Chapter 152 – Chillax

It is now winter.

The village has a relaxing atmosphere.

For that reason, it feels like everyone only wants to stay in their bed.

But that will only increase the indoor activity.

If the weather is great, everyone should go out as much as possible.

They did but….

The only thing they did is checking the food in the warehouse.

Because of that, I decided to build a hut similar to a green house using the thermal insulation stone we got when we were investigating the hot spring….

It was occupied by the spiderlings.

We were able to utilize the thermal insulation stone so I don’t mind that they did that.

Let’s make a kotatsu this time.

A kotatsu using thermal insulation stone.

It is warm and also safe because there’s no brazier.


I feel like Kuro and Yuki have used it longer than me.

You can only see their heads so I guess they feel cold too.

There are pups who are waiting in line for some reason but Kuro and Yuki don’t look like they have a plan to leave.

Don’t look at me with a sad face.

This is troubling since we don’t have enough thermal insulation stone to make a lot of kotatsu and even if we have enough, we don’t have enough space to accommodate them all.

My apologies to the two of you.

I have everyone take their turns.

My shrine building for the god of creation’s statue has not started yet.

Ancestor-san seems to have some business somewhere.

Maa, a great personage like him surely is busy so it can’t be helped.

「Village chief, are you going to make mochi again?」

One of the oni maids asked me.

She’s already holding a bag of glutinous rice.

「Ah, I’m planning on making them. It’s still too early, do you want to make them already?」


When the oni maid gladly responded, I suddenly heard some rustling sounds from somewhere and saw the high elves, dwarves, and lizardmen began preparing something at the back.

It looks like mochi was well received last year since everything is being prepared including sugar, soy sauce, soy bean flour, and they are already boiling red beans.

Is this the power of mochi?

The best mochi pounders are here too, the minotaur expatriates.

They are so good at pounding that I can only cry in comparison….

「Make sure that you only bite small or else it will clog your throat when you swallow it.」


Hakuren and Ursa are getting along well.

When Ursa arrived at the village, I plan on preparing a room for her in the oni maid’s place in my mansion.

However, Hakuren requested Ursa’s room to be prepared next to her room.

They are doing a lot of things together recently.

That’s great.

Hakuren has been taking care of Ursa so she’s also doing various housework.

Though her skill in housework is nil, it’s not a bad thing.

Do your best.

Winter, it is the most relaxing season in the village for Frau and the civil servant girls.

They’re only idling around.

And no one’s complaining.

It’s because they worked hard during the autumn harvest.

They recorded the harvest volume, created a consumption plan, and implemented it too.

Consumption planning includes sales, processing, and gifts.

They thought of what to do and how to do it.

And carry it out too.

They planned Donovan’s alcohol production, Senna’s processed goods, and even had a fight with Michael-san regarding sales.

Thank you very much for your hard work.

You are permitted to slack off.

Maa, I trust that they’ll be tired of idling around and do something soon.

「Ice cream, warm room, great」

「Orange, delicious」

「…….two……….three…..four. Reduce the capital by half and we won’t face a financial crisis. My life, continuous suffering. It’s your turn.」

「Bath, trouble…..trouble in changing clothes….I’ll sleep….」

「I wonder if they can bring us our food here.」


Please stop idling around and start moving.

Rasuti is not here, she was called by Dors.

It seems like Doraim came here to inform Rasuti and Hakuren that they are being called by Dors.

By the way, Hakuren refused because she’s taking care of Ursa.

I was worried at first but it seems like it is alright for her not to go.

「If it is really important, otouto won’t be the messenger.」

Then, who’ll come if it is important?

「Father will directly come and he’ll say it himself.」

I see.

Bulga and Stifano accompanied Rasuti.

It is similar to spending winter at your parent’s house.

The “parent’s house” in question is Dors’ nest.

I have them bring a lot of souvenirs.

Members of the four heavenly kings of the demon king army, Beezel and Glatts, came over.

After talking a bit with Frau, Beezel chillax alone too.

He must have been busy working at the demon king’s kingdom too.

He has a “just freed” face.

Glatts went to Ronana with his honest feeling.

He’s not being a bother so I guess there’s no problem.

Should I count him as a new resident?

Nah, I’ll have to watch things first without being impatient.

After eating mochi, I moved to the workshop.

I carved woods to make tablewares.

I have to make some for the children born this year.

I also have to make some for the growing Alfred and Tiselle.

And for Ursa too.


I’ll make some for visitor’s use too.

I got absorb in the design.

I’m not that skillful but with the help of the AFT, I can obtain my desired result.

I am really thankful to have it.


Let’s rebuild the shrine under the big tree before making a shrine for ancestor-san.

Hmmm, the wood from the trees of the forest of death is really durable. It doesn’t have any damage at all.

On the contrary, it gives off this harmonious feeling.

I shouldn’t rebuild it at all.


Since the god of creation’s status is shining, it’s kind of dazzling at night so I guess I should install something like a curtain.

By the way, how long has it been since it started shining?

I am thankful but the god of farming is not shining so it stands out.

In any case, when the statue of the god of farming starts shining too… no, the brightness will double.


That reminds me, I’m thinking of changing the god of farming’s statue from wood to iron.

A simple one is okay as long as it looks like the god of farming.

For now, let’s make a door.

Since it’s a shrine’s door, it should be a double door.

It should be similar to those in Buddhist temples so it won’t be so difficult.



Let’s take it to the shrine and install it.

No problem encountered.

However, I’m a little concerned that this door only has one function.

To say it clearly, it’s a simple door.

…..I removed it and took it back to the workshop.

This door should be decorated……let’s decorate it similar to those in the Buddhist temples.

But iron is priceless.

Though it is not useless to use it on the door, I don’t want to waste anything.

In that case….should I just carve it?

What will be the design?

I thought of Kuro, Zabuton, dragon, and ancestor-san…..

The big tree.

I draw the big tree at the center of the door which will be divided to the left and right door.

Not bad.

Not it has come to this, what about the other side… will be the side everyone will see after opening the door….

Let’s make it flowery.

The god of creation and god of farming, what flowers will match them?


When it doubt, entrust it to the AFT.

As for the flower…..

Cherry blossom.

Isn’t that too hard?

However, it’s not a bad idea.

The door is now complete.

Let’s take this to the shrine again and install it.

Try opening and closing it.

There is no problem.

I clean around the shrine….it’s beautiful.

I am thankful for the oni maids who have been cleaning everything and pray at the shrine again.


It might not be bad to have a feast in front of the statue once it becomes warm.

A cherry blossom viewing feast.

It is like the Japanese’ feast in front of god.

…….maybe it is better to consult ancestor-san before organizing that said feast.

「Virrage sheep」

Ursa came to me.

「What’s wrong?」

「Hakuren’s angwy. Hewp me.」

「Hahaha. It’s because you went outside while wearing light clothes. Go back in before you catch a cold.」


Ursa asked me to carry her so I did.

She’s quite heavy.

Hakuren brought a blanket. The three of us wrapped ourselves in that blanket and returned to the mansion.



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