Chapter 150 – Way Back Home (Three) and Merge (Three)

The magic used by ancestor-san to fill the tunnel is making an army of earth warriors and sending them into the tunnel.

Look at that.

The earth warriors are advancing forward into a triangular formation for stability then return back to their soil form upon reaching their predetermined position.

One after another…..


This is cruel.

「Not really because they don’t have lives….」

Ten earth soldiers were created in front of me.

But they give off some sort of impression to me….


I feel like I can feel what they feel.

I’m reluctant.

I’ll discuss this with ancestor-san.

Ursa looks excited looking at them.

It looks like she’s fascinated with the earth warriors made by ancestor-san….no, she’s already mimicking him and making one herself.

However, it didn’t go well.

「The way she does it is correct but her attribute has already changed.」

Ancestor-san and I stop our discussion and look at Ursa.


「If she’s still a ghost king, she’ll be able to do it that way. However, she was revived.」

「Then, is it impossible for her to do it now?」

「She can try another method but…..perhaps the reason is, she still wants to use the core of her previous earth warriors….I wonder if the village chief can help her with that. If you can carve something, she can fuse the core she has with it…..」

「I just need to make something?」

「Yup. However, the material should be of good quality. As for the size….. the smaller it is, the higher the success rate.」

Got it.

Material material ……

My discussion with him about filling the tunnel will resume later.

For the time being, I’ll choose the material while consulting Ursa.

Soil, wood, rock…..

I can make something with grass too but it will be fragile.

Hakuren brought her scale.

This might not be a bad material.

But Ursa ignores Hakuren’s scale and says that she wants soil.

Don’t cry Hakuren.

I’ll cheer her up later.


Though the soil here is soft compared to the area around Big Tree Village, it’s still hard.

I just heard earlier that the better the quality the material is, the better the result will be.

So I plow the soil using the AFT.

I then add water to the soil and make a mud doll.

Yeah, the result is quite good.

However, Ursa doesn’t seem to like it that much.

Ursa imitates me and makes mud doll herself.

She made a weak looking, 15cm doll.

Ursa’s eyes are sparkling so I guess its okay.

I am not very helpful.

After that is ancestor-san’s support.

Ursa chants a spell according to ancestor-san’s instruction.


It seems like she’s more talented than me.

Ten minutes later, a mud doll walks like a toddler in front of Ursa….no, it is a clay doll.

Ursa embraces it with pleasure……you’ll get dirty, dirty.

Ahh, it’s broken, broken!

You embraced it too tight!

Let’s improve it.

Ursa’s clay doll was mixed with crushed scale powder that was brought by Hakuren.

This will improve its strength.

It doesn’t melt even if it gets wet with water.

「But it can rival the strength of a dragon soldier now…..」

Ancestor-san mutters so but I pretended to not hear it.

By the way, a dragon soldier is created by a dragon by using its own blood. Its strength is similar to a grappler bear.

Perhaps this is a good guard for Ursa.

When I told Ursa that it will not break even if she hugs it because of Hakuren’s scale, she obediently thanks Hakuren.

A good girl.

After receiver her gratitude, Hakuren wears an unfading smile….she’s even humming so she’s probably really delighted.

They are now friends…..

No, being impatient is not a good thing.

Let’s wait more patiently.

「Let’s postpone the filling of the tunnel. Let’s prioritize returning to the village.」

My discussion with ancestor-san shifts in that direction.

We’ve stayed in various places for a while so it is almost winter.

It’s getting cold.

If Rasuti and Makura won’t be able to accompany us, I’ll have ancestor-san to teleport them back to the village.

「How about just destroying a part of the tunnel. Destroy it only enough to make sure that no monster will turn it into a nest.」

The oni maid Ann suggested that. It seems like Loo and Flora did something similar using magic.

And it went according to calculation.

It was only enough to destroy the tunnel to a point that it will not cause trouble to anyone.

Even the place where the newly turned white statue of the god of creation was not affected.

By the way, the place where the god of creation statue now gives off a divine atmosphere.

It looks like a sacred place.

Rasuti and Makura are still unable to come back to us so we decided to return to the village.

It’s because of the sudden temperature drop.

The spiderling’s movements have become dull which made me anxious.

