Chapter 153 – Race

「Yoshi, let’s go.」

We all go to the south side of the village.

It’s not like we’re going to leave the village.

Our purpose is going to the racetrack at the immediate south of the field.

I specifically made this so that horses and centaurs can run with all their might but the kuros are the ones mainly utilizing it.

The mountain elves enhanced the course by adding some things, remodeling and installing obstacles. The difficulty of completing the course has improved a lot but the kuros are pleased with it.

And now, presently.

This has become a race course where the beastboys and the pups play outside this winter.

The basic course of the racetrack is an orthodox shape track with two straight parallel sides and two circular sides.

The length is……the straight part is about 800 meters but I don’t know the length of the circular part.

Should I calculate the circumference?

I tried running in it and…..I felt like it was about 3000 meters long.

Probably because of the uphill and downhill part which is a result of the mountain elves’ intense modification.

It is probably around 2400 meters.

The starting position is like a normal starting position.

The obstacles changes depending on what kind of race will occur. Of course, that includes the number of laps and where the goal is.

It is probably the result of the trial and error race of the beastboys.

Anyway, they are still growing so I should bear that in mind.

Speaking of growth, the wine slime is also riding a kuro.

There’s a weight difference but a contestant suddenly speed up at the last moment just before reaching the goal. This shock all the spectators.

I wonder if the contestant is saving that to the last moment.

In any case, it seems like it has given the beastboys a great impact. They have begun talking about various strategies.

「You were the second until the last corner. Do something like that at the last straight part of the course.」

「You were first until the last moment. Anyway, don’t give the others an opportunity next time.」

「Go forward and destroy them all」

Some people are suggesting various ideas…..

The number of participants increased.

It seems like the pups are alright being ridden even if the rider is a minotaur.

Though I’m not sure if that is a good idea to race like that.

As of now, other than the beastboys and the wine slime, the high elves, oni maids, and hatchlings are participating.

Participating is free.

However, there are two conditions applied.

Any female who wants to join must wear trousers and the kuros must not be overworked.

As of now, no problem has occurred.

If we think of a problem, that would be the spectators.

Because of that, the elves build a high auditorium that can overlook the whole course.

A measure against the winter weather, thermal insulation stone were installed in various places.

I had to go back to the hot spring again to mine some with Hakuren.

They also made a kitchen there.

But they only cook a simple soup….

It’s to warm up the spectators.

Maa, it’s not like there are a lot of spectators every day.

There are a lot of people today because we decided to conduct an official race.

The course was decided and secured and there are referees in various part of the track.

Only the racers are not decided yet.

Because there is no racer registration.

Anyone who wants to join the race only needs to announce it.

Looking at everyone’s face, I don’t think we are lacking in participants.

There will be no betting in the race but the champion will be given with a prize.

Not everyone can participate so the prize won’t be a reward medal.

It will be my handmade cake instead.

I tried asking everyone if the prize is enough and everyone unanimously agreed.

It seems like dessert is priceless.

First race.

An exhibition race.

This course is about 2000 meters long including corner.

Furthermore, Glueworld and four other centaurs came running here after hearing about the race.

There is also the beastgirl who’s taking care of the horse.

I wonder why it is obedient on anyone other than me.

By the way, I named that horse.

I don’t horse race but I know the name of a super famous horse.

However, it seems like that horse didn’t like it.

It follows the beastgirl when she calls it Belford but it didn’t even turn its head when I’m the one calling it.

The race began.

By the way, we were troubled if the proper racing distance at first.

The horse is superior in terms of speed but the centaurs are dominant in terms of stamina.

The distance should be enough to give everyone a chance and not just give someone a landslide victory.

As a result of various adjustments, it was decided that the best racing distance is 2000 meters.

The goal is in front of the auditorium.

After a great cheer, the competition leads down to a race between Glueworld and the horse…..

Glueworld won.

She continues her winning run.

She’s really physically fit.

The horse is being comforted by the beastgirl riding it.

Looking at its ears and tails movement, it’s considerably angry.

Better like next time.

The second race.

An exhibition race too.

It is a race of minotaurs pulling heavy load.

The distance is 400 meters.

It is a straight course but there is an uphill and downhill part.

This is not an individual race but a team race.

There are 4 individuals per team and there are six teams participating.

Glatts and Ronana are members of the same team.

Good luck to you.

