Chapter 143 – Earth Rat’s Hole in the East

My name is….Gavaru….is it?

I think my name is longer than that….

Maa, it doesn’t matter.

Just think of me as the nice, hardworking ancestor of the vampires.

I erased my memory so I don’t really know even if I try hard to remember it.

Now, let’s get back to what I’m going to say. I’m surprised with the miracle of someone with my blood gave birth to a child.

I did not think it was possible so I immediately look for her.

And it leads to more surprises.

The first on the list is me being able to see the figure of the god of creation.

My connection with the Big Tree Village started there. This village is very exciting and funny.

The food and alcohol here are especially good.

There are also a lot of toys to play with.

Recently, my relationship with Dors and the demon king of this generation has deepened that we are comfortable with each other.

I truly wanted to live here.

However, I have something to do.

Is having a villa the limit?

Fortunately, I don’t have problem with money so I won’t trouble the village.

I even help voluntarily like with harvesting.

One day, the village chief forms a hot spring investigation group that will head north.


Naturally, I’ll join.

It looks interesting.

That’s what I thought so I joined…..

Hmm, a surprise attack by the ground rat.

Though it is a troublesome enemy, it is not a threat.

As for the villagers….they don’t have to fight hard.

There was one wolf that was eaten because it let its guard down though.

The village chief was able to rescue it by using an incredible power so I don’t need to give them a hand.

After that, it was discovered that the village’s dragons were involved with the attack of the earth rats.

The village chief bowed.

No no village chief.

A person of a certain position should never lower his head easily even if he is apologizing.

Look, the titans are troubled too.

Besides, there is a chance that the dragons are not the real cause of the earth rat encounter….

The village chief lowering his head might mean that the village is admitting its wrongdoing.

Come to think of it, I think that a lot of conflicts might have been avoided if people don’t mind things like face and pride.

Apologizing obediently when there is really a reason to.

Perhaps only a truly strong man can do this.

Right, exactly.

After that, we had a banquet with the titans.

It was an interesting show.

The flour making device burning is the best.


No, wait.

Perhaps this is like a metaphor of the suffering of the workers around the world?

To think of that, they’re amazing.

It looks like a joke but there is a hidden meaning behind it…..the mountain elves are scary.

The next day, the investigation group departs again.

I helped by teleporting them.

This magic is not that difficult though.

We were divided into two groups.

The one will go to the hot spring while the other one will enter the hole where the earth rat has come out.

I personally would like to accompany the village chief’s hot spring group but I’m worried about the dragons.

Especially Hakuren.

She has this black rage behind her smile.

She was really affected by the village chief lowering his head.

Rasuti and the oni maid…. I think her name is Ann.

She is a good cook.

She noticed it too.

Though it is amazing that she noticed it, it is because of Hakuren’s lack of training.

The village chief doesn’t seem to mind it but I’m worried so I won’t let my guard down.

We dived into the hole that was also a tunnel.

Which way should we go to? The earth rat has come from the east heading to west so I guess we’ll go east.

But why do the earth rats dig a straight tunnel like this?

It seems like this tunnel is totally something ordered by someone…..

We decided to divide our team again and I headed east with Hakuren’s team.

If we think of war potential, between Hakuren and Rasuti in a group with the other with me will be the best but….

The leaders of this expedition are the dragons so it can’t be helped.

I’ll follow the group distribution obediently….

The dragons spew fire.

This is a dungeon, what on earth are they doing?

The oni maid Ann asked Hakuren to be more careful.

Though Hakuren obediently apologizes….

But it’s no use.

Even though she mixed her breath with various effects, she still doesn’t feel fine.

I would like to start praying to meet something along this tunnel that can be used as her stress reliever.

Please, anything, show up.

「Spiderlings, I’ll leave the left and right to you. I’ll watch our back. Hakuren and Ann, you’ll be at front.」

Three days passed after that formation was decided when we were about to move.

It is good that Ann is her to cook.


The spiderlings are burdened as our food carrier.

I will teach you a new magic when we return to the village.

We’ve reached a place where there is a nest of the earth rat.

But this is strange.

An earth rat’s den should have a lot of forks but we only went straight.

Only one tunnel and it is straight.

And there’s a lot of earth rat corpses in this place.

They have died for a while.

Half year, one year?

The cause of death is slash wound….sword slash.


But this is underground?

Who is it?

While I was thinking of it, the answer appears.

A fully armed knight.

Even if we ask him where he came from, we will never be able to hear the answer.

The knight is dead.

A ghost knight.

It is more troublesome than an earth rat.

Normal attack won’t work on it and magic is ineffective.

On top of that, its sword skill is considerable.

So what exactly happened?

Before I can think of an answer, Hakuren’s knee burst into the ghost knight.

It’s not a normal attack, it was affected….

She then trampled down on the fallen ghost knight and repeat it.

A terrible sound can be heard with each attack but it might still be ineffective against the ghost knight.

However, the ghost knight was forced to fight a  defensive battle where it can’t counterattack.

Even though it is not effective, it is useful for holding down the ghost knight.

It’s not a bad move but the ghost knight will surely counterattack once the attack stops.

Hora….she incinerates it with breath.

Yup, that move is effective.

If you have done that in the beginning….no, I didn’t say anything.

Now, the ghost knight.

Though it is a troublesome opponent, it is impossible for it to have caused the movement of the earth rats.

It is impossible for a ghost knight to boss around the earth rats.

There is still someone who ordered them to dig up a tunnel in a straight line.

The tunnel still extends towards the east even after that nest.

I looked at Hakuren.

She gives off the air of moving forward.

I know how she feels so I waited for a moment and look at the oni maid Ann.

「We still have food.」

She’s also not thinking of going back.

Got it.

Let’s proceed.

Since it has come to this, I’m looking forward to see what will be the outcome.



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