Chapter 129 – Sliding Festival

This year’s Big Tree Village festival started.

It will be sliding this year.

Although it is based on a certain sliding festival, it is different and is some sort of prototype.

The good point of this competition is anyone can join even if they lack courage.

Even the little beastboys are motivated.

Should I let them join?

「We’re going to use magic in case of emergency so it’s fine.」

A civil servant girl said that while pounding her chest.

Please do so.

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By the way, we also have guests for this year’s festival.

Demon king, Yuri, Beezel, Glatts, and one more person.

「I’m the leader of the four heavenly kings, Randan. I have heard various rumors about this place so I already have an idea of what to expect. I’ll leave it to you to protect me if something happened. 」

「Eh, ehto…..welcome. 」

I called Beezel.

「Isn’t he a little bit too weak-willed to be the leader of the four heavenly kings?」

「It’s because he’s the one in charge of domestic affairs.」

「Domestic affairs?」

「Yes. His main job is doing something for the administrative and legal affairs.」

「…..aren’t the four heavenly kings the strongest individuals of your country?」

「Hahahaha, of course not.」

Is that so?

By the way, Glatts is the one in charge of military affairs.

Beezel seems to be in charge of diplomatic affairs because he can use teleportation magic.

「How about the last one?」

「It’s Hou Leg, the one in charge of financial affairs. I invited him but he has some business somewhere.」

「That’s regrettable.」

The demon king’s group were guided to the guest seat prepared for them.

I expected to receive some guests this year so did not repeat my blunder last year.

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Our guests are not only the demon king’s group.

The dragons who came here last year arrived too.

They are Dors, Raimeiren, Doraim, and Doraim’s wife.

And this time, Domaim and Kwon came together with them too.

It looks like their relationship….. has no problem.


「We have come this year too.」

After exchanging greetings, I guide them to their guest seat.

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Ancestor-san also came.

He also took a woman with him.

「Your wife?」


He laughed.

「It will be my honor but I’m afraid I’m not. My name is Fushu. I am one of the priestess of the Korin Religion.」

「Pardon my impoliteness.」

She said she’s a priestess but she’s wearing plain clothes, is today her day off?

Wait, do priests have a day off?

She’s gentle but she gives off the career woman vibe.

She should wear some glasses.

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Michael-san too, managed to participate this year.

We ordered a large amount of seafood the day before the festival.

「By the way, village chief. Isn’t one of the attendees Fushu-san of Korin religion?」

「Yes, the priestess.」

「…..she’s one of the great priests.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes, although she’s gentle and beautiful, she has a side that others called evil Fushu…..」


「And don’t be surprised, if she ever comes to a human country, there will surely be a big parade.」

「I haven’t heard of that…..」

Around her is ancestor-san, the founder of the Korin religion, the demon king, and the dragon king…

By the way, I haven’t introduced them to him yet.

「Michael-san, allow me to introduce you to my other guests.」


As expected of a merchant.

Michael-san warmly greeted the other guests.

「Michael-san, that is your designated guest seat….eh? You don’t want to seat there? You want to seat in a place as far as possible from there? But that place has the best viewing…..ah, o-okay. If you don’t like it, I won’t force you. You have helped me a lot in various ways after all…..」

In a terrible manner, he demanded to be seated in a place not in the guest seat.

I wonder why.

Ah, it looks like he felt better after hugging that slime who passed by.

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The lamias came to visit too.

However, it seems like Gulf of Howling Village can’t come.

Though he sent a message that he wants to participate in the martial arts competition.

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The festival begins.

Unlike the martial arts festival, the progress is simple.

「Participant, Lizardman Daga! He’ll do the challenge using his own board!」

He posed on top of the mountain.

The umpire checked the safety of the course first before giving the signal to start.

He runs down the mountain and jumps on the board on the way.

The participant will be disqualified if he didn’t ride the board before entering the hole.

He stayed in the in the board while posing until it jumps.

He dances in the sky.

