Chapter 128 – Sliding? Let’s Have a Dry Run

This year’s festival is sliding.

The preparation of the venue is perfect.

A mountain, a hole, and a pond are made.

Each competitor will run downhill from the top of the mountain while holding a board one by one.

Just before they enter the hole, they’ll ride the board and slide all the way to the pond.

It is a competition of the longest flying distance from the exit of the hole to the pond.

「This is sliding?」

「Just a prototype.」

「Is that so?」

「This is the result when I consider safety.」

This is definitely safer compared to the martial arts competition.

The slope of the hole was also adjusted several times during our testing in order to maximize a good flying distance.

It is like a ski jump with the jumping platform buried in the ground.

Since that is the case, won’t it be fine even if I didn’t dig a hole?

No, this is something that I can’t skip since I need soil to make the mountain.

「Let’s spread liquid in the hole to make it slippery.」

「Are we going to use oil?」

「No, we have to use non flammable liquid. Oil is expensive so we’ll only use it if we have no other choice.」

「I understand. Then, what should we use?」

「Let’s use the mucus the high elves collected from squeezing grass.」


I know.

It’s like a lotion.

I also know that you are secretly using it for something.

It seems like the water in the pond is sufficient.

I’d like to make sure that no water will flow towards the hole.

I probably should make something like a drainage at the bottom of the hole just in case.

「Now then, let’s commence the dry run.」

One of the civil servant girls, who is a member of the festival executive committee, raises her voice.

Standing on top of the mountain with a board in his hand, Donovan is full of energy.

「The first one who’ll try is Donovan?」

「It was decided by lottery.」

I see.

Of course, those who are pregnant will not participate.

Their stomach is big too.

「Let’s go!」

Donovan ran while holding the board from the top of the mountain and fell.

Gorogoro*…..he entered the hole rolling, went out of the hole that way too and fell into the pond.

TN: Rolling sfx.

「Is he alright?」

Donovan seems to be okay since he’s laughing.

「Next, here I go!」

The second one is Daga who posed on top on the mountain with his board.

「Is he going to hesitate after seeing what happened to Donovan?」

He did not.

He ran at full power and jumped onto the board just before he enters the hole.

And he slides and jumps.

He maintains his posture of holding the board until he reached the other side of the bank after rebounding on the water surface a number of times.


「Think about an ideal jump…..considering safety, it seems to be better to extend the pond.」


It’s Loo this time.

She looks motivated while wearing her trousers.

As soon as I thought that she’s going to run, she suddenly gets onto the board.

She continues to slide and jumps to the sky.

But she was separated from the board halfway and fell into the water after taking 3 revolutions.

Her flight distance is good.

「It is not a bad idea to immediately step onto the board. Let’s put some mucus on the slope….ah, no. It will interfere with those who’ll run.」

「When the participant and the board got separated like that, which distance should we measure?」

「The participant. If we measure from the board, some might think of throwing it.」

「…..There is certainly someone who’ll try to throw it.」

The one who I thought of, I’ll keep it a secret.

「Fourth, start.」

The voice came from below but the participant is at the top of the mountain.

It’s Kuro.

Kuro set one of his feet on the board.

After barking, he dashes while pushing the board.

And ride the board.

He has a serious face but it is somewhat cute.

She slides as it is and was thrown out of the board.

However, he seemed to have managed to control his body weight and managed to reunite with the board, and sunk with it as they fell into the pond.

「Oi oi」

Kuro dog paddles, goes up the shore, and shakes his body.

He came to me with bright eyes.

It seems like he enjoyed it.

「Dry run’s last participant. Fifth one, go.」

The fifth is the minotaur Ronana.

Ronana slowly ran down the mountain and boarded the board.

And rush into the hole……why is she not coming out?

Ronana was at the bottom of the hole sitting on the board.

「What happened?」

「It seems like that momentum was not enough. Ronana-san, how far were you able to go?」

A problem came up at the end.



「Ronana-san, I’m sorry but, can you do it again?」

「I understand.」

「Are you planning on doing what you did earlier?」

「Would you like me to get on to the board right from the start?」

Ronana’s second try.

Since she’s sitting on the board from the start, her speed when she enters the hole was faster than before.

And jump.

Her flight distance is short but there was a large splash when she lands.

A discussion was held by the festival executive committee.

「Should the participant board the board from the start?」

「But, won’t everyone get the same result if they don’t run?」

「There will be difference. If not, how can you explain the flying distance difference of Loo-san and Ronana-san?」

「That’s weight difference.」

「Don’t ever say that in front of Ronana-san.」

「They are using different boards and there’s also a difference in the posture of how they ride the boards.」

「Are they?」

As a result.

There will be two sections.

The first one, running first then riding the board on the way.

The second one, the participants will get on the board from the start.

In the second section, mucus will be applied to the whole slope as well.

I remember watching a variety show on TV doing something like that.

Let’s all do our best.

「Tier-san, Gran Maria-san, Kuudel-san, and Corone-san will be in charge of measuring the distance.」

「The board production will be taken care of by the village chief, the mountain elves, and others who wanted to help.」

After discussing finer details, the meeting was over.

I can’t wait for the actual event.

「Village chief, please wait.」


「Today is a meeting about sliding.」


「We still have to talk about the food and the program.」


I, the village chief, is really busy.


Rain also falls in Big Tree Village.

If it rains, it is common sense to use an umbrella.

However, there is no such thing in this world.

All I could do is to cover myself with fur.

I probably would have already caught a cold if not for my “healthy body”.

In any case, I rarely go outside when it’s raining.

According to Loo, the residents in this world use mantle.

To cover your head, you need to use a hat.

I see.

Hat, is it?

I consulted Zabuton and asked her to make me a wide hat and a mantle.

I look like a mage.

Because of that, I tried making a staff.

I even posed as a mage. It is now a part of my dark history.

Because Zabuton and Kuro are both looking at me with gentle eyes.

The rain gear was like that but now, an umbrella-like object was made.

It is made of bamboo with the fabric made by Zabuton. It also has a working opening and closing function.

Really convenient.

However, the diffusion rate in Big Tree Village is less than 10%.

The others seem to be doing something with magic.


Fantasy world.



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