Chapter 146 – Merge (Two)

I never had a chance to but there is something that I really want to ride.

But now, I’m finally riding a boat. I’m riding the boat in the bathtub.

It is a dugout canoe that I made from a tree.

After heating up at the hot spring, I’m riding the boat to cool down.

Then, get in the hot spring again.

Not bad.

It is also possible to eat on the boat.

I want to try boating but I need a bigger place.

Should I go to the river?

The river has a decent amount of water and the width is about 3 to 5 meters.

The riverbed is also shallow.

The deepest part is about 1 meter?

Given that, I might be able to do it.

For now, let’s expand the waterway to the river….wait.

Is it really alright to expand it?

Won’t the hot water from the bathtub flow through the river at once?

I want to avoid the possibility of spoiling a great hot spring.

Rasuti is here so I will ask her to carry it.

Good, I’ll be boating in the river.

Let’s make an oar first….

I overturned.

I keenly realize the difference between imagination and reality.

The water flow in the bathtub is negligible so I did not overturn but the river is not that calm.

It is surprisingly torrential.

I even thought that I was going to die.

I’m currently looking at the dugout canoe. The lizardman Daga is skillfully riding it down the river.

Me overturning is not the boat’s fault, it is because of my lack of skill.

“Where is my boat? Make one now.” is written in the eyes of Rasuti and Kierbit while they are staring at me.

I got it.

I made another dugout canoe using the AFT.

「Don’t go too far down.」

「I know.」

I mass produce the dugout canoe so other can ride and play with it too.

Everyone is better than me.

It’s a little frustrating.

The kuros want to ride to so I had the others carry one with them.

They’re really delighted.

However, it will take a while before every one of them will be able to ride.

Because of that, I made a slightly bigger raft.

I just arrange some woods and joined them using a rope.

The rope was supplied by the spiderlings.

I tied it in a way where it won’t be overturned. I tested it on the river.

Not bad.

No, I guess it’s good.

Unlike the previous one, this will not overturn.

I stood like a deva king on top of the raft.

It is really stable.


The kuros get on it.

And the spiderlings too.


It sank.

Yes, it has a weight limit.

While I’m playing on the raft with the kuros and the spiderlings, the others are enjoying their boats.

There is a part of the river where the flow is gentle. It became a goal of the games like boat racing.

Rasuti is the one responsible for bringing the boat and the boatman back.

It seems tough for her but the person in question doesn’t mind it.

It seems like the beastkin Gulf is the winner.

Next is the high elf Ria.

After them, the others are on dumpling state.

The kuros seemed to be handicapped in this kind of match so I did not let them participate.

Safety is priority after all.

Bulga and Stifano did not participate in boating. They are enjoying the hot spring.

In order to not obstruct anyone, I returned to the hot spring. I also want to warm up my body that was cooled down by the river.

After this will be cooking.

The seasoning we brought has decreased.

When will Hakuren’s group return?

Though we already got accustomed in sleeping here, winter is not something we can overcome.

We have a nice tent.

We also made something like a hut but it is now used as a meat smoking place for the grappler bear’s meat.

There are many grappler bears around here.

We even encountered several of them on the way here.

We are still encountering them up to now.

They are big so I appreciate the amount of meat they bring but the problem is the taste.

It’s a good thing that the kuros are eating them with pleasure.

Because of that, we decided to smoke them as preserved food.

Though the kuros eat bones too, I won’t let them eat bones until all the meat is consumed.

They also like to eat that big stone at the chest of the grappler bear.

I gathered all the bones and boil them down.

It gives off a terrible smell so I stopped.

I must not act on a whim.

I have to reflect.

While I’m reflecting, Hakuren’s group came.

Ancestor-san looks dead tired and went to the hot spring looking like that.

He only doesn’t look like it, he is really tired.

What went wrong?

The spiderlings went to the hot spring too.

The oni maid Ann checked the remaining ingredients and seasoning.

It seems like she’s thinking about the menu of our next meal.

As for Hakuren….

For some reason, she’s behaving like a baby.

She’s sticking up to me.

「What happened?」


If that is the case, then why won’t you let me go?

I’ll just let her do what she likes….

I put Hakuren’s head on my lap and she began to sleep.

Ann looked into my eyes. I returned her gaze and let her join.

It’s not like I mind….

But why are Rasuti, Loo, and Tier here too?

They surrounded me.

What happened to the boating in the river?

Why did I ask a useless question?

One by one, they joined.

I resisted but it was useless.

My hands and feet became pillows for a while.

「So, what happened?」

When I was released, I asked ancestor-san about what happened.

「A ghost king was planning and doing bad things but Hakuren kicked it.」


I didn’t get it.

Let’s listen to the important parts.

「Is there any more danger?」

「Nothing….I think. Ah, I said to get some information first but it was in vain. It was kicked and burned by breath. There were also document-like things there but they all burnt. I did my best to secure some but it was in vain.」

「Th-thank you for your hard work.」

「Don’t mind it. Hakuren is….disturbed with what happened in the dungeon so take a note of it.」


She’s disturbed to what?

「She was worried about you apologizing to the titans about the dungeon’s collapse.」

「Ah, so that’s it.」

「Give it some thoughts.」

「I understand. Then…I want to hear about the other thing.」


Beside Ann is a little girl.

She’s about five to six years old.

She’s with Hakuren’s group.

When Ann put her in the hot spring, she looks satisfied.

「Who’s that?」

「The ghost king’s body. It was hit with a sacred attribute breath so it hammered her state of being. She flipped and was revived.」


「She also got young at the same time. Thanks to that, she has no memory. She’s only a girl…but she has various skills. Leaving her behind is impossible.」

「Is that so?」

It was decided that she’ll be protected by Big Tree Village.



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