Chapter 135 – Naming and Future

The names have been decided.

Ria’s son is Ririus.

Rize’s son is Riguru.

Rafa’s son is Ratte.

Ann’s son is Torain.

High elve’s children were named by their mothers.

I’m not sure if it is a custom or a law but I feel like they need to use the first syllable of their names.

Regarding Torain, his name is the result of me and Ann consulting Dors, demon king, and ancestor-san.

At first, Ann proposed a certain name but I find it hard to pronounce it.

To put it simply, it is something like combining only consonants.

At first, I thought that Ann was bullying him by naming him after a devil from hell.

But I know that both of us love our son so I stopped thinking that way.

Is it that if someone were to know his true name he can only be obedient to that person until death? Nah, it would be better if his name is easy to pronounce.

However, what I intended to is not working.

No, it is better to say that I could not satisfy Ann.

When I told her my proposal, she only said “I understand” in a lonesome manner so I have to find another way to solve this.

Maa, I’m not confident in my naming sense so I can’t name him too.

Since I was troubled, I consulted the demon king who was just by my side at that time.

That might have been a mistake.

「You are asking me, the demon king, for that?」

「You don’t have to participate if you don’t want to.」

Dors and ancestor-san participated and they came up with a lot of name ranging from the meaning of names and some great men in the past.

In a way, these three were more enthusiastic compared to me and Ann.

I can understand Dors and ancestor-san but I don’t know why the demon king is so eager.

「Father, do you really have to take that much time just to name a child….」

I agree with Yuri.

Eventually, the three of them narrow it down to one name each. To choose from one of those, we use draw lots in front of the Big Tree villagers.

In order to not let anyone complain, we even performed that draw lot in front of the god of creation’s statue.

Ann checks the three names first before putting them in a box.

I’ll be the one who’ll draw one out.

The result is Torain.

The demon king raised both his hands to the sky to express joy.

「I think that the names that were not chosen were not bad. I’ll be glad if you grant them to your next children.」

「I agree.」

「Yes, those names are not bad. I’ll do what you said.」

If the mother permits it, I’ll name my next two sons with the names that Dors and ancestor-san thought of.

I’ll probably have more children because I’m doing this and that.

「Ria, Rize, and Rafa, I’ve been mean. I only took care of Torain.」

I apologized to the three of them.

I’ve only been devoting my time with Ann and Torain because of the naming incidence.

「You’re not since Dors-sama and the others are involved.」

You’re right but it still pains my heart.

「We don’t mind it. We are even thankful that you let us name our sons.」

Compared to Ann, they are very familiar with the name they gave.

「That and….」

Ria, who’s holding Ririus, straightened her posture.

「I have said this so many times but, please let me raise our son as the high elve’s leader.」

「Ah, it will be as Ria’s desire.」

「Thank you very much.」

「Rize and Rafa, you can also raise our sons according to what you hope them to.」

The two of them bowed.

When a boy was born, it is not like he is a threat to Alfred’s position.

If it’s just me I wouldn’t even think about such unnecessary thing but when Ria and the others are pregnant, they are not thinking the same.

There will be no problem if it is a girl but what will happen if another boy will join the family?

Because of that, they took a step forward as a precaution.

They said that no matter if their children will be male or female, the high elves will raise them in Big Tree Village.

Rize and Rafa’s sons will also be raised by them as aides of Ria’s son.

I don’t think that there is a need to decide what they will do in the future as soon as they were born but the three of them insisted.

Is it me that is strange?

Can’t children be raised as equally as possible….?

That thinking might not be suitable for this world.

Maa, if that is the case, I’ll just love you equally.


There’s also a possibility that they are only irritable because they just gave birth.

Let’s talk to them again after they calm down a little more.

Also, I’ll consult Loo and Tier.

I don’t want my children to be raised by only their mothers.

I want to become a good father but it is not good to force others with my belief.

To be honest, a good father for me is one that only has one wife.

But that belief is useless with my current polygamous relationship.

This is one of those times where my belief is like poison.

I want to get through this leisurely but children are involved so I can’t be careless.

By the way, with regards to parenting…..

I rarely do something.

