Chapter 154 – Road to the Shrine

Ancestor-san came over.

Or should I say, came back?

He seems to be busy with work in various ways.

I thought that he’s free since it’s winter but it seems like religious works are busier during this season.

Though ancestor-san wants to start immediately, I persuaded him to delay it and have him rest for two days since he’s too tired.

I had him take a bath, eat some food, and take some rest.

We’re going to heavily rely on his teleportation magic so he really needs it.

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As for those who’ll come with me…..because we’re going to build a shrine, they are mainly high elves and others like those who’ll act as guards and cook food.

Ten high elves.

Five lizardmen.

Five mountain elves.

Two oni maids.

Fifty kuros.

We’re going to return back to the village at night via ancestor-san’s magic so we don’t have much baggage.

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We arrived on the site.

There are still signs of the previous hot spring investigation group here.

After walking for a bit, there is the 4 meter in diameter hole.

At the bottom of that hole is a big black rock which has been carved into the image of the god of creation.

「Let’s make a base first.」

In accordance to the proposal of the high elves, we recycled the previous hot spring investigation campsite into our construction site base.

We made tables and chairs for eating and put a rainproof cloth as roof.

The kitchen….remained as it is but we modified it a little.

Next is building a material warehouse beside the hole.

A rainproof cloth is set up there too as a roof.

While we are doing that, the kuros divide themselves into several groups to check the surroundings.

Even though it is winter, there are still demon beasts and monsters.

Bleeding of the demon beasts are also performed in the site.

Wait, won’t the shrine be polluted if too much blood is shed in this place?


We must do what we have to do so it can’t be helped.

It is also precious food.

Let’s just make sure to wash our hands before building the shrine.

Because the trees around were burnt, we have to procure timber at a slight walking distance.

This is a job for the AFT.

As for the building stones….the place is underground so let’s get those there.

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Ancestor-san dives into the hole to check if the place is safe.

I think that place is safe but who knows if there is a monster or a demon beast who dives in there to hibernate.

It took him time to return but it seems like there were no monsters nor demon beasts.

「The tentative plan is to decorate the place where the statue is but… you have any plan on the place above?」

Place above.

The hole huh.

I intended it to be blocked but the question is, how will we block it?

This hole is not a natural hole but a hole dug up by the earth rats.

It is large, the diameter is about 4 meters. As for the depth, it is really deep.

I don’t really know how deep it is but it’s around 200 meters.

The earth rat tunnel is even under a dungeon so I guess that is a normal depth.

It might even be considered as shallow.

There is a screw-like groove in the hole so it can be deduced that the earth rats did not dig straight upward.

Digging straight upward….anyone will fall.

They are surprisingly intelligent.

Is this what they call wild wisdom?

No no, they are being manipulated.


However, this hole.

Why was it dug?

I assume that it is related to the big black rock.

They discover the rock after digging sideways.

Afterwards, they dug right above the rock until they reach the ground….

「Ancestor-san, isn’t there another black rock like the one at the bottom of this hole?」


「Is there a hole above it too?」

It seems like there is.


No matter how much I think, I can’t think of a reason.

Okay, so what should we do with this hole?

Should we fill it? But how will we fill it?

This is important.

But not as important as carving the second black rock into a statue of the god of creation for ancestor-san.

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Filling the hole is postponed.

In order to prevent anything from falling, let’s make a lid-like cover made of wood to cover it.



And it feels harmful than safer.

Should I just fence this place rather than covering it with a lid?


Let’s think about it later.

The main work is below.

At the place where the statue of the god of creation is.

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I thought of carrying timber below by using rope made from Zabuton’s thread but….it’s too short.

Should I believe in the strength of the timber and drop them?


No, I shouldn’t.

At the bottom of this hole is the statue of the god of creation.

I must not do that.

Should I ask ancestor-san to bring them down?

It will be more troublesome if we do that…..

What should we do?

I guess it’s the time for the AFT to shine.

I’ll dig another hole away from the first hole.

If the earth rat can do it, I can do it too.

I’ll dig a spiral hole around the earth rat’s hole.

Before digging, I asked to be casted with anti-air poison magic since I’m worried about oxygen deficiency.

The place where the god of creation’s statue is alright because there are wind spirits there.

I dig without reservation.



Water came out.

Uooohhhh, I’ll drown.


I’m not joking.

I never thought that water would come out.

Wait wait.

The statue of the god of creation is deeper.

There might be something there that prevents water from springing out.


I don’t know what it is but….

I’m incompetent compared to earth rats.

No, the earth rats were being manipulated.

The one manipulating them is the ghost king.

How did the ghost king do it?

Ah, though Ursa doesn’t look like it, she’s scary.

Right right.

How did she do it?


I’ll consult everyone.

About anti-groundwater measures.

「We just need to use magic.」

Magic is too almighty……


Couldn’t we bring the timbers down using magic?

They can control the falling speed so it will be alright……

I see, I see.


I continue digging a hole.

It is necessary.

I’m not being stubborn.

The soil I dig out is being carried by the clay dolls made by ancestor-san.

After a few days, I finally reached the place where the statue of the god of creation is.

The high elves and mountain elves already surveyed the place and are carrying a large amount of timber.


The clay doll and I decided not to mind them and high fived in order to celebrate our arrival.

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The place where the statue of the god of creation is is lightened up with the help of magic.

The hole above is too narrow and too high to light up this place.

In other words, that hole is not for lighting purpose….

I really want to know what the hole is for.


Is the hole needed for something magical?

「It is a necessary condition to keep wind spirits here.」

「It is probably for the simple reason of checking the state of the soil.」

「They were being manipulated. They were instructed to dig upward so they dig upward.」

Conclusion, no one knows.


Let’s leave it like that.

Let’s not think about it anymore.

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We begin building the shrine.

In my opinion, we should build a shrine in this place but it was dismissed by ancestor-san and the high elves.

The best thing to do with this place is to make it the shrine itself.

Where’s the timber you brought down?

Aren’t those mainly for scaffoldings and walls.

What are they measuring?

Ah, they are calculating the place where light can but put on.

Got it.

What they are trying to say it….

This is the time for AFT.

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The high elves and the mountain elves tell me the place where the lights and some ritual condiments will be placed. I processed the timbers to accommodate it.

As for the design…..they left it to me so I tried making them into western style.

I did not process the entire surface.

While watching me, the others prepared the scaffolding so everything will proceed smoothly afterwards.

I’m using the AFT so I’m not getting tired.


But we still need some break and we held our break above.

The lizardmen made a fence around the hole.

Thank you.

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I play with the pups.

Ha ha ha….wait wait…..


That’s a deer-like demon beast.


That horn….

No way….

Panic caribou?

Its taste was refreshed in my memory.


I killed it.

When I took it back to the village, I was treated like a brave.

We had a banquet.

That’s how delicious it is.

Ursa, the beastkin Gulf, and Gut’s family who tasted it for the first time were impressed.

Ancestor-san and Beezel seem to have already tasted it.

They are pretending to be calm but they even went to the kitchen to get another serving.

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The shrine building is doing okay.



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