Chapter 124 – The Leader of the Angel Race

Now, the place where I’m currently living is called the land of death.

The forest in the land of death is called the forest of death.

There is a reason why the word “death” is attached to the name of these places.

It is because there are few birds in this forest.

The forest where even birds don’t fly is called the forest of death. The land where the birds don’t fly is called the land of death.

And what is the reason why there are almost no birds….?

The monsters and demon beasts hunt birds.

I don’t know much about it but the spider called demon spiders are the topmost natural enemies of birds.

The natural predators of birds are spiders.

By the way, why am I thinking of such a thing….?

Before me are ten angels and 30 harpies. So what’s wrong with that? Well, their wings are tied up by the web of the spiderlings and they were brought here by the kuros.

The harpies look profitable.


「My apologies village chief.  Can you stop them now….」

Gran Maria bowed looking troubled.

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I heard what happened from Gran Maria.

When she went out to look for the angel she knows of, she met the daughter of the leader of the angels.

She was asked with various things about this village and she became furious when she heard from her that Tier and I had a child.

As the result, they gathered their forces and head here.

「In other words, they are enemies?」

After hearing my words, the angels and harpies, who were sitting on seiza, were startled.

「N-no, we came here for a reason and we are not really hostile….」

As I heard one of the angels, I asked in return.

「You gathered your forces and came to this village, didn’t you? Isn’t that a clear sign of hostility?」


Currently, there is only me and Gran Maria in this place.

Sitting in seiza in front of us are the angels and harpies.

Behind them are the kuros and the spiders.

If they try standing up without permission, they will be taken care of.

They have to be healed so I call for Tier, Loo, and Flora but Flora was the only one who came.

They might be a reason why they are not willing to show their faces to them now.

Perhaps there are even various reasons.

「Gran Maria, what is the reason why they are enraged when they heard that Tia bore my child?」

「Village chief, let go there.」

Gran Maria takes me to a place far away from those who are in seiza.

「The angel race is a female only race.」

I think I heard that from Tier a while back.

「However, to reproduce, we need males.」


「Because of that, we need males from other races.」


「It is usually a human male but in order for him to be chosen, he needs to undergo a trial….」

「….you omitted too much. Can you tell me more details?」

「A trial is a form of formality but if the angels don’t think that the marriage partner is not worthy, they’ll prepare a trial that so difficult that he will not overcome. With regards to that issue, we are currently divided into two factions, one is the group protecting the trial as a tradition and the other one ignores the trial.」


「The daughter of the angel’s leader belongs to the faction protecting the trial. To tell you the truth, Tier-sama, I, Kuudel, and Corone belongs to that faction but…..with the village chief.」

「So they got angry and came here to attack.」


By the way, to think that the egg-laying races like the lizardmen and harpies follow them, they must have some appeal to them.

「Given the present situation, it is okay to give them some punishment to end all of this….」

I must be fair given the position of Tier and the others.

「What is the content of the trial?」


「I just need to pass the trial in order to be a suitable partner of an angel, there’s no problem if I take it, right?」

「Y-yes. That’s right….」

「If the trial is something like flying in the sky or being underwater for an hour that would be impossible.」

「It is close to that but….thinking about the village chief, I think you’ll be fine.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes. Because only the village chief is worthy of being Tier-sama’s partner.」

「Tier’s partner.」

Gran Maria is a bit embarrassed.

Maa, before everything else, I want to hear the words of apologies from the angels and harpies.

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「Now….daughter of the leader of the angels.」


「Kierbit, I now know the reason why you came here. To make it short, you’re an enemy. You are here to take care of me. I am free to do whatever I want to do with you, you know what I mean?」

「Wait! I-I’m the daughter of the leader of the angels!」

「I know.」

「If you do something to me, the angels will not overlook it!」

「Gran Maria, is that true?」

「Might be…..but we have Tier-sama so it’s okay.」

「Who holds power?」

「Tier-sama is the strongest angel. The next will be the angel’s leader and then, us.」

「Hnnn…..there are ten angels here……」

「Kuudel and Corone are enough to take care of them.」

「How many angels are there?」

「There are about 300 of us in total but those who will act with the leader is….about 50?」

「50 huh. Only five times with their forces here….」

A couple of kuros can take care of an angel.