Daga bounced in the water six times beating the current longest record.

「Distance, 24 meters!」

The result is recorded on a board hanging on a tree. It can be reordered so everyone can see who’s on top.

We have set a time limit and anyone can do it again as many times as they like one’s everyone’s turn is over.

A moderate number of people are participating but everyone’s tempo is good so no time was wasted.

However, since the competition is monotonous, there are entertainments performed during breaks.

The elves’ chorus, a musical performance.

However, since they incorporated dance, it became an idols’ performance.

The demonstration of the mountain elves.

They demonstrated the practicality of using the waterwheel as a source of power.

The demon king’s group reaction is great.

A performance is set to five minutes but there are also announcements which are set to only last for 10 seconds.

The dwarves announced their new alcohol.

It is a new sort of cocktail.

They distributed it to collect impressions.

The oni maids also announced their new dish.

Were they consulted by the dwarves beforehand? The taste is tailored to match the taste of the new cocktail.

It is very delicious.

Since Village One, Village Two, and Village Three will also participate in the festival, we also asked them to perform.

The minotaurs of Village Two performed the harvest song and dance that they usually perform from their previous village.

The centaurs of Village Three will shoot their bows while running.

I guess this is similar to horseback archery?

Their accuracy is about 50% but everytime they hit their target, cheers arise.

The nyunyu-daphnes of Village One refused.

They say that it will take three days for them to make the props they need for it.

Let’s ask them to make it during their free time next time.

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The guests’ reactions are not bad.

I thought of how different it is from that of the previous martial arts competition and stopped since I’m probably thinking too much.

Upon looking at the place to where the demon king, Dors, and ancestor-san are, I can see that they are talking. They are probably using this chance to conduct a meeting.

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As time passes by, the first section, the part where the participants must run first, ended.

The winner is the lizardman Daga.

He was able to keep his balance while standing on the board even after the board has landed on the water.

He looks like a surfer.

The second placer is Tier.

The third placer is one of the kuros.

The fourth placer is the mountain elf Ya.

Yuri participated and managed to get the fifth place.

Yuri was surprisingly good at balancing.

In addition, Beezel, Glatts, Domain, Kwon, and Fushu also participated.

Dors also tried to join but he was stopped by Raimeiren. Demon king seemed to have restrained himself.

Though they were not able to join, everyone is having fun so there’s no problem.

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The second section is riding the board from the start.

Because of that, we have to spread mucus on the slope of the mountain.

The second section competes for the longest distance too but there’s a twist.

The participant must pose in an interesting way.

They should pose while in the air.

Though their jumping distance is negligible, the small beastboys are taking it seriously.

Ramurias, the caretaker of the beastkins, was anxious.

The beastboys managed to jump safely but I regretted letting small children participate.

Seeing the beastboys, Alfred wants to try it too but I, as a parent, stop him.

Let’s wait until you’re bigger.

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Surprisingly, the section two winner is the wine slime.

Is it only an accident that it was able to change shape when it was on the board?

Or does it have the ability to think?

It also flew a considerable distance.

The second place is a beastboy.

The third place is Raimeiren.

The fourth place is the demon king.

The fifth place is the Dors.

Yeah, they were able to participate.

Michael-san also participated but he said that when he was inside the hole, he was really scared.


By the way, I didn’t participate.

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Awards ceremony.

I reward 10 pieces of reward medals and a handmade trophy to each to the winners of each section.

「Thank you very much.」

Daga proudly raises his trophy and shows it around.

The wine slime did not show any interest in the trophy but it took the reward medals.

Did it learn that it could trade it for alcohol?

Maa, you have won so pay properly.

I also handed the other winners their reward medals…..

But should I give the non-resident winners too?

「I can exchange it for something now. There won’t be a problem, right?」

Raimeiren agreed to what Yuri said. Because of that, I gave them their just prize too.

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As soon as the sun goes down, the festival will be a banquet.

Good, it ended without any problems.



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