Chapter 149 – Way Back Home (Two)

We prepared a place to stay at the place Rasuti burned.

The enemies around were rooted out so there won’t be a problem.

They became our food too.

「That’s great but we’ve been too reRiant to ancestor-san’s magic.」

I want to rely on ancestor-san only during emergency not on such a trivial chore like that.


I only want to selfishly enjoy the camping atmosphere more than anything else.

Returning home in the middle of the trip ruins it.

In a certain anime, there is an arc where they went to a certain house in the middle of the forest by commuting but I don’t think that it can be counted as an adventure.

An adventure is a challenge!


Maa, that anime is for children so I guess it’s alright.

For some reason, I feel like I want to see children’s faces.

Thinking about it, I’m considering if I should send Ursa back to the village first.

However, if Ursa goes, so will Ann. For that reason, I decided to let her stay because I want to return with everyone.

I didn’t even think of the weakened Ursa who’s pretty much crawling around.

I’m really selfish.

What has my heart turned into?

Could it be because of the way I live my life now?

I intended to live a life without stress after all.

「Would you permit me to return alone?」

「I don’t mind but why?」

「We no longer have seasonings.」

Ancestor-san looked at the cooking oni maid Ann, and the devils Bulga and Stifano.

I was asked.

I myself also want the food to be tasty.

I permitted it.

Maa, is that something that needs my permission….

I left the cooking to others and prepare a place where we can set up our tents. I first plow it using the hoe form AFT then harden it using its hammer form.

After I’m done preparing it, the high elf Ria, lizardman Daga, and beastking Gulf set up the tents.

They are already accustomed in using it since we’ve been setting them up even during the time we’re building the hot spring resort.

Many tents are pitched immediately.

I built a toilet in a place slightly far from the tents.

The presence of toilets can be noticed with their high walls.

Others might not mind it but I do.

I also made chairs and tables and kept plowing the place until it was time to eat.

Loo, Flora, Tier, Ria, Gran Maria, and Kierbit take turns scouting the surroundings with the kuros.

Their purpose are the undead in case they miss them.

In this place, they will definitely be immediately targeted by monsters and demon beasts and should be extinct in a few days but we can never be too sure.

「I was not able to find any undead.」

「Me too.」

It seems like they can’t find undeads but there are no monsters or demon beasts in this place too.

「They were already taken care by the kuros.」

「I want to contribute a little more.」

「You’ve contributed more than me.」

Beside scouting, Loo is also the one fetching water for us.

She takes water from the river by magically making the river water into a large waterball.

It looks like a huge slime.

Ursa is pleased to see it.

That’s great but isn’t that too big?

What will you do if you the barrels we have here are not enough for it?

Ah, she’s sprinkling it everywhere.

I don’t mind her doing so though.

Hakuren is taking care of Ursa.

It seems like she’s beginning to open up.

「You’ll get muddy if you go there….」


Maybe in the future….

Rasuti is doing something else.

After exterminating the surrounding monsters and demon beasts, she headed for the titan’s dungeon.

She’s going to help Makura and she also has to tell the titans to not enter the earth rat’s tunnel.

I planned on requesting ancestor-san to teleport her using magic but I did not do so because I want to close up the hole without relying on magic…..

Rasuti is aggressive, will it be alright?

There are a few spiderlings with her so maybe.

When Rasuti transformed into her dragon form, she looks majestic.

Ursa looks really excited while looking at her.

Hakuren transformed into her dragon form too but she did not even look at her.


I cheered up Hakuren.

Eating time.

It seems like ancestor-san has brought food from the village.

There are apples, pears, and oranges on the table.

It is good because Ursa is pleased but…..

I’m thinking about the alcohol.

「This, isn’t this the alcohol that that guy Donovan has been hiding?」

「Mother spider…..Zabuton-kun gave it to me.」

Donovan, don’t cry.

Ursa, don’t.

Be satisfied with fruit juice.

Night has passed.

It is now morning.

The kuros patrol in turn so everyone enjoyed a quiet sleep.

But the prey looks like a mountain now…..

How did they kill them without sound?

Have I slept that deep?

I patted Kuro and Yuki and a line was formed behind them.

Those who are still sleeping shouldn’t have woken up.

You’re free to do what you want before breakfast.

After a little late breakfast, Ancestor-san’s work begins.

It seems like he’ll fill the tunnel.

But before that, I check the black rock at the bottom of the hole.

To be honest, I know that I won’t be able to do anything about it. I only want to see the strange rock myself.

It’s a black rock.

Yes, it is black.

If I carve this, can I make tablewares with it?

Ancestor-san laughs at me who’s examining the rock.

「Do you mind if I scrape it off?」

It seems to be super hard.

I see.

I take out the AFT in it’s chisel form.




This…..isn’t this the same thread that was connected to Ursa?

Several of them appeared below the black rock.

….they look like tentacles.


I transformed the AFT into its hoe form and cut of the threads.

Cut cut cut cut.


However, no matter how many I cut, another one appears from the bottom of the black rock.

Is the source under this rock?


「Ancestor-san, are you done examining it?」

「I understood something.」

「What is it?」

「I understood that I don’t understand anything.」


「Do you want to go back now?」

「Can I do something with this rock first?」

「Go ahead. It’s not my property. I think it’s okay.」


A big black rock.

There are strange threads coming out under it.

The best thing to do might be crushing this rock then plow whatever is under it…..

If I can’t plow this, it will be troublesome.

Just by looking at the evil looking threads, I feel sick.

Then, how about I do this?


After half a day, the big black rock became the god of creation’s statue.

The carved part was used as the altar by planing the exposed part.

Though I thought that the black color wouldn’t be suitable for it…..the color of the god of creation’s statue changed slowly to gray.

And eventually become white.

The threads under it no longer appear too.

I also feel that this place was cleansed.

Is it because of ancestor-san’s prayer?

That reminds me, there is another black rock at the end of the tunnel.

There might be threads coming out of that too.

Maybe I should carve it too before ancestor-san fill up this tunnel.

When I tell ancestor-san about filling this place out, he looks like he’s going to cry.

Even if you make that face, we still have to fill it.

Otherwise, troublesome things will happen.


I had a hard time persuading ancestor-san.



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