro, Yuki, and Zabuton I made for the shrine.

The statue of Zabuton was carried by the spiderlings living in the big tree of Village Two.

They install it in a way that it will surely not fall.

And of course, I pray to god in that place too.

On the way to Village Two, I crossed the improved bridge and found a problem.

The big luggage(statue of Kuro, Yuki, and Zabuton) that we’re carrying is too big. It can’t pass through the bridge that has a handrail now.

I always ask Hakuren and Rasuti to transport food so I overlook this problem.

Let’s think about how to improve the improved bridge some other time.

The minotaurs living in Village Two are already experienced in farming so there is no need to worry about them regarding that matter.

「A reservoir on this place please.」

While I’m doing my work on Big Tree Village, the waterway of Village Two was completed.

The waterway is made of bamboo.

We process the bamboo and construct the foundation during winter and assembled them immediately as soon as it was spring.

Bamboo waterway has problems like low volume flow rate and strength but it is highly evaluated for its maintenance.

Currently, there is a plan to make two waterway to increase the volume flow rate of water.

I made a reservoir in the designated place and dug a waterway for drainage.

「Instantly. We tried but we can’t dig at all….」

All thanks to the AFT.

Don’t express your gratitude to me, pray to the shrine.

That reminds me, are they believer?

Could it be that they see the shrine as an eyesore….

That made me worry so I asked Gordon.

「We are believers of the farming god but we’re not fanatical enough to remove the statue of the other god….」

「Is that so? Farming god…..the god of farming. The one on that side….」

「That’s what we heard though that appearance is something we don’t recognize so it doesn’t matter.」

「Is that so? Maa, anyway, if you want to, I can make a statue based on the figure you know of.」

「Thank you very much.」

Now, let’s get back to business.

「The field should mainly be grains. However, though it is a troublesome request, we would like several kinds in case that one kind has a bad harvest here. If you can plant fruit trees, please do so.」

After hearing the request of Village Two, I plowed to make the field.

I entrusted the location and the size of the field to the residents of Village Two.

I don’t need much time and effort plowing here using the AFT but this is my first time here so I’ll have them guide me. For the second time onwards, I only need to think of the crops I’ll plant now to the place where they were previously planted so it will be faster.

By the way, I let the minotaurs decide the field area size.

The result.

Village two has a field of size 16 by 16.

Wheat, corn, itaRian millet, barnyard millet, foxtail millet.

To be honest, I only know itaRian millet, barnyard millet, and foxtail millet by name but the minotaurs said that those were the food that we purchased from Michael-san.

Having the real thing, I did my best imagining while listening to the minotaur’s explanation.

I believe the AFT can manage somehow.

The fruit trees are 8 by 8 fields in size.

Oranges, peaches, apples, pears.

I also mixed several lemon and lime.

In addition, I had them raise goats on an 8 by 8 area.

Before we came, the preparation has already been started so there are already fence, loafing shed, and drinking place.

I plowed the place where the goat will go out to pasture with the AFT so that grass will grow there.

Now, for the goat.

Six goats were brought here from the Big Tree Village.

My personal demand, I want to have the goats breed first without eating any one of them.

「We have some individuals here that are experienced in making cheese from goat milk so we’ll prioritize that.」

You have my thanks.

It seems like you want to try various things but I want you to stabilize your foundation first.

But I don’t object to it.

「To give us with such a large field, thank you very much.」

「We will do our best to raise it.」

「We’ll take care of the goats as well.」

After hearing their words of thanks, I head for Village Three.

Village Three.

I’m late so I’m sorry.

We install the statues of Kuro, Yuki, and Zabuton to the shrine in Village Three.

Like in Village Two, Zabuton’s statue was installed by the spiderlings living in the big tree of Village Three.

Make sure it won’t fall.

And I pray to god again.

The centaurs believe in various gods but the one they believe in the most is the war god.

If I can, I’ll carve it.

Village Three, the village of the centaurs.

The waterway of Village Three was completed too.

I’m a little worried because all the adult centaurs are females but it seems like the minotaurs of Village Two helped them out.

The waterway is also made of bamboo like in Village Two.

It seems like the centaurs helped the minotaurs in making small furnitures for the minotaur’s houses so in return, they helped the centaurs in building the waterway.


After digging a reservoir and drainage, I started on making a field.

Unlike Village Two, Village Three requested for a vegetable field.

It is the result of consultation between Village Two and Village Three.

