Chapter 151 – Tunnel Measures?

Once the centipede turned completely into fertilizer, I asked Rasuti on what happened.

When Rasuti arrived at the entrance of the dungeon, she was greeted by the titans. That’s the opposite of what we’ve experienced earlier.

They then guide her to the inner part of the dungeon, the place where Makura is.

It seems like Makura was doing some repair work at the collapsed part of the dungeon.

She’s doing that while I’m enjoying the hot spring…..I’m slightly ashamed.

As soon as Rasuti and Makura met up, an incident occured. It seems like small centipedes crawl out of the collapsed part of the dungeon.

Though they said that they are small centipedes, from what I heard, they are at least 2 meters.

Rasuti and Makura repelled those small centipedes.

They are doing that while the spiderlings that accompanied Rasuti are evacuating the titans.

However, centipedes also show up to the place where they evacuated.

They were driven to this large space and were forced to defend here.

If Rasuti was alone, she could have ended it with spitting fire but it was not possible because the titans are here.

After some time, the big centipede also comes out which totally disables her to deal with the small centipedes.

After hearing more details, it seems like they were battling for two whole days without eating or drinking.

I praised Rasuti for a job well done.

Next, I talk to the titans who Rasuti was protecting.

Though some were injured, it is fortunate that no one died.

They’ve given us quite thankful words.

「Are centipedes common here?」

「We occasionally encounter smaller ones.」

The smaller ones they are talking about are not those 2-meter type but a normal 30-centimeter centipede.

I think that’s still big though….

「There 2-meter types at the earth rat tunnel.」

Ancestor-san follows up.

「However, when we went down, Hakuren and Rasuti immediately spewed flame so we only see their burnt corpses.」

I see.

It seems like they didn’t like being spewed off by flame so they attacked the titans as revenge.

So this happens by chance only.

「But, to think that there’s a hecaton with that size.」


The name of the centipede.

To be more specific, it’s called poison rock hecaton.

…….they are venomous?

I never thought about that.

「Will they be okay?」

Poison seems not to work on dragons.

As expected of dragons.

Regardless of everything, we have to completely block that hole.

Otherwise, the titans can’t live in peace.


I tried injecting them the idea to migrate but it seems like they can only live here.

That’s true.

They can’t immediately leave here.

In order to block the hole, we move to the actual collapse site.

Because of the centipedes, the poison rock hecaton, coming in and out of it, the hole got bigger.

「It’s larger than before.」

Loo mutters so.

It seems to be twice as bigger as before.

The best course of action might be destroying this to make it completely collapse but…..

The circumference of the hole is already being reinforced by Makura’s web.

It might be bad to destroy it here so let’s go inside and destroy it there.

But before everything else, I asked Hakuren and Rasuti to go in and spew flame first.

I don’t want to see any of those centipedes.

It might cause oxygen shortage so let’s wait a little before going in.

After 30 minutes, Hakuren came back.

「I’m late.」

「There are guests at the moment.」

It seems like there were additional centipedes coming from the east side of the tunnel.

However, they are not considered as an opponents since they can be taken care of by spewing flame.

As expected of dragons.

We were guided by Hakuren and Rasuti inside the tunnel.

There was nothing on the west side but there was a large amount of ash on the east side.

「There are no carbonized things, all of them are ash….」

「It’s because we seriously want them out.」

Hakuren showed a good smile.

「Did you spew flame on the west side too?」

「I did…..」

Rasuti unsatisfactorily raises her hand.

You want to burn them too?

Maa, as long as there’s nothing disturbing us, it’s good.

I want to destroy this now but….

If we destroy this tunnel near the entrance, will the dungeon above be affected?

Before we move, ancestor-san used some magic.

It seems like a magic against air poison. Is it a magic that tackles oxygen deficiency?

You mean, oxygen deficiency is the same as air poison?

I acknowledge your goodwill. Thank you very much.

Let’s go to the west first.