Ririus, Riguru, and Ratte will be raised in the high elve’s residence.

I asked their mothers to raise them at my mansion but they declined saying that the children might misunderstand.

I preached them about the importance of children being raised with their father but it was useless.

Maa, I wanted to explain the importance of environment to children but they don’t listen.

I can only go there to see them.

Ann’s son, Torain, is the son of the oni maid representative so he’ll definitely be raised in my mansion.

Near my room….

Or so I thought because before I can even make that suggestion, it has already been decided that he’ll be raised in the oni maid’s place.

Ugh, how sad.

Though it is good that it will be easy to meet him.

「In regards to parenting, it is said that the mother should be the one doing it as much as possible.」

Although those are the words of Dors, ancestor-san and the demon king also said something similar so I did not go against it.

But before that, there is something I really want to consult them.

I showed Alfred and Tiselle to their newly born brothers but it seems like they don’t understand their position.

They are siblings but with different mothers.

Even so, I want them to get along.

When I was embracing Torain, I saw Kuro’s lonely looking face from a distance.

I hand over Torain to Ann, sit on the floor, and call Kuro.

Kuro gladly came to my side and lay down.

「There’s no need to hold back. You’re my family too.」

I said that while petting Kuro. Yuki came to me and lay down as well.


I’m petting Kuro and Yuki.

Technically speaking, my relationship with them is longer than my relationship with Loo.

I should also take a good care of them.

When thinking so, something patted my back.

When I look at it, countless number of kuros are waiting in line.


「Okay, just for today.」

I also pet them all.

Tens of years later.

「Ririus, Torain has returned from the south after his victory.」

「As expected.」

「Yeah, with Master Daga and Master Glueworld accompanying him, it is doable.」

「You talk like it’s simple, can you do the same?」

「Ahahaha, will you leave the army to me?」

「You have a good personality but you’re not suited for it, sorry. I will not be irresponsible enough to leave the army to you.」

「Yes, I know that my commanding ability really sucks so there’s no need to say more.」

「You are already shining in something other than leading the army Mr. Forest Ambush King. 」

「That title doesn’t make me happy at all. What’s with Forest Ambush King….can you change it? I would prefer Jet Black Chaos or Wave of the Demon Bow. 」

「Yes yes, I’ll tell our parents that you are not satisfied with the name Ratte. 」

「Mou 」

「Let’s end that chat there. Though the south was cleared up, the west side is being pushed. Go there and help Riguru. 」

「Hnn? Isn’t Master Glatts already there? Will they really need me? 」

「This is a request from Master Glatts. He would like to hear about the strategy you formulated a little more.」

「But they are fighting a frontal battle.」

「Master Glatts is there. Riguru is also asking for help and only you can move independently so there’s no loss.」

「Aren’t you just doing various things in front of a desk?」

「It’s not like I wish for it and we have no spare manpower so it can’t be helped. We widened our territory too much.」

「Hahaha. That’s because Master Makura and Master Uno were too enthusiastic.」

「I feel sorry for their enemy.」

「I know right. That time, I swore to absolutely not to oppose Master Makura and Master Uno.」

「Yeah….there are too many people we can’t offend.」

「Hahaha. Let’s not count them. My heart will break.」

「And to think that we….me, you and Riguro are called “Sannin” by the enemies.」

TN: Yeah. Same title as Big Snake, Big Boobs, and Big J of Boruto’s dad anime.

「Forest Ambush King can’t accept it? This is the first time I heard it.」

「We are even called the Shinigami Brothers of the Depth.」

「Hahaha. That’s really a luxurious title for weak-ass brothers.」

「Ah, that’s enough, be careful. Don’t die.」

「Yeah, you too.」


I had a strange dream.

My dream is about my children fighting a war.

They seem to be playing an active part but it is a nightmare for a parent.

Let’s take a note of this to stop it from being a reality.

Also, I need to expand the field so that we don’t have to go out to earn money.

I’ll work hard for my children so they can take care of the farm…..

No, forcing them to be farmers is not good.

I have to listen to their desire….

「Ano? Village chief? The children can’t talk yet so I don’t think it is the right time for career counseling…」

Because of my dream, I’ve taken a strange action.



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