Chapter 131 – There’s a Variety

「Delicious, one more cup.」

Kierbit and the other angels are enjoying their dinner.

Alcohol is also served during dinner of the guests.

And it will become a banquet once alcohol is served.

Because the residents will also participate in the banquet…..

It will also become lively.

The harpies are participating too.

It is a good drinking party.

Are they already drunk?

Kierbit has started something like a tap dance.

With her light rhythm, the place is now full of excitement.

Tier and Ya also danced.

I don’t mind them doing so but please stop tempting me.

And please, don’t dance on the table.

「Ugh, my head hurts…..」

「This is a trial….」

Kierbit and her group of angels and the harpies slept until noon.

I don’t mind if they drink but they should at least control themselves a little to not suffer any aftereffect the next day.

「The alcohols here are delicious. Even someone who drinks for the first time won’t be able to hold back.」

Donovan visits for them but he doesn’t look worried.

He did not regulate the alcohol the guests drunk so I guess it’s fine.

By the way, aside from the harpies, none of the residents had hangover.

They are working hard as usual.

By the way, Kierbit seemed to have influenced the spiderlings with her tap dance.

The mansion was silent until now but you can hear rhythmical footsteps around since that night.

Maybe I should tell them to set a place and time when they can practice.

「This might work.」

The tired Loo and Tier handed a medicine to Fushu.

That is not a hangover medicine but the reason why Fushu went to this village.

It is a medicine for a certain disease.

Fushu’s son is suffering from an incurable disease so she asked Loo and Flora to make a medicine to cure him.

Ancestor-san was the one who suggested it so they can’t refuse.

Maa, their celebrated figure has spoken so there’s no way they can refuse. They will need courage to refuse.

To gain the favor of their celebrated figure, the two of them did their best.

I didn’t know about it but Loo and Flora are quite famous in the pharmacy world.

They don’t lack skill in making medicine.

The problem is the materials of the medicine…..but all of them are available in the medicinal herb field of the village.

As for Fushu, she was really surprised because she knows how hard it is to gather materials for medicine making.

「Now you only have to wait for ancestor-san to pick you up.」

「He was already informed on how much time it will need for the medicine to be made. I think he’ll be here after 2 to 3 days.」

When we are talking about him, ancestor-san suddenly appeared.

「And here I thought I’m too early. This is great.」

「Religion founder-sama, my apologies for troubling you.」

「It’s okay it’s okay. I’m free anyway. Now, though I just arrived, do you want to go home immediately?」

「Yes, thank you very much.」

Fushu, who has a small amount of luggage and a large amount of souvenir, returned with ancestor-san.

Ancestor-san’s long distance traveling method is similar to teleportation magic.

It is only similar but it is different from ordinary teleportation magic.

An ordinary teleportation magic can be described as making a gate that connects two different space.

The magical power consumption is depended on the size of the gate, the quantity of things that will pass through that gate, and the distance.

In addition, it is a high tier magic. From all the people I know of, Beezel is the only one who can do it.

I thought that the dragons can’t use it but it seems like they only don’t want to because of the high magical power consumption.

They have wings and they are proud so they can travel wherever they want.

The can but don’t use it.

I have to point that important detail out.

On the other hand, ancestor-san’s teleportation magic can teleport things at a specific location.

Though it is similar and can also be described as a sort of teleportation magic, it seems like only ancestor-san can use it.

「I’m back.」

Ancestor-san who I thought returned home returned immediately.

「You just left a little while ago, you can take it easy.」

Ancestor-san handed me a small shield. I wonder if this is some sort of present or lodging fee.

「What’s this?」

「A magical shield. If you decorate your house with it, it will bestow it with fire protection and your house will be resistant to fire.」

「Oohhh. How useful.」

「However, you have to keep it away from the kitchen.」

「Hahaha, certainly.」

I decided to displace it at the entrance of the mansion.

「Allow me to prepare something for you as thanks for the medicine. I just told you about the situation and we probably won’t make it in time if we have to collect all of those medicine ingredients.」

「Don’t worry about it….but if you want to thank someone, you have to thank Loo and Flora since they were the one who worked hard. Please do so.」

「Of course.」

「Hahaha, by the way, didn’t you already saw my medicinal herb field before?」

「I did but with my medicinal knowledge, I won’t be able to recognize them.」

「Really? But from what I heard from Loo, she only self studied the journal written by ancestor-san.」

「Didn’t I tell you that I’m regularly erasing my memory? Keeping knowledge about medicinal ingredients is not very useful because the ecology of medicinal herbs will change with time.」

「Heh.Let’s change the topic, how did you know Fushu-san?」

「The moment one becomes a bishop of the Korin religion is the moment he’ll become acquainted with me. They will be informed about me that time.」

「Won’t that bring trouble?」

「It won’t. Though I don’t know why they are easily convinced.」

「Could it be because there’s a variety of legends about you?」

「Might be」

Ancestor-san headed for a guest room of my mansion while laughing.

And then, I suddenly realized.

「Shining statue」

That was caused by Fushu-san.

「Thank you for taking care of us. I’m interested in that martial arts festival but I have to go home soon.」

Kierbit said her goodbye before leaving.

「That’s regrettable. Maa, if you ever were in the vicinity, please drop by. The harpies will be pleased.」

「I’ll do that.」

Kierbit’s group are also holding souvenirs.

「Will this be alright?」

「Just sit. I’ll only send off you halfway.」

Kierbit’s group will ride Rasuti until the demon king’s kingdom’s capital in the west.

Frau and several civil servant girls are returning home for business.

They’re going to hitchhike.

「I wish I could use teleportation magic but I guess learning it is really difficult.」


Even the simplest magic is difficult for me….

「There are rumors that there are some tools that can induce teleportation magic….but no one has ever saw the real thing. I’ll surely take it if there’s any.」


Dors or ancestor-san might know about it.

Kierbit’s group rode Rasuti and went away.

Next will be the martial arts tournament.

Ah, no, before that, Ria and the others will give birth first.

Though I want to relax, I’m surely going to be busy.



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