The heavy load they need to pull are woods on a sled.

We weighted them all carefully to make sure that they weigh equally but since there might still be some difference, we decided to have them draw lots to decide who will pull who.

The race started.


Seeing three-meter figures working together to pull a sled is something new.

It was quite exciting.

Regrettably, Glatts team is only second place.

They look happy so there’s no problem.

The third race.

A race of the kuros.

No one’s riding them.

Participants flooded in so they need to be sorted out.

I sorted out anyone who’ll race with someone later. In addition, I put an age limit for the participants, only those who were born few years ago can participate. Somehow, I managed to decrease their number to twenty.

However, discontent rose so I decided to add a new race.

Anyway, we started the third race.

The distance is one lap, around 3000 meters.

I thought that they will have the same speed and go in a group but they unexpectedly scatter.

There are two that compete win.

There are four at the end.

I wonder what happened…..

There was someone in the middle who went all out at the last straight part of the course.

It’s a come from behind win.

It greeted Masayuki. Is it his pup or grandpup?

…..I’m not even sure which partner of his that pup came from.

Putting that aside, because it is impossible to distinguish it when its around others….I will put a cloth around its neck.


Looks great.

The others are looking with envy.

The fourth race.

It is the inserted race of the pups.

There is no age restriction here.

Number of participants: 22.

The distance of the course is the same as the third race.

Because they watched what happened to the previous race, the scattering did not happen. It seems like they were able to plan on what should they do.

When they turn around the last corner and step into the last straight part, they finally scatter.

A beautiful breathtaking race unfolds.

And the winner stands proud before me.

I wrap around a cloth on its neck while praising it.

The third and fourth race are like reflection points.

If I don’t put a cloth on the kuros, I won’t recognize who it is.

The fifth race.

A 200-meter race of the harpies.

They must not fly.


It was a noisy race.

It can’t be helped since they are not good at running.

The sixth race.

Track length: 2400 meters.

Participants are the beastboys, wine slime, hatchlings, high elves, mountain elves, and oni maids riding a kuro.

This is today’s favorite race.

The crowd favorite is the wine slime because of weight difference.

Next are the beastboys.

On the other hand, nobody’s expecting the oni maids to win.

Don’t worry about what others think, just do your best.

And, there’s also a surprise intruding rider.

With arms cross, riding above a kuro, it’s none other than….Ursa.

She’s wearing trousers and looks fully motivated.

Hakuren is just behind her.

There are a lot of participants but they gave way to her.

However, if she falls from that…..I’ll have her wear a helmet packed with grass. It will be bad if she accidentally falls of the wolf.

The race begins.

A hatchling suddenly burst out.

And he managed to get ahead of everyone.

However, the racers at the back are calm and don’t seem to be disturbed at all.

As for Ursa….she’s in the last group but she can keep up with them.

In the middle of the course, the leading hatchling was pursued by an oni maid.

The others are catching up too.

However, the oni maid was not able to catch up and the hatching continues to go ahead.

Will he be able to continue his pace until the end of the race?

The final corner.

The group raise their speed in an instant and try to take the lead.

But no one was able to catch up.

The leading hatchling gradually slowed down. I wonder if this is part of his plan.

He’s probably thinking of putting it all at the last minute.

It seems like the hatchling is already convinced in his victory.


However, someone noticed his plan. It’s the oni maid that chased it a while ago.

While the oni maid chases him again, the three beastboys seemed to get accustomed and catching up too.

And surprisingly, Ursa is there too. Is that the result of her natural talent or of her instinct?

The oni maid is doing what she can but she could only run after them….Ursa and the beastboys are catching up.

They are catching up to the leading one little by little….is the hatchlings strategy a failure?

I wonder.

The goal is within sight.

The beastboys and Ursa charge like lightning.

The hatchling was flustered and charges too.

Just before the goal.

The hatchling, the three beastboys, and Ursa formed a straight line.

The hatchling slowed down.

One of the beastboys slowed down more….


An exciting game.

And cruel too.

Since there can only be winners and losers.

A beastboy won.

Ursa is third.

I want to give desserts to all participants but since they are winning prize, I restrained myself.

But I will praise you all for trying hard.

Maa, even without my praise, the spectators are already praising them enough. I give them something at least…..

I shouldn’t give them dessert so I guess I’ll just cook them something.

The race continues but it is a peaceful day.



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