We prepared to withdraw while securing thermal insulation stone from the hot spring area.

I have to leave the rafts because Hakuren can only carry the boats in her dragon form.

She’s a gigantic dragon but I’m asking her to do something like this….

Rasuti was doing it willingly while playing in the river.

We left the hot spring resort just like that…..will it still be fine when we return?

That might be hard.

There are many monsters and demon beasts around.

Then, does that mean that I need to repair it every time we’ll use it?

We gather our luggage and return to the village via ancestor-san’s teleportation magic.

We were teleported to the mansion’s courtyard near the big tree.

It seems like our return was reported to the villagers, how sweet of them.

The spiderlings all reported to me at once.

The villagers are all gathered in the mansion.

And why is it that Doraim is the happiest one to see me?

In any case, the winter preparation is almost over so this will probably turn into a banquet.

No no, wait wait.

Because we still need to pick up Rasuti and Makura.

Ancestor-san, I have no excuse.

I left things to the housesitters like that and went to the titan’s dungeon using teleportation magic.

I thought that it will only be me and ancestor-san but Loo, Tier, Hakuren, Kuro, and Yuki came along.

We’re just going to pick up Rasuti and Makura then return.

Aren’t you being overprotective?

Maa, there’s always a chance that an emergency might happen.

Thinking about it, Rasuti and Makura did not come back to us, why?

Perhaps something has happened.

We arrived at the entrance of the titan’s dungeon but there’s nothing unusual.



I was certain that I’ll meet someone as soon as we arrive but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The temperature dropped so they might have moved deep inside the dungeon.

That must be it.

Let’s enter the dungeon.

It is a little encouraging for me since Loo is here.

There’s no light in the cave so magic is used to illuminate it.

Because this is a dungeon, it gives me this artificial vibe that the space between rocks is natural.

Though the caves on the side look like they are manually made.

They might have been dug by either the titans or bloody vipers.

As for the path…..though none of us knew the way, Kuro and Yuki are leading us somewhere without hesitation.

Do they smell something?

After advancing for some time, Kuro and Yuki suddenly became alert.

Slightly behind are the cautious Loo and Tier.

Hakuren and ancestor-san are calm.

By the way, I don’t feel anything.

After advancing some more, I heard a sound.


Sound of battle!


「Leave it to me」

If uninformed people will look at what I did, they’ll think of me as an evil man who sends a woman to a dangerous place.

While thinking that, we advance to follow Hakuren.

We arrived in a large space.

We confirmed that Rasuti in her dragon form is there and Zabuton’s spiderling, Makura, is there too.

They are both safe.

What a relief.

And Rasuti is fighting something.

It’s a bug.

A stupidly big bug.

I don’t know how long it is but it can compete with Rasuti’s size in her dragon form.

It also has two big horns in its head.

It has many legs, is it a centipede?

And there are a number of them.

I feel like Rasuti is holding back and seems to be protecting something from her back.

「Hakuren-aneesama, don’t use fire.」

Rasuti stopped the participating Hakuren who’s about to spit fire.


「The titans are behind me.」

Using flame in a cave is strictly prohibited.

Hakuren was convinced and transformed back to her human form to hit the centipede.

The centipede dislikes it but it doesn’t look like it receives any damage.

Makura is already using thread to stop its movement but it seems like it can only be stopped for a moment.

「Everyone, close your eyes!」

Ancestor-san said so and casted magic.

It was sudden so I’m a little late but I manage to do it in time.

However, even with my eyelids close, it’s still dazzling.

When I open my eyes, the centipede is suffering.


However, it acted violently.

No one can get close to it.

While I’m thinking that, Rasuti in her dragon form held down the centipede with her foot.

Seeing that, Hakuren transformed in her dragon form too and held down the centipede with her foot.

I then plowed the centipede using the AFT.

I learned something.

Even if the centipede was plowed in two, it can still move.

It is tenacious.

The part of the centipede that was released by Rasuti’s foot after being plowed by the AFT rushed to me.

Loo and Tier saved me.

It seems like they’re putting their heart on guarding me.

I’m sorry.

And thanks for saving me.

As for the centipede, it should die.

TN: Looking for the other centipedes? Wait for the next chapter.



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