Chapter 130 – Evaluation Meeting and Harpies

The festival executive committee gathers and sits around the table.

「The evaluation meeting for the festival will now start.」

「Evaluation meeting? I don’t think we failed in anything though.」

「We did not fail in anything but there are things we can improve.」

「Yes….indeed. I myself wanted to make it into three sections.」

「It should also be a good idea to make various type of boards.」

「It is not part of the competition but there is a problem with the food served.」

「What kind of problem?」

「The desserts are really popular, we were not able to try them!」

「Ah, right.」

「They should have reserved some for the management.」


Since there were various opinions, I recorded them all.

Next year, if we’re going to do this again, I’ll look at the list and improve them.

「Any input from the village chief?」

「From me? Well….」

What does it lack according to me…..

Section one and section two both receive the same amount of reward medals. This might look like the ones who joined the section where one needs to run are not recognized.

「The number of the reward medal should be announced first. Once it was announced, it should not be changed.」

「Although it is fun or artistic to see them pose in the air, it is difficult to evaluate. We should standardize it…..」

I don’t know how much restriction should we put.

If that is the case, won’t it be better to just decide by using the amount of water splashed upon landing…..?

「But it will be unfair because of the difference in physique.」

「How about we let the village chief to be the only judge?」

「That’s some heavy respon…… why don’t we decide with who’ll received the loudest applause?」

「But each race has different population.」

What a difficult problem.

Let’s just put in in the shelf.

「When we called for the residents of Village One, Village Two, and Village Three, their villages will be left defenseless.」

There are kuros and spiderlings protecting those villages but I can’t say that they are perfectly safe….

If something happens, we can’t ask anyone since there’s no one left on those villages who can speak.

However, given all of those, should we continue on summoning everyone of them, or would it be better for some of them to stay put on their villages during festivals?

If some will be left to housesit, I’ll have the caretakers choose who will participate in the Big Tree Village’s festival and who’ll stay in their villages.

However, in order to not make it hard for the caretaker, those who’ll stay in their villages must be properly compensated.

「If only the villages have elders, I’m sure it will be the nature of them to volunteer to house sit however….everyone of them is young.」

「One of the disadvantages of having young residents.」

Gordon of Village Two volunteered to housesit but if their representative won’t be able to participate, who can I expect the local residents to fully participate in the festival?

Thus, the evaluation meeting continued.

「By the way, village chief.」

「What is it?」

「Though this is not a topic that should be discussed during the evaluation meeting…..what should we do with our ongoing problem?」


When ancestor-san returned home, I thought she would return with him but she remained in the village.

She’s currently staying at the inn. As soon as the sunrise, she’ll pray at the shrine of Big Tree Village.

I don’t mind her doing that at all. About her staying in the village, ancestor-san left some money so there’s also no problem but…..

It shines.

The statue I carved.

Is it shining because someone finally prays on it correctly?

Or is it magic?

If an ignorant person sees this, he’ll definitely become a religious fanatic immediately or at least that’s what I think will happen.

「The problem is that it’s even dazzling at night.」

「I think the spiderlings are finding it annoying.」

「If she can lessen the brightness at night…」

「I’ll tell that to Fushu-san.」

If there’s no ON/OFF button, I’ll just make a curtain to shield it.

The evaluation meeting ended like that.

No, I think there are still things we need to talk about.

Like is it really fine to let Dors and others to participate or is it necessary for a part of the course to be underground.

Maa, let’s deal with it leisurely.

The wine slime came to trade its reward medals.

Though it is a slime, it seems to be intelligent.

No, I have already felt that it really is for a long time….

Is it a unique characteristic of a wine slime?

In any case, anyone who has reward medals has the right to trade it.

「As expected, you want alcohol?」


My expectation was right on the spot.

To tell the truth, I’m also partly expecting it to trade with some crops to brew alcohol itself but it only trades for a ready-made alcohol.

However, I was surprised that it did not use all of it, it only trades one piece.

It is planning for the future.

Doesn’t that make it really intelligent?

To think that it could plan for the future.

It passed all its remaining reward medal to an oni maid.

「Is this for all the alcohol it stole?」

「Why does it looks like a child giving back to its parents?」

「Like a parent’s allowance?」

「No, it seems like it’s bragging. It seems like it has no intention of keeping it.」

In any case, every villager, including the oni maids, look at the wine slime in a new light.

The harpies came back.

17 families, forty-two individuals.

Kierbit and some other angels are accompanying them.

「You’re slow.」

「Don’t say that. We exterminated the undead before coming here.」

「Hnn? Perhaps those who are located northeast from here?」

「Yes. They are the reason why we left Garrett Kingdom in the first place.」

I see.

They met Gran Maria when they were on their way to exterminate the undead.

「Who requested you?」

「Korin religion. We have been in a collaborative relationship so it is hard to decline. Angels are also strong against undead.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes but not a lot of us wants to battle. Therefore, please offer your hospitality.」

「I understand. We’ll prepare food, alcohol, and bath for you.」


The angels that came with Kierbit were the same angels that came with her here before.

I wonder when will the angels invited by Gran Maria come.

In any case, I left the harpies to Gran Maria.

「Are the harpies going to be all right at Village One?」

「 Of course, is there a reason to not let the harpies there?」

They even already stayed there before with Kierbit.

「Although they are not that weak…..this is the forest of death.」

「Alright. Let’s have them stay at the inn and the mansion for now.」

As a result of a discussion, it was decided that the harpies will stay at Big Tree Village and a huge house will be built for them.

The harpies’ job will be scouting the vicinity from the air.

If they feel that something happened, they must report it immediately to Gran Maria.

With them, the scouting range of the angels now extends to Village One, Village Two, and Village Three.

It seems like they are flying in a group for a while to try various things.

I want you to do your best.


Then, what will be the role of the angels that were invited by Gran Maria…..?



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