Chapter 147 – Ghost King

I am the ghost king.

I don’t know why I exist or what should I do.

I only sleep.

That’s it.

But someone awoke me.


Furthermore, that someone gave me an order.

It is to lift the seal in this place.

I never thought that I would follow that order as if I’m controlled.


But at the same time, I thought that this might be good since I don’t have any purpose anyway.

I gather subordinates.

I feel like I had tens of thousands of troops before going to sleep.

I can’t recall it that well.

My subordinates are everywhere.

I just need to issue an order and the soil will transform into the shape of a person….

Yeah, it looks weak.

This doesn’t count as a fighting force.

After all, my subordinate must be strong.

For some reason, I know how to prepare subordinates like that.


If I use a corpse, it will be overwhelmingly more powerful than those who are made of soil.

The result would even be better if the corpse is powerful when it was still living.

Because of that, I began collecting corpse….

But should I really do that?

I am the king.

Isn’t it shameful for a king to search for corpse?

Yes, it is shameful.

Yeah, definitely shameful.


This is troublesome.

Even if there’s no one watching, a king must not let go of its pride.

Even if it’s dead, a king is still a king.

Even if it’s rotting, a king is still a king.

If a king throws away his pride, how can he even be identified as a king?


I should resign as the king for a moment, gather corpse, and assume the position of king again…..

Damn it.

I don’t think I can do that.


I can’t lift the seal unless I gather subordinates.


Can’t I really do it?

Maybe I can do it alone.

Because I am king.




It’s pointless.

I sat down. It’s hard.

I dig using magic but it’s inefficient.

I specialize in anti-creature magic.

This is already the limit of what I can do.


I’m so stupid.

I look at the place where I give my first spell.

The amount of soil gone is equals to the amount of soil turned into a figure of a person.

With my remaining magical power, I should make soil people.

It looks weak but I can dig as much as I can make them.

This is it.

Good, I will make soil subordinate one after another until as long as I have magical power.

My soil subordinates look weak but I made a number of them now.

There are 200 of them.

Not bad.

I’m making subordinates while digging a hole.

Good good.

I’m quite a hard worker.

The only problem is that I feel a little lonely since it’s so quiet.

Anyway, I continued digging while looking down at the hole.

It is a good thing that food and sleep are unnecessary for me.

I dig nonstop.

But it still took me many years.

On my way down, I felt sad to see many of my subordinates melting down when groundwater leaked out.

I also have never forgotten my sense of accomplishment during the time I crushed a hard rock with my magic.

When there was a continuous heavy rain that made the hole collapse, I thought that everything was over.

However, I was still able to dig the hole to the target depth.

Good. By the way, how did I know that this is the correct depth?


I think I know but I really don’t know how was I able to know it.

I dig sideways after that.

The direction….that way.

I somehow know for some reason.

It also took me many years.

But I reached a place with a big black rock.

This is part of the seal.

This and….how many others more?

I feel like there are more than two of this.

Whatever. All I should do is destroy this….

I feel like destroying this now is something I must not do.

I should break all of them simultaneously.

Otherwise, a nuisance will come over.

How did that idea pop up on my mind?

Is it the intent of the one who commanded me?

Again, I don’t understand.

I shouldn’t think of things I don’t understand.

As I am king.

I should not trouble myself with unnecessary things.

I targeted the next rock of the seal and discovered corpse when I was digging.

There was an open area deep underground and there are a large number of human corpse there.

There might be a cave here once but that not important, what matters now are the corpse.

They have been here for a long time.

A hundred, or maybe even two hundred years.

I won’t even be surprised if these are a thousand years old.

But I can still feel power.

I did not hesitate and put them under my command.

Ghost knight.



I feel it’s power.

I can throw this to the enemy if I ever meet something I can’t deal with.


I raise the corpses one by one.

There are 17 ghost knight and about eighty ghost warriors.


Now, let’s have them form their ranks.

My cheeks unintentionally…..wait, I don’t have cheeks.

……soil subordinates.

You don’t have to form your ranks too.

I will not throw you away.

We have shared hardships for a long time.

Now that I have the ghost knights and ghost warriors, I am unstoppable.


Good, let’s do our best in digging today.

Ghost knight and ghost warrior.

Investigate this place.

I think this place is safe but we’ll be in trouble if there’s a strange person here.

My soil subordinates continue digging.

It seems like the cave where the corpse of the ghost knight and ghost warrior is part of a dungeon.

There is a way up so I’ll leave it to them.

I’m also digging the hole but I have thought of efficient methods of digging so I’ll write them down.

There’s neither parchment nor ink here so I’ll write on a rock by carving.




Paper please!

The ghost knights got some for me.

Ohhh, great.

But where did you get this?

When you conquered the dungeon, was there a ruined village above ground?

Did you get this there?

It’s a pretty good paper.

Is that village destroyed recently?

Why was it destroyed?

I don’t know why so I won’t think about it.

My priority is to lift the seal after all.

We continued digging.

On the way, I was so lucky to have encountered a demon beast that can dig.

I controlled it by using hypnotism and have it dig for me at that moment.

I feel sorry for exterminating a few of them.

Corpse…..I won’t use them. I’ll properly hold a funeral for them.

Right right.

But thinking about it, a demon beast not under my control will definitely attack us.


Ghost knight.

I’ll leave that place to you.

One of my ghost warrior, who got separated on the ground, came back.

It seems like it got lost.

It is good that it is safe and could join us again.

However, I was surprised by seeing that it was accompanied by a lot of corpse.

Does it have an ability similar to mine?


However, it is not good to increase our number without my permission.

I made an angry expression.

A few ghost knights and ghost warriors looked away from me.


Let’s not mind about the details.

Because I am king.

The demon beast under my control found the second rock of the seal.

Good good.

We’re doing great.

The next one is…. in that direction.


Why is it noisy?

This is unusual.

It’s supposed to be quiet here….

Did something happen?

I turn around to look what’s happening and saw the sole of a woman’s foot that belongs to a woman with a scary face.

Ehto…. who am I…. who are you….?

I’m thinking of various things….but nothing happened.

But there’s something I know, I don’t like this onee-chan.

「Hakuren-sama, you’re completely hated.」

「But she also acted violently.」

I like this onee-chan with a small horn on her head.

「I also think that what you did is the natural thing to do…. Ara? Look at what I have.」

That, that’s important.

「Ancestor-sama, what is that?」

I like this tired looking onii-chan too.

Hand it over.

「Hnn? Ah….this is not a big deal.」

「Then, what is it?」

「Earth warrior’s core.」

「Ah, the ones who fought and defended her.」

「Yes but it is not necessary to pick them up.」

「Right. Now, this place….」

「There’s nothing more we can do. Let’s meet with the village chief at once. Spiderlings, gather.」

I like the spiders too.

I like this troubled looking onii-chan too.

I also like the bow-wows.

I also like the hot spring.

The onee-chan with small horn held me in various ways so I won’t melt. I really like her after all.

Food, tasty?

I somewhat feel nostalgic.

I don’t really understand how I feel.

There are a lot of things that’s I feel like I know but not really.

Who am I?

「Urbraza-sama? No way?」

「But, her age…in addition.」

「That hair color and feature. There’s no mistake. She’s the queen of the brave, Urbraza-sama.」

The onee-chans with wings said those with a troubled expression.

Apparently, my name seems to be Urbraza.

Though I don’t know why, I wanted to be called Ursa.

My name is Ursa.

My important thing is the lump of soil in my hand.

Other than that….I don’t know.



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