Chapter 127 – New House

My new house is now complete.

It’s a splendid house.

Its width…..about 200 meters?

Length is about 100 meters?

Yeah, it’s not a house, it’s a mansion.

A noble’s mansion.

A two-story mansion with a solid foundation and is made of bricks and wood.

It is also three-story tall on certain parts.

I’m pretty sure that this house is not on a level a village chief like me can live in.

It was divided into several section upon building so those sections remain divided.

TN: Blue and red part represent the house of the village chief. The red part means it is being highlighted.

The center, where my previous house was formerly located, is now a 100 by 50 big hall.

The door is also big enough that the minotaurs can enter without stooping down.

However, the other doors, the door that leads to where we live, are of regular size because it will require much more work to build big doors.

The second floor is empty the has a walkway on the side so that one can easily open and close the windows.

And there are also bows and arrows prepared on certain points, just what are they going to use them for?

Are they for emergency uses just in case we need to barricade here?

There is a third floor in this section. In there, there are a lot of rooms of about three to four tatami mats in size.

Those were prepared as the rooms of the live-in workers here but….there are only vacant rooms there.

And I was only informed about this, it seems like people with low position are the only ones who’ll live in the highest place of the building.


From what I know, only those who held the highest position are the only one’s who’ll live in the highest place of the building.

Is it because there’s no elevator here?

In any case, the hall is large enough to accommodate all the villagers here.

But there are also huge pillars that obstructed the view quite a bit.

If they don’t exist, this place will look better…..

But it can’t be helped since it needs to be reinforced.

The place just in front of the entrance is a display room.

Presently, the first champion trophy is displayed there with Makura’s name on it.

On the right side of the hall is another section with the dining room and kitchen on the first floor and the oni maid’s living space on the second floor.

I’m anxious at first since I want to make sure that they are really safe there but it seems like everything is alright.

In addition, there is a basement there for food storage.

The place at the back of the section at the right of the hall.

Both first and second floor are rooms for guests.

We also modified some rooms on the first floor for the minotaurs and centaurs expatriates.

Though only small, there is also a hall full of gaming equipment there.

I wonder who’ll be the first one to use them.


Oh, Loo and Tier are playing with the oni maids.

The section at the left of the hall.

The first floor has my office, my private room, and a conference room.

My office is where I supposed to do my job. There are an executive-like table and chair, bookshelves, etc. there.

It totally looks like a noble’s office.

My room is in the depths of it.

My private space.

Besides my room, Loo, Tier, Flora, Hakuren, and Frau’s room are here too.

Frau has her own house in the residential area so her room here is the official room of the governor.

「I’ll live there too.」

Since she has a room here, she can really say that.

Beezel has been taking care of me so I won’t mind to let Frau do what she wants.

Maa, with Frau moving, there is now a new vacant house.

Currently, the pregnant high elves are still living in the residential area like before. The pregnant Ann is also still living with the oni maids too.

Although I told them that they can live here, they gently declined.

Won’t it be hard to monitor their condition that way?

But it is already discussed along with various people so I will not complain.

There is also a small dining room and kitchen here so that this side can also cook.

It is one of the disadvantages when my house has become so big.

The dining room is too far.

The conference room is a normal meeting room.

The table is not fixed so it can be used in various ways.

The second floor is full of private rooms.

One room is around 8 tatami mats.

Currently, there are only two rooms in use, Alfred and Tiselle, and the rest are vacant rooms.

There is also a basement here which is utilized as a food and weapon storage.

There are swords, spears, bows, and armors there…..

Most of them came from Doraim and Dors.

In short, it is not really a weapon storage but a treasure vault.

The food storage is the usual food storage.

However, it is connected via a passage to the food storage at the maid’s place.

Food can be transferred in both directions without having to go through the hall.

There is also a vault underground.

The only entrance is located at my office.

Even if it is troublesome to go in and out of it, it is relatively safe because it’s underground.

I’m kind of thrilled because of it for some reason.

