Chapter 145 – Merge (One)

I divide the large bathtub, which can be used by 20 people at the same time, into two. The first half is the female’s bath and the other is the male’s bath.

I also made two small bathtubs that can accommodate three people each.

Those are family baths.

Actually, I was making one of them as my private bathtub but Tier saw it so I turned it into a family bath.

I wonder if I yield because of her gaze’s pressure.

There are two because Kierbit, who’s single, saw me too so I made a private bath.

I also made a foot bath near the hot water source and a cold water bath next to the sauna hut.

With these facilities, this place is now very hot spring-like.

Currently, I’m making a cooldown place after one’s body was warmed by the hot spring.

This is not really a big deal, I’m just setting up a wooden floor on a rocky place.

It also has a low handrail so those who’ll use this will not fall off and the roof….only half of it has a roof.

There’s also no wall.

I might look like building a house but this is not a place to live in.

It is not a place to live in but I still build a kitchen in a place a little far away.

Kierbit is the one in charge of cooking.

Tier and Gran Maria also help her. They look like they’re really on good terms.

However, if I say that, Kierbit will surely deny it.

The lizardman Daga and the beastkin Gulf, after practicing martial arts, they enter the hot spring to remove the sweat.

After that, they eat, then sleep, and practice again after they wake up.

Perhaps they are the ones who are truly enjoying the life here.

I usually ask for their help from time to time so I don’t complain.

When it is necessary, I ask them to help me out building the facilities.

By the way, Rasuti’s group has joined our hot spring group.

In a far place on southwest from where we are, we were surprised to see a fire rising. I had the angels check it out.

The true identity of the flame is the fire breath the Rasuti has spew.

Since the forest has burnt a little, let’s go there for a bit before we go home. I’ll plow it.

I heard about the tunnel under the dungeon.

Hakuren, oni maid Ann, the spiderlings, and ancestor-san head to the other direction.

It is possible to contact Hakuren’s group by using the web of the spiderlings but I guess there’s no problem even if Rasuti’s group join us.

Hakuren’s group headed east and it seemed like they will still take more time.


For the time being, I recommend the hot spring to Rasuti’s group.

Loo, Flora, and Ria suffered hardship.

Bulga and Stifano can relax too.

The spiderlings also worked hard.


Is it alright for the spiderlings to enter a hot spring?

No, forget about hot water, are they fine with even normal water?

I was worried but it seems like I was worried for nothing.

They are floating with half of their body under water.

They look really relaxed.

What’s more interesting is that the spiderlings are in the men’s bath. They didn’t enter the ladies’ bath.

Do they know how sexes are separated?

Or did they just instinctively move to a vacant place?

The spiderlings are smart so I think they know.

I see.

They are males.

Bulfa and Stifano help with cooking after enjoying the hot spring.

That’s great because the members have increased a lot.

The two of them are helping Kierbit in the kitchen but they look like they are more skillful than her.

It looks like Kierbit noticed it. She gradually let them cook on their own.

「The grappler bear has only been bled out, are they all for the kuros?」

「Yes. The bloody viper is our share. And the vegetables we brought too.」

「I understand. Procuring vegetable in this place will be hard.」

「It’s the worst. I’m already thinking of getting some from the titans and return them afterwards.」

「Rasuti-sama can fly to the village.」

「Ah, right.」

After listening to Bulga and Kierbit’s conversation, I once again learned common sense from Kierbit.

A normal person will think like her.

In any case, we still need to wait for Hakuren’s group…..

It is almost winter.

Our waiting time has a time limit.

I plow the place Rasuti burnt first…..

By the way, they said something about a strange rock.

I’m a little worried.

There’s really something I’m anxious about…..

I asked Loo who’s close to me.

「Where’s Makura?」

According to the report, it doesn’t seem like she’s accompanying neither Rasuti nor Hakuren.

To my question, Loo had an “Ahhh” expression on her face.

Titan’s POV

「That big spider is amazing.」

「To actually reinforced the collapsed part with web. I had doubt at first but it is really safe….」

「We tried its durability several times but it is indeed powerful.」

「This is our home. We can’t let spider-san to do everything alone.」

「Right. Good, then this place will temporary….ugh, bloody viper!」

「Defensive formation! It’s alright. We can….did spider-san knocked it in one blow?」

「It is not one blow. She tied the mouth first using her web then cut it into pieces.」

「Wow. Spider-san is great.」

「Eh? We may take this bloody viper? Thank you.」

「Okay, let’s do our best for spider-san!」


Ancestor-san and oni maid Ann’s POV

「Come out enemy, come out enemy, I’ll give you a kick.」

「Will things really be that simple?」

「I think so but….let’s think about the enemy a little more. Let’s have at least a self-introduction before kicking it….」

「If that’s what you think, why don’t you tell that directly to Hakuren-sama?」

「Do you think she’ll listen to me?」

「You know that she won’t that’s why you’re telling it to me.」


「As for me, I really don’t know if she’ll listen….I understand where she’s coming from so I can’t bring myself to stop Hakuren-sama……Hnn? The communication line.」

「The communication thread by the spiderlings. It’s so convenient….the other side is a dead end so they joined the village chief’s group. Sounds good.」

「Let’s aim for a merger with the village chief’s group as soon as possible too.」

「We can’t go unless we found some important details.」



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