Chapter 132 – Second Martial Arts Competition: Common Section, Warrior Section, Model Match!

When I was thought about the preparation of the second martial arts competition, I informed the other organizers.

Time is fast.

However, Ria and the others haven’t given birth yet.

Though I’m a bit impatient about it, there’s no use on being too anxious.

The martial arts festival this year also consists of three sections: common section, warrior section, and knight section.

There is a rise of guests a well.

That is aside from the usual dragons, Dor’s family, and usual demons, the demon king, Yuri, and Beezel.

This time, Kwon and Kworun, and Glatts and Randan are here too.

The lamias are here and Gulf’s group of beastkins as well to participate.

There’s also ancestor-san but in his case, he never left the village since he brought Fushu back home.

Isn’t he an important figure of the church?

Don’t he have anything to do there?

Anyway, the martial arts competition began.

Hakuren and Rasuti are the referees like last time.

The common section has the same rule as last year.

There are also several lucky and misfortunate match up.

One of the civil servant girls fought against a minotaur, she was defeated.

「It was like a match whether her magic will work or not.」

And the centaurs were really at a disadvantage because of the stage.

「I ran too much and fall outside the ring….」

「I didn’t do anything. Can this really be considered as a win?」

One of the beastgirls was confused about her unexpected victory.

The matches proceeded smoothly.

How peaceful.

The warrior section is also using the same rule last year.

The winner will remain on the ring and continues to fight.

The one who won the most number of victory will be the champion.

Those who lost can fall in line again so if you are motivated, you can challenge as many times as you can.

It’s almost the same as last year, the difference is that there are two venues this time.

There is another line of challengers in the vacant venue.

There are lucky and misfortunate matchups here too.

The biggest problem this time was already solved which is making another ring.

Though the minotaurs helped, I still need to rush it.

By the way, in the warrior section… last time, the participants are the high elves, onis, lizardmen, dwarves, mountain elves, beastkins from Howling Village, and lamias of the southern dungeon.

In addition to them, Frau and the beastkin Senna, who showed great performance in the common section last year, joined including the minotaur Gordon and the centaur Glueworld.

I thought that this will be an unpredictable section but…..

Gulf, the beastkin from Howling Village, is strong.

It seemed like he has considerably trained.

Unfortunately, his only good match last year, the mountain elf Ya, won’t be able to fight with him.

Ya decided to participate in the knight section this year.

Though the dwarf Donovan and the centaur Glueworld fought bravely, Gulf became the champion.

「Good, I’ll also participate in the knight section next year. I must beat Ya-san.」

The tired-looking Randan seems to be delighted of Gulf’s victory.

「How confident.」

He lost when he fought against Gulf and Donovan.

He is third place.

By the way, Glatts won in the common section.

Next is knight section.

But before that, there is the model match.

Because there are many participants, it became a model match tournament.

There were eight participants.

Dors, Raimeiren, Grafaloon, Hakuren, Rasuti, Kwon, demon king, and Zabuton.

The dragon’s eyes are full of motivation but why is it that the eyes of the demon king look dead?

Also, what worried me the most is Zabuton participating.

Thinking about it, I have never seen Zabuton fight.

I think she’s going to be okay since she’s warming up while being surrounded by her spiderlings.

The matchup will be decided by draw lots.

The referee is ancestor-san.

Round one, first match…. Dors versus demon king.

The demon king has a despairing face.

And the result was as his face showed.

As expected of the demon king, he did his best to hang in there.

After the match. A warm applause was sent to the demon king.

Round one, second match….Rasuti versus Kwon.

I personally supported Rasuti but unfortunately, she was defeated.

Kwon is one step ahead of her in everything.

Although she lost, Rasuti looked refresh so I’m relieved.

She also asked Kwon to fight her in various types of games.

First round, third match…..Grafaloon versus Hakuren.

It was a fierce match.

It seems to be related to the sexual advances of Grafaloon to Doraim during the old times. It seems like Hakuren used to drive her away.

But they look like close friends now….

「I’ll clear you of the grudge I hold since that time.」

「Which time?」

Yup, a great match.

Both of them became ragged but Hakuren won in the end.

First round, fourth match….Raimeiren versus Zabuton.

I don’t know Zabuton’s fighting ability so I don’t know what to expect in this match.

Raimeiren moved swiftly to avoid Zabuton’s string shot.

She also used bunshin.

She has at least ten bunshin when she attacked Zabuton.

Because each bunshin attacked differently, it looks like she’s being attacked by a number of enemies.

However, Zabuton caught them all and tie Raimeiren to win the match.

When her victory was announced, she called her spiderlings at the ring and performed a tap dance.

Zabuton practiced too?

I applauded because of the superb group dance.

「Eh? This is the first time I see someone defeated my wife’s bunshin.」

「Yeah, each one of mother-in-law’s bunshin can destroy a mountain in one blow. It was 16, right? She caught them all? Is this a joke?」

「Yeah….what could I have done if it were me?」

Second round, first match…..Dors versus Kwon.

I wonder how much their difference is.

Dors overwhelmingly won.

It seemed like Rasuti and Kwon’s battle.

「You would have won if you already know how to read your opponent’s next move.」

「As expected… your best in your next match, father-in-law.」

They look fresh even after a match.

Third round, second match….Hakuren versus Zabuton.

I’m terribly troubled on which one to cheer on.

I only hope that neither of them will be hurt.

As soon as I thought of that, the match ended.

Zabuton’s victory.

Hakuren was not able to do anything. She is now mummified with web.

After that, I had to cheer up the sulking Hakuren for a while.

Finals….Dors versus Zabuton.

It is a fierce battle.

At first, Zabuton attacks one-sidedly but Dors evades it all.

Then, their position changed.

That scenario was repeated for three times but Dors won in the end.

I applauded Zabuton who were carried down by her spiderlings from the stage.

「As expected of father.」

「No, she just gave way. This isn’t something I can boast of.」


「You want evidence…? Look.」

「She’s waving her legs toward here.」

「She gave me face as I’m the dragon king.」

「I am the demon king but….」

「Even if you’re the demon king, the other participants are absurd.」

「You did your best father. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.」

「As expected of you, demon king-sama.」

And the model match ends, the knight section starts…..

「No, after that match…..」

「Yeah, can you give us a little breather?」

「Kuh, that was intense.」

The heat was too much because of the model match so we took a break.



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