I feel like we have walked around 1 kilometer.

All of us are walking slowly.

Though Rasuti is unsatisfied, we found ashes of 2-meter type centipedes so what she did is not useless.

I praise her whenever we see an ash and she looks happy.

Kuro and Yuki scouts in advance but they can’t seem to find anything to report.

Of course, I praise them too.

「This might be a good place.」

With ancestor-san’s instruction, the tunnel was torn down.

Using magic.

I wasn’t able to use the AFT.

As for the falling dust clouds, ancestor-san used some magic so the dust cloud avoids me.



By the way, everyone else also used the same magic….this might be an elementary level magic.

I wish I can use it too.

As the work on the west ends, we head east.

When we arrived at the place where we entered this tunnel, I thought that it might be a good idea to divide our group into two but I reconsidered it immediately.

We don’t know what’s here.

All of us must act together.

After walking about 1 kilometer, it is time to use magic again.

But it did not collapse that well.

Loo, the one who casted magic, looks annoyed.

She casted magic again and not it completely collapse. It is not safely sealed.

Is it really safe like this?

Monsters that can dig holes like earth rats can easily get rid of it.

It would be nice if we can set up something like a warning…..

I tried using the AFT but nothing happened.

Since it has come to this, I have to rely on ancestor-san again.

「I have a way to deal with that but unfortunately, I’m not a resident of this dungeon.」

「Then it’s hopeless.」

「Do something that will make me do it.」

What can I do for ancestor-san?


「How about I carve you a statue of god of creation-sama?」

「That is indeed something that will make me move. However, slapping my face with god of creation-sama’s statue is something painful even for me. And it might also be lacking.」

As ancestor-san says, it is inappropriate to use the statue of god of creation-sama like that.

I feel bad about trying to bribe a serious believer like ancestor-san by carving the statue of god of creation-sama.

At that time, I thought of the best thing to do.

「Alright. How about I add something? Placing a statue of god of creation-sama somewhere is lacking so….. I’m going build a shrine for it too.」


I have been indebted to ancestor-san in various things.

This is a great idea.

「Shrine making in winter huh, leave teleportation magic to me.」

「Of course.」

Though he did various things for me…..thinking about it, he’s Loo and Flora’s grandfather so it is normal for him to treat me kindly.

Ancestor-san’s countermeasure is simple.

It is leaving a guard in this place.

When ancestor-san chant and cast a spell near the entrance of the tunnel, 10 stone pillars rose from the ground.

He casted another spell. The stone pillars crumble and figures remain.

Winged devils?

「They are gargoyles. They are indeed stone statues but if an intruder comes in, it will play as both guards and alarm.」

「A good match against the earth rats. Even if they lose, they can at least earn time.」

I see.

This is good.

The others seem to find it admirable too.

「Is this the first time you’ve seen one? Were you able to memorize it Rasuti?」

「I’m not sure since he created 10 simultaneously….I have to check the procedure later. There are 27 steps, am I right?」

「Loo-san, can you do that too?」

「Impossible. I mean, they are the same guardians that protect ancestor-sama’s bedroom. They might even be able to buy time even against dragons.」

It looks like Makura, Kuro, and Yuki are also discussing something about the gargoyles.

I’ll have to make a luxurious shrine.

We went out of the tunnel and return to the dungeon.

I told the titans at the tunnel is now blocked and there are gargoyles guarding the bottom of the hole.

The operating condition of the gargoyles is an invasion of something at the tunnel other than if it is coming from the hole in this dungeon.

In short, it is alright for the titans to enter the hole but please don’t go in as much as possible.

If possible, I even want to put a lid on it.

Presently, there’s only Makura’s web.

After I’m done talking with them, we return to the village using teleportation magic.

I really want to return immediately since I have been out for a while.

I hope the banquet is lively……

The banquet is waiting for us.

I’m thankful and I’m sorry.

At the same time as I apologize, the banquet began.



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