Chapter 126 – Discussion with Kierbit About the Harpies

「The alcohol here is delicious. Give me some to take home.」

Kierbit and the harpies slept at Village One.

Then, fly back to Big Tree Village to eat.

They look like migratory birds.

「I hope you didn’t trouble the nyunyu-daphnes.」

「Of course. We didn’t have enough contact to trouble them.」

Is that a good thing?

「By the way, why are the houses there vacant?」


I decided to tell her the sad story.

「I see」

「Would you like to live there?」

「I’m thankful for the offer but I can’t do that. I still have to work.」


「I’m a shrine maiden at the Kingdom of Garrett.」


「It’s a country northwest of here. At that place, angels are worship so we have a proper status.」


「I’m even more powerful than the king there.」


「Why are you giving me that strange gaze?」

「No, it’s just that…」


「My bad. Then, how about the others?」

「They can’t do it because they have work similar to mine. However, if Gran Maria calls out, I think some will come.」

「Hnn? Will Gran Maria call out to another group?」

「That’s right. Gran Maria has no intention to call us who have a proper job. We only accidentally met with Gran Maria and had a talk with her.」

「There are about two to three of us who are free. Please take care of them.」

「Of course. Then, about the harpies….」

They said that they will now serve Gran Maria so they will be living here from now on.

「I don’t mind. I still have some of them in another place. However, some of them have families so can you only take those who want to stay?」

「Of course. If they want to return, I will not hold them back.」

「I’m the one who brought them here so they are my responsibility.」


It looks like she can hold a decent conversation if she’s calm.

「Then, can those who choose to stay bring their families here?」

「They can. They just need to ask.」


Kierbit stayed for the night and returned home the next day.

Most harpies chose to remain but they will all be returning together.

They said that they have things to take and still have to explain what happened to their families.

「Should I have the harpies stay at Village One?」

「That’s right. However, the harpies need houses similar to the centaurs.」

Gran Maria replies to my mutter.

「What do you mean?」

「The harpies don’t sleep on a bed. They make nests on trees and sleep on it.」


「Of course, there should be a roof and walls in order to protect it from rain and wind.」

「Than, does that mean that the houses there are useless?」

「It is not useless but they’ll have difficulty in opening and closing doors. Maa, I think they’ll get used to it but….」

「Ah, I see.」

「Those with families will live with their families but those single, young individuals live in a group.」

「Live in a group?」

「Yes, the harpies hunt in a group so they do that in order to increase their teamwork.」

Difference in culture means difference in lifestyle.

Like them, the lizardmen wanted a body of water as an egg hatching place.

「All right. Let’s take care of it.」

「Thank you very much.」

「….can you ask them about any problems or any things they are dissatisfied with?」

「Are you sure? I’ll tell them to not hold back.」

「That would be good…..」

「I’ll ask them at once.」

「Please do.」

Racial difference.

It will only inconvenience them if I imposed something that doesn’t fit them.

Let’s be careful.

There was one suggestion.

It’s about cotton.

For instance, futon.

Up to now, Zabuton has packed grass we gathered in the forest to make a futon.

The sofa and other furnitures are the same.

The grass stuffed in there grows in the forest so they are easy to collect.

It is also very economical because it doesn’t cost us anything.

But there is a drawback.

We should restuff them every six months.

Those that are frequently used are restuffed once a month.

In regards to my futon, the oni maids are restuffing it every ten days.

Thank you.

That was one of the reasons for the proposal.

Another one is to make clothes from cotton since every clothes here are made by Zabuton.

It’s not like they don’t want to wear the clothes made by Zabuton. According to everyone, they are good, too good that they are not suitable as regular work clothes.

Those are what the centaurs and minotaurs said.

Those are the two main reasons for the cotton proposal.

I see.

With regards to cotton, I overlook it because there are grass readily available and I have this mindset that I should plant something related to food.

Considering the village’s industry, is it good to raise cotton?

Even if we can stuff it in a futon as it is, we still need the technology to turn it into a yarn then into clothes.

Who can do that….? The spiders raise their legs.

Is it alright to leave it to you?

「Is it alright?」


They look proud.

I’ll make cotton fields next year.

Let’s continue with what we’re doing as of now.

As for the minotaur and centaur’s clothes, I sold the clothes made by the spiders to Michael-san and have him buy second-hand clothes from the money.

I don’t’ know anything about it but it seems like second-hand clothes are pretty common in this world. New clothes are also surprisingly expensive.

I thought it would be difficult to find clothes suited for the minotaurs and centaurs but, as expected of the shops from the demon king’s kingdom.

As for the amount gathered….

「Will these suffice?」

「Of course.」

I distributed the new second-hand clothes and work clothes to the minotaurs and centaurs.

By the way, the one who got excited the most is Zabuton.

It seems like she’s stimulated by seeing a large amount of design from the outside. She’s energetically making new clothes.

「It is good to wear something normal.」

I obtained several new clothes too.

The festival preparation.

I dig a hole on the west side of the residential area on the west side of the golf course.


TN: Digging sfx.

I dig some more.


The shape of the hole is not a circle but a rectangle.

It is also narrow.

The width is 5 meters and the length is 50 meters.

It is deeper at the center and shallower at the edge.

If I were to describe what it looks like, I’ll probably say that it is similar to a coin buried halfway to the ground.

The short sides will be used as entrance so I’ll have to make a mountain on that side too.

Even if I say a mountain, it is only a slender mountain.

The height will be 15 meters.

I’ll widen it a little. I’ll have it 4 meters wider than the entrance.

I also made a railing to make sure that they won’t fall out of the course.

I thought that it will be difficult to construct this but it was surprisingly simple.

Is it because the number of residents increased?

「It’s pretty impressive」

「Is it?」

This is the highest point in this place.

I thought that I would be able to see Village Two and Village Three but I guess I’m wrong.


Well, it’s not complete yet.

There’s still something that needs to work at.

The other side of the hole.

「A pond that can serve as reservoir here.」

「Yes. Let’s get it on.」

Everyone did their best.



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