The size will be 16 by 16 fields.

They are mainly carrot, radish, eggplant, and pumpkin.

In addition, I also planted potatoes, sweet potatoes, strawberries, watermelons, melons and others.

The fruit tree field is 8 by 8 fields in size.

At first, I thought that they would want majority to be apples but they requested for peach.

「Peach is awesome.」

It seems like the centaurs liked the peach we served them at Big Tree Village.

But, it is difficult to preserve peach.

Though they want more peach, they also want more persimmon and orange.

After talking with Village Two, they decided to raise chickens.

An area of 4 by 4 fields in size was prepared for it and I use the AFT to plant something that the chickens can eat.

Before giving them chickens, I made an appropriate hedge.

We don’t want the chicken escaping so I enclosed that place with logs on all side.

The only way out is a simple fence.


The chicken coop and the drinking place will be taken care of by the centaurs….

There are only female adult centaurs.

I called for several high elves to make a chicken coop and a place to drink in a stroke.

They also carried 10 chickens from the Big Tree Village.

Ugh, I want you to breed chickens first before eating them.

Live well.

My job in Village Three is over.

That’s what I thought but there is still something I need to do.

Building fence and digging moat.

There was no time to construct them until now and I understand that a too simple fence and moat is not very useful so I did not do so.

It seems like the kuros have been vigilant during this winter and they hunted a large amount of prey.


The kuros will stay here as residents of this place but I still want to surround the residential area with fence and moat.

Let’s dig the moat first.

I dig a lot.


Next, the fence.

I cut down big trees in the forest and lined them up surrounding the village.

I secure the entrance and exit and prepare a bridge for the moat and its finish.

It didn’t take a long time to surround the residential area but it will be another story if I want to surround the whole village.

Let’s construct a fence and moat surrounding the whole village next time.

I also have to consider the possibility of expanding the field.

I’ve completed my job for Village Three so let’s go back to Village Two.

I also surround Village Two’s residential area with fence and moat.

Again, the fence and moat surrounding the whole village will be continued next time.

At the same time as I returned to Big Tree Village, about a hundred kuros, who were born last year, went out.


Looking for partners?

I did not pay attention to them recently because it has been a while since they did that.

I feel lonely.

However, more than half of the kuros born last year remain.


I tried to pat the head of a nearby wolf but Kuro broke in.


Okay okay.

I’ll pat you first, Kuro.

Yuki looks like she’s waiting for her turn.

Yes yes.

Though I pat them, it will be hard for me to pat everyone so stop making a line.

………….a loonnnggg line was made.

Also, why are the beastgirls and the oni maids lining up too?

That day, I played with the kuros until night.

In Big Tree Village, the preparation for my house’s renovation is complete.

According to the plan, my house will be stretched horizontally and then bend.

A bath will also be made.

The problem is the dormitory of the oni maids.

I’ll just have them live at my house too.

We’ll also increase the chicken area and reduce the number of fields.

With regards to those fields, they are only for experimental purposes so it’s fine to reduce them since their crop production is small….

TN: So the village chief’s house will be U-shape. Not sure what happened to one of the fields.

Aren’t you expanding my house too much?

Its width is about 200 meters.

It was settled like that without problems.

Is that really alright?

Now, it’s under construction.

I thought that those who are currently living in my house need to move to another place but it seems like I’m wrong.

It seems like my house is divided into several blocks and it will be renovated per block.

The first thing that will be constructed will be the planned expansion.

I cut some trees and transported the timber from the forest.

People from Village Two and Village Three, who know about construction and architecture, come to help.

I appreciate it.

I thought that the house will be completely made of wood like before but it seems to be different.

They made the foundation by using stones and hardened it. It looks like concrete now.

「This time, we’ll build a house using stone and timber. A house made of wood is good but appearance wise, we should use stones.」


I’ll entrust it to you so I won’t complain.

I prepare process woods as much as required.

Before my house was completed, harvest time of Big Tree Village has begun so we need to postpone it.

We rush harvesting.

Once the harvest is over, I plow the field again.

I have to do it because of the Village Two, Village Three, and the kuros.

For a moment, I thought of shrinking the fields for crops used for making alcohol but the dwarves beg me not to so I let it be.

After harvesting the crops in Big Tree Village, I’ll have to plow the field again.

Village Two and Village Three’s crops will need to be harvested soon.

And I have to plow the fields there again.

With this many food, there will be no problem.

Though I’ve become very busy.



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