However, it’s content is disappointing.

I think those items in the weapon storage are more valuables.

The section at the back of the section at the left of the hall.

The first floor is a bath and a warehouse.

The bath is … wide.

Yes, wide.

Twenty people can soak in the tub at the same time and twice that number can use the wash area.

A public bath?

It is that wide.

Hot water heated from the outside can be used at the tub and the wash area. You can see how skillful the mountain elves are.

I also requested a small solo bathroom.

Even if it is small, I think that the most important thing is being able to relax.

The warehouse is an ordinary material storage place.

Woods, building stones, and even grass are kept there.

I thought that it’s not a good idea to place it near the bath but it is not humid in there unexpectedly.

I thought that some sort of magic was casted on it but I’m wrong.

It seems like it was built in a way where it won’t be affected by the bath’s humidity.

I’m really impressed.

The second floor is a workshop and laboratory.

The workshop also serves as a storehouse of my finished products.

Loo and Tier have their own laboratories.

There is also Flora’s laboratory but it was sealed.

Flora’s research laboratory is a little further away.

It mainly handles fermented food.

There will be a mass production factory in the residential area once she completed the miso and soy sauce but we have to transfer her laboratory to another place since even my room started to smell.

A fermentation room or house is also important so it’s probably a blessing in disguise.

By the way, Flora almost lives there.

I can only see here when it’s time to eat.

Her presence has become so thin recently.

My new house……no, my new mansion has three major difference from my previous house.

First, water.

Until now, we take water from a well and store them for use in tubs and pots. However, this mansion has a water supply.

It is the result of me teaching the mountain elves the concept of pump.

Build a big water tank at the mansion, use the pump to draw water there, and distribute the water by piping.

The mansion is too big for one so there are five of them install all over.

There is no need to draw water early in the morning so the oni maids are pretty pleased with it.

Next is the number of toilets.

It has increased considerably.

That’s only natural because my residence has become so much bigger.

There are also toilets installed on the second floor and third floor.

This is all thanks to the installation of pumps and tanks, the piping system, and of course, the slimes.

And last.

There is a catwalk called spiderwalk set up all over the house.

The spiderwalk is a walkway for the spiderlings inside the mansion.

It is as wide as a fist of a child.

Someone like Makura has no way of using it.

Of course, they are only installed in the corridor and not on the private rooms.

There is also a dedicated passage for them to move from one floor to another. They also have their own exclusive doors to go outside.

The spiderlings are delighted with that.

Did they come here to express their appreciation? I was surprised to see the spiderlings at the ceiling of my office.

At least there’s not too many of them.

A very good residence, a mansion.

I’m really satisfied.

I’m satisfied but….I didn’t say I have no complaint.

I have some doubt.

More specifically, in my private room.

To say it clearly, on my bedroom.

As far as I know, a room should be locked from the inside…..

But why is my room something that can be locked from the outside?

Won’t I be trapped?

I think there is a mistake during the installation. I should have someone to fix this.

Also, why is there an opening between my bedroom and the room beside it?

It is also big enough for a person to pass through.

Is this a hidden passage?

A secret doorway for my bedroom?

But why?

An emergency exit during emergency?

I see.

Then, why is the door of that passage can’t be opened from my bedroom?

Also, there’s no keyhole on this end too. Another mistake in installation?

Another thing, why can someone peek at my bedroom from the passage?

Is it going to be used by the guards on duty?

I’m sure I won’t let anyone I don’t know in my bedroom so that is unnecessary.

Also, there’s a passage into my bedroom at the ceiling too.

If someone is to use that passage, I’ll definitely wake up.

I pray that no one will use it.

That said…..

For me to be able to sleep quietly, I need to improve my bedroom.

「The passage in the ceiling will be blocked but the other passage will be left as it is. It is a little pleasant to have a hidden passage. Ah, however, it is closed to the public. The only one who can use it are the spiderlings in times of emergency.」

I declared that.



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