If I add the spiders…..

「They’re not a threat.」

「Then, no matter how I deal with them, there’s no problem?」


「Wait wait wait! That’s not limited to angels. There will be many races that will cooperate with us! If you lay your hands on me, the number of those who’ll attack this place is not just a thousand or two!」

「….I see.」

「You seem to get it. Then, release me now.」

No, I’m not the one who tied you.

I only had you seiza.

Maa, the kuros and the spiders are watching so they also act as restraints.


I left Kierbit and stand before the harpies.

「Harpies, you seemed to have come here because you are told to do so, is that true?」

When I asked that, a harpy, who seems to be the representative, replied.

「Yes, that is true.」

「I see. Then, I will forgive you if you leave Kierbit and serve Gran Maria. I will take care of your food too. How is it?」

「……our loyalty, belongs to Gran Maria-sama.?」

Did they practice? All of them bowed at the same time.


「Good, as promised, you are now forgiven. You can stand up.」

「Thank you very much.」

The harpies stand up. The kuros and the spiders at the back move to untie them.

They are unsteady after being in seiza for some time.

「The food….ah, it’s here. It was mean of me to only serve you simple dishes.」

「No, we are grateful.」

The harpies began eating the food that the oni maids brought.

For a moment, I’m a bit anxious because their arms are wings but they were able to use spoon using the claws on the middle of their wings.

I was really surprised seeing them like that.

Because I imagine them eating like birds.

I’m sorry for being convinced by my own selfish idea.


I looked at the angels other than Kierbit.

The angels, including Kierbit, are sparklingly beautiful.

It also looks like they spend time taking care of their hairs.

They are also wearing battle clothes but it boasts elegance.

In addition, they have beautiful white wings on their back.

Truly angelic.

However, they lose to Tier, Gran Maria, Kuudel, and Corone. (FamiRial bias)

Besides, presently, their hair, their clothes, and their wings are dirtied with mud.

It ruins their beauty.

The angels in question are also concerned about their looks so they tried to reduce the dirt on their hair and clothes when I’m not looking at them.

「You guys are Kierbit’s followers. If you apologize obediently, I will forgive you.」


No response.

They’re different from the harpies.

「Village chief, may I?」


Gran Maria explains to me in a low voice.

「The harpies are fine with it since they are still serving an angel even if they switch from Kierbit to me therefore, they accepted the condition you offer them. However, they will clearly betray the daughter of the angel’s leader if they did what you ask. Even if they are saved in this place, they will encounter troubles afterward.」

「Can’t they just say that it is an emergency so they are forced to do so?」

「If Kierbit is not before them.」

「I see.」

Then, let’s change our approach.

「Kierbit attacks this village which is an unacceptable sin! Therefore, I have to punish Kierbit ten times. Even one punishment is considerably painful. If she receives ten….it will be unfortunate. No, it will surely be tragic.」

Hearing my explanation, Kierbit instantly turns pale.

「However, if one of you apologize, I’ll reduce Kierbit’s punishment by one. If two apologize, I reduce it by two. If three apologize, I reduce it by three. How about it?」

「I’m sorry.」

Everyone besides Kierbit bows.

Gran Maria was quite surprised.

「No way. To make the entourage of Kierbit lower their head easily….」

「I just gave them a reason to lower their head. This time, it’s to help Kierbit.」

「Alright, everyone besides Kierbit can stand up. I’ll have someone prepare food for you. You may use the bath as well.」

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Now, one last person.


I wonder how should I deal with her.

「I’m sorry. I was wrong.」

While I’m suffering because I don’t know what to do to her, Kierbit lowers her head.


「….now, what should I do?」

「I’m sorry.」

She’s almost crying.

Did I bully her too much?

No no, she invaded the village.

This is her just punishment.

And because I now heard her words of apology….

「I forgive…..」


Kierbit wept.



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